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SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 06-14-2013 11:38 PM

Sheep lord + whers - straight jackets 2k13 part 1

Vampire Coffin Stance Crusnik From Mars Returning Cos I Was Sick Of Being Starved
I'm A Mirage That Moves With An Invisible Entourage With A Ghost Squad Ambiance
Known As The Land Shark I'm The Man With Half A Mask Like A Phantom In The Dark
Camouflaged In An Iron Suit Like Tony Stark A Straightjacket Avenger From The Past
Incredible Hulk Boxing Gloves Are Cars I Charge & Blast Ya Face With Shards Of Glass
The Outcast Back At Last Get Confined Within These Bars & Imprisoned Within My Art
So Forget Me Not For I Brought You Lines & Rhymes As Tight As Rambo's Knot (What!)
Arrogante Rot Thy Very Thoughts Every Plot In Chalk Gunpowder Taught Guy Fawkes
No Remorse Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust Splash Blood & Slash Chests Ryu Uppercuts
Liable To Spill Your Guts Ribcage Deconstruct From Feeling The Force Of My 4th Touch
I Torch Blunts My Thoughts Combust Corpse Dust Ressurection Metamorph Reconstruct
Whats Up ? Nothing Much Still Wield This Quill Beheading Men And Then Venom Erupts :
Staining These Padded Walls In Which You Believe I'm Stuck I Swim In Quicksand Bruv
Been Touched From Up Above Like Angel Love Fatal Lust Maria Yumeno Heavenly Bust
Jello Sent To Me But It's Never Enough This Arrancar Has The Appetite Of An Abattoir
I Bath In Blood Like DMX Flesh Of My Flesh 1 Step Ahead Is Taken Like A Severed Neck
So Best Show Some Respect Before The Human Guillotine Leave To On Heaven's Steps
1 Of The Last Legends Left On A Silent Conquest Violent Concepts Upon The Ice I Tred
Drop Dead Fred Cobwebs Got Dudes Looking Under The Bed Before The Rest Their Head
God Bless The Dead With While The Devil Curse Your Breath Purpose Search For Content
Ness Absorb & Digest The Thoughts Of Nonsense Of Foes I Smash Bros. It's No Contest
Held In Contempt Like This Is Gods & Monsters Playing Chess You Just Got Put In Check
The Flames Expiring I've Got The Fire Crying When The Sun Disappear Under The Horizon
The 1 Winged Moonlight Titan With His Sheild Shinning Wielding Lightning While Fighting
All Trying Attempted Reigniting Like Devilish Poseidons With Hell's Tridents Now Retiring
By The Marksman Of The Century Martian Military My Shinigami Army Marches With Me
Ninja Hypothesy Targets Silently Abolished Too Hot Like Goldilocks 1st Bowl Of Porridge
Dark Water Concoction Where Horrid Evil Rest Subdued In The Hearts Of The Forgotten
The Sheep Man & I Perform For The Section To Blossom Only The Temple Can Stop 'Em

Come out cha strait jackets run through darts with sick packets
full metal flow rapid accurate mastering facts gimme claps,
cut off your ears like Caesar salad/
And cheers rather than boos and bears screaming in a cage oft the mage
Gimme a magician symbolically transmitting wisdom/
Flack jacking big boss man rapidly necro fearing mindless whelps
Gimme zips pimp out temps watch it rise demise island flies demises trip radars/
Gimme flows oft in the ides of the marches wade cha barrages
Mirage guard cha regales tranquil leaving masterful ripping you tools to spools
Screw loose target assassin master blade sharp shooter skilled recruiter
Dublin back in the roots vile fruits regroup suits mechanized beasts/
Off the leash head piece thesis beast through minds vampire ironside spines
Its Kodak moment like when Spock rebirths on Genesis I become the next lyricist for president empathic is this faced with a death wish like Charles Bronson/
Heart attacks mind bars wrapped in coal
Delivered to your doorstep cold/
Over frozen flows sections trying test my grocery
Leaving darts as the chosen upholstery thinking itís just another rosary/
Abundant rhymes closed havoc seen through the eyes
Died in wives lived in lives mercury times Neptunian ties that bind/
Crushed faith no waste of space honor guard space shifting like whale pods
Specked down to the nano-meters features eat cha best creatures/
Limited views skews prudence on lewd only spewed in doctor who like booths
Feed cha food my Delorian armed medicated drug abused relations
Kick in like muscle and physical sensation intense manipulation/
Back in a why I united cross seas with my newest companied breed
Feeding these needed activates more places to reveal in troubles palaces/
Making malice out of violence, shyness out of kindness and
Righteousness out of spineless when its trifling we rifling off cakes like widows/
Been a teacher way before I could look and reach cha heart through ya chest
State cha facts FINISH HIM!!!!!!!! Those tranquil landfills sucker emcees canít fill/
Read cha mind like blind folding the blind now been embarrassed taking out cha John Wayne routine on the chronicles gimme a Riddick before you sedate
Off the hook mean killed organic meat just to serve your processed beef/

Guarded By Martyrs 06-18-2013 07:42 AM

Don't forget the last line remember Sheepish....

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 06-18-2013 01:10 PM

changed it and dope work to us both

SKAMPOE 06-26-2013 05:21 PM


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