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Killarmy78 08-02-2013 01:03 AM

banner request
hey guys, its been a hot minute since I've been here but anyway, I was wondering if anyone could hook me up with a banner. I would like it to be wu-tang related with a mix of DC's Justice League. thanks in advance and also was wondering if I could also use the banner as a photo cover on fb or would it look too small ? if u need anything to ask feel free to post. thx again

check two 08-02-2013 03:39 AM

who are you?

Killarmy78 08-02-2013 04:28 AM

A member of this forum since 03 n its been alone time since I've been on the site. Was wondering what's been going on here. I see nothing has changed and the ppl here still do awesome work on the banners I've seen so far.

GZAjector 08-04-2013 10:47 PM

some people here post more than 31 times a day, and people still don't know who they fuck they are

you posted 31 times over 10 years and are among the best ever. i salute you

Killarmy78 08-04-2013 11:59 PM

thx for the salute gza

Bobby_Digital72 08-06-2013 10:00 PM

Do you have any images or examples i could check out?

Killarmy78 08-06-2013 11:58 PM

ok here's a few http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.50397...73112&pid=15.1http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/20...84-d4kd7bq.jpghttp://www.butterscotch.com/includes...n-superman.jpg

Bobby_Digital72 08-09-2013 01:38 PM

Signature done.I just have to upload it when i get a chance. I'll mess around with the responses size to see if it works as a FB cover

Killarmy78 08-10-2013 12:03 AM

ok thx bobby

Bobby_Digital72 08-10-2013 02:31 PM

here ya go

Killarmy78 08-10-2013 03:26 PM

thx bobby awesome work

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