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CharlesJones 05-25-2013 03:35 PM

Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 50 Cent's Escape Plan
I just read about this at imdb.com. The movie was originally called The Tomb. Vinnie Jones and Vincent D'Onoforio who played on Law and Order tv show are also in this. I haven't seen the previews yet but it comes out September 13th. I'm gonna check at Youtube to see if i can see the previews.

CharlesJones 09-15-2013 03:02 PM

I just saw the movie poster for Escape Plan today. It comes out October 18th and i wanna see it.

CharlesJones 10-19-2013 01:58 PM

I'm gonna see this tomorrow.

tekunique 10-21-2013 07:36 PM

how was this ?

check two 10-22-2013 03:52 PM

Sounds like another bomb from these two:

-Why Schwarzenegger, Stallone Aren't Movie Stars Anymore


zooruka 10-23-2013 01:05 AM

I just want Schwarzenegger to make "True lies 2", he could do it at his age (and it would look realistic) because there is not to much action involved as opposed to say a terminator flick.

CharlesJones 10-23-2013 12:15 PM

I saw Escape Plan and i was very disappointed. It sucks and it didn't get good until the ending. Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand and Stallone's Bullet To The Head movies that they did before this are better.

madchild 01-24-2014 05:07 PM

I went into this movie predetermined it was going to be like the movie Tango & Cash, but with the substitution of Russell for Schwarzenegger. My premonition wasn't too far off with all the sci-fi and futuristic weaponry that showed up in this film. It had some similarities. The idea for this movie was actually pretty creative but the scripting not so much. The movie started off with a rushed, low-budget feel out of the gate. It showed glimpses of a movie that could get good though with suspense and action.

Unfortunately, I had to take a deep sigh when 50 Cent appeared on the screen playing a nerdy IT agent. I wasn't prepared for him to be in this movie, as I instantly form the conclusion that the movie will be shit. His acting ability is terrible and I had to wonder if 50 Cent pays the studio or if they pay him to overact his performance. His motions even when he has no lines seems so scripted and unnatural on screen.

There was hardly any character development whatsoever in this movie and you never grew attach to anyone before they got taken out or disappeared. I realize this was an action movie but I couldn't remember any character's name. Jim Caviezel had the best performance and Stallone wasn't too bad either. I haven't seen Jim since The Count of Monte Cristo which I thought he was great in. It took me practically the whole movie to place Drake from Gone in Sixty Seconds.

In conclusion, this movie was a hot mess mostly because the transition between scenes. The characters would jump around to different locations leaving you wondering how they got there. They would also appear with objects out of nowhere and they were experts at using said objects. It felt like they ran out of their budget when they wrapped up the ending and rushed to connect loose ends.


CharlesJones 01-25-2014 01:47 PM

This movie was very bad. Vincent D'Onoforio was also in this and he's a good actor. He played on Law and Order tv show and Full Metal Jacket movie. He was a bad guy in Fire With Fire movie with Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson, 50 Cent. 50 Cent had a small part in that as a guns dealer.

Mantra 01-26-2014 09:21 AM

50 cents acting sucks bad!

CharlesJones 01-27-2014 12:42 PM

Have ya'll seen 50 Cent's Freelancers movie with Robert Deniro and Forest Whitaker? I think that's his best movie and he had 2 hot girlfriends. One was a hispanic woman and the other one was a white woman and i've never seen them before. Another good movie of his is Gun with Val Kilmer and i liked Get Rich Or Die Tryin movie. His girlfriend in the movie Joy Bryant is hot. Terrence Howard was funny.

madchild 01-27-2014 02:35 PM

"Freelancers" has a rating of 4.6 on IMDB. If that's his best movie, so help me god. As a featured film, that's one of Robert De Niro's worst rated movies.

"Gun" has an even worst rating of 3.7. Val Kilmer's promising career basically ended after Heat. I really wish I knew why he fell off. Was it his role as Batman that did him in?

I swear, you just throw these movies out there to get a reaction. I know I shouldn't pass judgement before I see them but the ratings by thousands speak for themselves.

CharlesJones 01-27-2014 03:55 PM

Who gives a fuck about imdb.com movie ratings. I liked Freelancers and Gun.

madchild 01-28-2014 12:45 AM


Originally Posted by CharlesJones (Post 2425563)
Who gives a fuck about imdb.com movie ratings. I liked Freelancers and Gun.

Your reasoning for "liking" or checking out those movies isn't very convincing. Do you judge movies on how hot the characters girlfriends are to determine how good a movie is? Is that the CJ Rating Scale?

For those reasons, I had to check out IMDB before convincing myself to possibly watch a movie starring 50 Cent. An IMDB rating is a median rating averaged from thousands of votes, so it's fairly good way to judge if a movie is worth checking out or not. Both those movies are well below failing ratings.

CharlesJones 01-28-2014 01:15 PM

I don't watch movies just because hot women are in them. The reason I wanted to see Freelancers and Gun is because of what they're about. I like action movies and both of those movies have action meaning violence. I also don't care what movie critics and what other people have to say about movies. I don't care if nobody else liked Freelancers and Gun because I liked them and that's all that matters.

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