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SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 06-12-2013 05:18 PM

Black Van Music
Itís that black van music
Watch us use it then abuse it
We always delivering heat
Never kneel in defeat
Always put it on repeat
Itís that black van music
Hip hop isnít deadÖ.
Itís just standing stillÖ.

Underground thunder stone blunder bones
Ransack hold flows while you roll a six like craps/
Making tracks without studio racks just a pc and microphone dropping flows
Playing minds like a xylophone, trump card bust down bars/
Heated haters get R-Rated thinking just because they got a SAG card
Think they got rights to make the types of tracks
That makes you think hip-hop is back/
Nigga ya just playing parts while Iím out here rocking my darts
Shameless aim high shoot cha in the leg watch cha go down like dominos/
Vamoose, go on get outta here, get shaken
Iím never shook there isnít no time for halfway crooks/
Pop your mind back into the books
And give the universe a good look, before you
Even draft up another closed caption audition tape/
Trained in the arts been speaking on topics
And never taken it for granted/
Always upping my game, never bringing shame to the game
Tactically sound, flipping a flow rounded out sound while knowing how I sound/
Picasso painting making aches into pains
Drained on the page with morphine in me/
Posted roasted turkeyís on the m-i-c
Now you get dirted like beef jerky/
Words be just signs thrown in terminology operating at a level
only a psychologist can decipher whenever I am writing hieroglyphics on the sphinx or tagging walls in the hallway all-day, hip hop is never dead, itís always ready for another pitch, next up to bat itís Reynolds wrap/

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