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Guarded By Martyrs 09-23-2013 09:36 PM

Section Therapy Session : The Straightjacket Released
Mr. Schiffer Counsels The Sheepish Lord Of Chaos
:The Straightjacket Released:
=- Session 1 -=


[Session 2 Link]


Please....Take A Seat Sheepish
Now Please Listen Carefully Because I Don't Wish To Repeat This
You Are Here Under The Therapy Act Of The Section 9 Agreement
My Name Is Mr. Schiffer But U Can Call Me Evenwhers If You Wish
As Of Which I've Been Administered With The Gift Of Lynguistics
So If I May What Do U Say That We Convey Why You're Here Today ?

Doc, I’m here today because my mind is split like rocks
I got splinters in my mind the size of continents
What the hell! I got this impairment iron out clad contacts
People tell me “Sheep, why don’t you ever act right”

What ?
Doc, hold on before you ask why?, I said hold on before you ask why
I was asked if I was ever psychosomatic, or illogically cognitive
And doc, I always tell them “my mother had me tested”

I'm Interested....
What Were The Results Of The Questions Requested ?
Were You Not Respected....Subjected & Endlessly Tested ?
And Were Your Mainframe's Brainwaves Relentlessly Measured ?
Mankind Reach Demise Reaching For The Prize Of Human Amendments

Doc, my amendments weren’t stringently circumcised,
I was exercised in torturous delays and omnibus relays
They asked me in ways that questions weren’t even answered directly
they were swayed, by displayed of crude, rude and lean with platitude
I shied away from direct quotas, so I used science-lingo to make a rotunda
They asked why I chose the life of public display
I expose their tolerable inactions asking why the fashion statement
The pieces of the puzzle were played on the board
They continue to probe and think they can mold me
I rolled off the assembly line, asking how I can mind

Interesting You Say You Rolled Off The Assembly Line
But These Old Eyes Of Mine You're Of A Unique Design
For Seeing The Truth Of Proof Through Lies Disguised
Don't Just Answer Questions~Question The Intentions
Your Protection To What You Perceive As Subjection-
Deceived By Fake Friends When The Appointment End:
Feeling No Better Next 1 Wondering Whether To Attend
Count To 10, Take Deep Breaths, Right? Again & Again
Look Up At The Sky Sound Familiar? You & I Are Similar
In More Ways Than 1 Shunned The Sun By The Sinister
Come On Sheepish Don't Be Shy 4 I Am A Good Listener

Doc, I hate people I think steams from drums of dummies
Looking at me like I was a savage mummy
Cats used to ask me what’s up with the tracheotomy
So I replied with stern, I WAS BORN PREMATURE!!!!!!!!
Soon when I started to rap, and rip heads apart it became what’s up with the voice
So I terrorized microphones like a predator destroyed the jungles of brazil
Nexus, destroy minds with more mental briefcases
Lace logic instigated optics leave heads undecided like sexual identities
Archway patronage ace bandage carnivores armed bon-voyage
Disturb beyond belief the mantle of chaos came to me so naturally
Masterfully rapidly ripping theatrically cape and cowl not needed for this tretchery
Distant repertoire armor all car shine pain pines dime out minds
Seen through the conjecture like another lame college lecture
Evil genius afoot I had a good heart, and always remain good
Hard to look evil in the face and not feel temptation
Open relations like a Klingon or come off the bantha fodder
Get it louder, eat up and devour hearts like piece of Curry Chicken
Slip minds like pills while traveling through the jet stream
I gonna make them scream like Eric B & Rakim at their prime
I gonna make them scream like female’s orgasm
I gonna make them scream like the crowd was chanting my name
I gonna make minds lose it like pornflick where the girl gets gangbanged
Back in the moment I flash back to the isles, back to the parks
Back to the memories, back to horrors, back to the rubber room
Back to the womb, back to the non-exsistence, back to the essence
Back to the presence, back to the imagination, back to the mental institution
Back to the isolationalism, back to the craftsmanship, back to the ships
Back to the African movement, back to the hell we all were spawned from
Back from the bullshit plebian lives we all outside of these walls they all hide

