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tha god concept 03-10-2013 06:10 AM

Dresscode is a must and always ends up a confession of oppression.........and thats a notch off the block thats got tha gods stressin
illuminati emblum third eye hentchmen benchpress men
never waste cyberspace seconds my pirate eye patch sees a violent past....seeds bjorn on the violent path
i mastered silent math never take a fire bath
gears shift when ears split courtesy of yours truley in the spaceship
facelifts when space rips and makes riffs
gats aint makeshift i bake kids marijuana taste this
gateway drug thug.com milf porn got my mind on ya mom
that shits so right that its wrong.....like coughin up a lung........ Snap ya bitches neck to this song

tha god concept 03-10-2013 06:19 AM

millenium falcon draconian accountant mountains
fat like that ten times a phat lace polo strap at the back but whos countin
ritualistic realistic polo burial ground sounding
mugshot sunday weeded n cheesin out loudlyly
my rap sheets outstanding......like warrants for arrest
i know a lesbian princess in new west
who keeps me blessed with strickltly exotic cess

tha god concept 03-10-2013 06:48 AM

snakes slither from burnin bushes.....smokin inferno type kushes
lucious footage godzilla niggaz lurkin in the woodwerkz
burrden and business.....witches and wizzardz
snitches make bitches cause earth shifts ridiculous
slapbox miticulase gods hitlist
rip kids like pitbull jaw myths
promise to the garments no blood stains regardless
i need a muzzle and a harness
cause im floatin to the starship
martians and space travell.........so filthy not guilty laughin at pastel
airbrushed right past my arsennal...pen pal worm hole
learn slow glow right after the time slow mos
leavin you faggots froze right at home

tha god concept 03-10-2013 07:04 AM

im ruthless like patrick bateman spliced with dna of satan toss the fish on friday and bait them.....
degrate men women and all alien drones, never answer unlisted calls on cell phones
hells home....burning catacombs barbarian battle tones
wrote fatter poems where the cattle roams
he who cant cope calls cops to settle home
veteran flow......he who laughs last wins if he glow in the best LO

tha god concept 03-10-2013 07:40 AM

break you in half with a light sabre..... mastadon chron head roach you out and smoke ya later
kushes rainbow bright in many different flavours, the only reason im being a well behaved nigga
just playin im gettin payed to play the game thicker, now watch the flame flicker
pain sicker than voodoo ellixur
he who said hes iller never ate breakfast with a cereal killer
pop up like burnt toast nosil interrupts slick quotes
sacrifice this goat......while i pass this pipe dont choke
light speed in slo mo staten island street code
defeat foes rape ya garments freethrows
shaq street mode gorilla flush flows
been touched but touched mo.........rap vet spit
that gat skit that left thespians backwardz
redrum backdrafts crack slabs
your towns fulla clowns n herbs
stop spittin now save ya werds

tha god concept 03-10-2013 07:52 AM

millenium killer paragraphs tear in half.... half ass rappers who paragraph
a prominent procedure
the crowd aint feelin you....... well i cant feel you either
but i still got you open like a surgical procedure
lawless signature from the gods to the bleachers
jesus cant remember to dismember well i cant either
helium niturs whippets and breathers
gang signs remenicent of seisures
bodybags in the bleachers loillygaggin leaches
kemo therapy in the peaches
pay the teachers spray paint peace keepers
knowledge dont know the ledge well i dont neither

tha god concept 03-10-2013 08:15 AM

pull the heater out the speakers.... cooked crack in beekers
took cash in fists and left in bloody sneakers
lovley leader ugly beater humble neandrathol
tylenol menthol hall pass locked in the mall
crucified lies handcuffed pig laws
big brawls brocolli clause
medical marijuana green cards
seen what you seen plus more
bronze shileds clash wit steele swords
reel to reel fake flaws.....grizzly bear claws
been real since yours was space loss
tastless and never take shorts.....ralph lo crucified baked boss
snakes raked in the grass then lost.....like demon spirits tormentted then tossed

tha god concept 03-10-2013 08:35 AM

new world order closing in faster than we ever thought
crushed powder sniffed n delt into salt that you bought
two opened up caddy escalade doors
cats in van that sell coke always slang hard cause it pays more
so i lay law , push ya fuckin brains threw a chainsaw son i blame god
bronze heart .....bank robbery pay offs
lay low take his face off.....double agent slay cops
bubble up the chemistry reign drops
my ministry pay offs during wake n bake sessions glow lots
grow pot slow cops leave you alone like drop spots
van city kush pretty smellin like porn kiddy
so official strapped jimmy side effects got me sickly

tha god concept 03-10-2013 08:51 AM

get lit after candle light new world afterlife
dont tell me to can my flight just cause you cant scan it right
martial law in effect cause my eject button to eject
catch bullets lose breath
or the opposite none the less fuck a knife bruise death
green vegetables touched heads grain fed cattle bred
battle kids......rattle lids got you shook like you was broke
grab the blade take tokes
is he grizzly watchem sleigh folks
prey slow weed smoke makes my halo

tha god concept 03-10-2013 09:13 AM

dumpin led like pumpkinhead jesse ventura the only cat that caught predators moustache fuck that....ak's get dumped black, slump cats and funk crack
cause if i said fuck that id prolly puff that, huff crack tuff black rhino properties
ancient alien biographies killa bees vocab kills slo crabs
its tha god dont ever doubt that i need a re count
bare backin threw ya bitches with an olympic dismount
teachin dracula how to pull his teef out

tha god concept 03-10-2013 09:31 AM

crash the joker in the octagon
11th dimension henchmen smoke till my lungs is bronze
tuggin gats that on, off safety
tryta play me its the most dangerous job latley
bittin my shit causes rabies aborting the trifflest babies
riffles and plagues g......secret societies
cause silent wars and distant biographies
a trait of your oddioties abolish all mc's
tainted biology a brain dead demonolgy never accecpt gods appologies
im flamming trees training seeds remain the streests
karate kids sneaks break ya beak and cheekbone cheeks

tha god concept 03-10-2013 09:42 AM

blue n white head ta toe RALPH LO got me crispy
instagram bitches posin frozin got me frisky
toss off come back like frisbee hyped up and dizzy
gotta laugh at ya...throwin up offensive gang signs swastika phat
cop killa in black surgeon servin up heart attacks mosh pits gods spits no takin it back
pure white crack nothin like that
untill the next pull.....crack smoke...i got a headfull
interview the next day....dreadfull

tha god concept 03-10-2013 10:09 AM

12 hour grudge match fuck that....this is white gangster drug rap ya laptop fade away like heated up crack rock
black hawk indian sin first nation heated hatin
pray to god but chill wit satan....rantin and ravin
lava drip symptoms bugbots got me scratchin and sayin
new world order is slaughter chem trails sprayin
poloticians prayin to satan for mans enslavment
biblical training my mind in the pavement
rockhard mental break the chainz of enslavement

Father N Dangerous 03-11-2013 03:54 PM

shits hot of course u must of been hella fucked up to write all these rhymes all in a row like this haha it's good to see u man it has been way too long!! hope to see more of u u crazy canadian u

tha god concept 06-15-2013 03:49 AM

been good bro, workin lots how u been?????

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