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Holocaust 12-12-2013 01:51 PM

U God-The Keynote Speaker
2.Keynote Speaker-5
3.Heads Up ft. Jackpot, GZA-5
5.Fire ft. Jackpot, Method Man-4
6.Fame ft. Styles P-5
8.Heavyweight-5 best beat so far
11.Golden Arms-5
12.Room Keep Shining-4.5
14.Get Mine-2
15.Mt. Everest ft. Elzhi, INS-3.5
17.Journey ft. Kool Keith-5.5
18.Be Right There-5

Young Gun 12-12-2013 03:53 PM

2.Keynote Speaker - 4/5
3.Heads Up ft. Jackpot, GZA - 5/5
5.Fire ft. Jackpot, Method Man - 4.5/5
6.Fame ft. Styles P - 4/5
7.Skyscraper - 5/5
8.Heavyweight - 5/5
10.Stars - 3/5
11.Golden Arms - 4/5
12.Room Keep Shining - 3.5/5
13.Zilla - 4.5/5
14.Get Mine - 5/5
15.Mt. Everest ft. Elzhi, INS - 4/5
16.Tranzform - 4.5/5
17.Journey ft. Kool Keith - 5/5
18.Be Right There - 3.5/5
19 Days of Glory 5/5

A very solid album from U-God.

num2son 04-02-2014 10:02 PM

Solid album to me.

Skyscraper is my jam.

5th state 05-01-2014 11:04 AM

And so the yoga session begins. Sounds like a skit for GZA's future science project album which will be released in Nevruary.

2.Keynote Speaker - 4/5
You can tell The Keynote Speaker is going to be on Dopium's level (minus the LSD induced remixes) based on this track alone. U-God isn't really saying all that much here (when is he really?), but the beat is excellent.

3.Heads Up ft. Jackpot, GZA - 4/5
Mr Wotty should release an album already. Also, GZA sounds very much awake on this, which is no small feat these days.

Whaddayaknow, it's an actual functional skit. Somehow reminds me of a skit on 'Liquid Swords'.

5.Fire ft. Jackpot, Method Man - 5/5
Hey look, it's Mef over a good beat! U-God flows really well over these types of beats.

6.Fame ft. Styles P - 4/5
Not bad at all. Styles P doesn't leave all that much of an impression here.

7.Skyscraper - 4/5
Just as I was about to roll up my yoga mat this emanates from the speakers.

8.Heavyweight - 5/5
U-God in shit talker mode. Golden Arms should seek out beats like these more often as they always seem to work for him.

Makes me want to cleanse my chakra and stuff.

10.Stars - 2.5/5
Just leave it, U-God, it's not worth it.

11.Golden Arms - 4/5
And we're back on the right track. U-G maintaining the fort on this one, indeed.

12.Room Keep spinning - 4.5/5
The 'functioning retard' line had me cracking up. Uey in story telling mode on this one, which doesn't happen all that often. (We're still waiting for the 'Night the city cried' follow up.) When U-God tells a story it all unfolds in a very straightforward way, which isn't always a bad thing. No attention to details that really get you into the three stories here, though. Good RZA beat.

13.Zilla - 4/5
Same concept as Heavyweight, both in verses and beat.

14.Get Mine - 4/5
Bluesy. We know U-God knows how to pull this off. More surprising is that it fits in nicely with the rest of the album.

15.Mt. Everest ft. Elzhi & Inspectah Deck - 5/5
Late album highlight. Simply great.

16.Tranzform - 3.5/5
Typical friends turning on you track. It's okay.

17.Journey ft. Kool Keith - 5/5
Typical Kool Keith / DOOM type beat. I love it. Bit of a surprise U-God fits in so well here. Keith sounds very grounded on this one. Must have run out of hallucinogenic substances.

18.Be Right There - 1.5/5
Hook totally ruins it for me. Beat isn't all that either. Weak lyrics. Could have been a top song on Mr Xcitement, though!

19. Days of Glory 5/5
Would have fit in well on Dopium as well.

I'd say...
1.Keynote Speaker (a lot of quality control on this one)
2.Dopium (the horrible dubstep remixes bring it down)
3.Golden Arms (a mixed bag with some real gems)
50.Mr Xcitement (all around awful)
51.Hillside Scramblers (same)

This might be a good time for that 'Goldie & Ghost' collaborative album Uey has been pleading for with Starks for so many years, since Uey is in top form these days.

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