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SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 11-25-2013 05:56 PM

Welcome to My Bar..........
Smooth, feast on foes shown to jump ya writtenís
Keep it spitting why you canít illustrate like you drawing something/
Pump ya breaks these outtakes be baking pies and cakes
Fakes get dumped in lakes, oceans and rivers
Where the lady of the wasteland canít save ya/
Blown sparks heated hearts get outta ya character
We ainít reading scripts, we just hit take
And get edited by how write a dart on reddit/
Always in the debt, predicate opposite of editing
Doing my scripts without a bid, so I send it off kid/
Loners get condone mostly a loner
Iím always hitting a homer
Out the park, Barry Bonds/
Air out cons, tripping over you Tom Bakerís
You ainít timing me lord, Iím detached from the cord/
Busting a board, fucking hoarders get outta my way
Throwing out them tres, Buenos nochas/
Get cha cake up, slave over a ovens of flows
Rub down ya girl with nothing but papes
Instead soaps and Olive Olay, itís how cum and spray/
My ways be slip mat covers, cold crush records
Dust off your CDís, fuck an MP3 to me I just MC
I can MC over an MPC, trying to touch how write on a PC
You cannot see me even if it was at GNC or any P&C/
I got a beautiful mind like Russell crow
Busting those amber alerts, dirt napping these weirdoís
I can gem-knight pole vault over a spike, watch how nab it/

Welcome to my bar
Where MCís get served
Where you get served plates
And there arenít any debates
Hate the cook, get cha food spit on
And watch me spit on tracks
Like Jesus talking to a blind man
Welcome to my bar

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