....Do You Feel Better After Your Lecture ?
May I Say That You're A Chaotic Expresser
I'm Hearing You've Felt Stupid But Clever
It Seems Like You've Endeavoured Forever
To Understand This Hidden Hand's Agenda
But Remember That U Can't Measure Never
And What's Evenwhers Is - Odd Is Better....
Straight Face In Front Of The Best Jesters :
I Embrace Drama Like A Martyr's Apprentice
Sayonara Acceptance Marijuana For Breakfast
Subjected With Relentless Thoughts Endless
Effortless But U Don't Get It Off Your Chest
Unfortunate But I Know How Important It Is
Born Into Bondage & Torn Like Tortured Kids
Exalted Daughters Brought Forward Broke Off
A-DAM Rib Most Now Forgot What Romance Is
It's Sad As Shit & Happy As Piss - Tragicness
Tragedy Just Doesn't Seem To Do This Justice
Laughter Abducted After All The Cries Erupted
So Many Have Been Disgruntled & Disgusted....
From The Harsh Injustice That They Confronted
And Don't Even Wish To Discuss It Closed Fists
But There Are Always Repercussions From This
How Many Fill The Chair And Still Feel Useless
Medication & Examinations Most Will Refuse It
But I'm Fortunate U Are One Of The Prudent....

After this lecture, I felt like I wrote a lesson about literature
Depiction spit friction this is how actually feel about the session
Felt like frantic maniac wrapped in maps
Think I don’t how to guide myself with a google map
Had to go back to the trap trying not to feel wack
Shame shacks pain in my alter, felt like I wasn’t in the alter at all
Got allot off my chest best now to proceed without anything impeding me
Decend up in arms like an immortal with a technique
Always coming unique and oblique with Amherst critique
Finished in the peak hours reached down in the book of towers
Practiced the bushido code where ever I go
Even though I know cats think I’m crazy in fact…
Pros and cons always weighs me down
I face the frosty years boston beards
I stay strong longer than a Lance Armstrong lecture
Conjecture is how I pesture rest assure
After these feature I think you have enough to write a thesis
Feed this line to the drunks with wine
Press play, watch this and replay these lines
Get off the porch monkey’s don’t play fly by
Want to die this is my sky running down lanes
Own games shown shame tone tame lions in my den of games
Broken blocks hand locks stone clocks frowns get shocked
I’m the amp you can’t find this diagnosis is just a stenosis focused on
how I can swarm like a locus, now they asked how did program this
on less sleep than few can peep when they weaping for loved ons
I’m just the one on the run with more sons of guns
Than planets can revolve around the sun

Sheepish I Am Stunned....You're Sharp Enough Son
You & I Are Carpenters And We've Only Just Begun
Foundations Waiting Become Stronger In The Sun !
As For Advice Try And Give Some Funds To A Bum ?
Better Yet Buy Him Bread Instead Not Just Crumbs
Call Ya Mom Have A Meal With Your Sons No Guns
At The Dinner Table Fear Not 4 You Are In Elysium
The Medicine Won And It Seems Like Lesbian Nun's
You're Testing Men With The Power Of Your Tongue
Don't See This As A Dungeon Suffocating Life's Fun
Devour Hours Of Wisdom In Your Own Curriculum....
Sometimes My Mind Thinks You May Have 3 Lungs-
Learn To Breathe-Don't Yearn To Bleed....It'll Come
The Clock's Spun I'm Afraid We'll Have To Succumb
Don't Worry We're Not Done This Is Only Session 1

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 09-23-2013 09:40 PM


War and Peace 09-24-2013 09:20 AM

dope, LORD and whers!!! Dope!

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 09-24-2013 02:48 PM

gotta say this was a brilliant and whers and i both did our thing

still blows my mind on how we both write and how approaches are

Guarded By Martyrs 09-30-2013 10:54 AM

Thanks SHEEPISH, been meaning to try this for a while.

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 09-30-2013 08:42 PM

no doubt whers

Mantra 10-09-2013 06:54 PM

Some sinister bars

Guarded By Martyrs 10-19-2013 12:40 PM

That J.T.S.

I've been worried about SHEEPISH for a while so I thought this was needed.

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 10-20-2013 08:58 PM

i need another session i'm losing it again

Guarded By Martyrs 12-02-2013 08:17 PM

Session 2 Complete

SKAMPOE 12-08-2013 03:05 AM


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