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SKAMPOE 01-13-2014 10:05 PM

Violator's crater!
My nu book of rhyme....
http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/b...pslwfczv3s.jpgI rebel against the devil
I'm rocking against the pebble,
I'm rocking this fucking mic
Despite the bass and the treble.
They sounding like Erin Nebel
Letting the steam out the kettle,
Adjust the fkn level
Put 14 k on the bezel
Cuz of...
The wave of my format
I'm braver with no gat,
The beat is just so fat
tallest nigga just fall flat,
Arm swing and the skull crack
Pound fist up with no dap,
Cock back and the gun clap
Ya mutha fuckaz dont know jack,
Ya spittin out soft raps
We killin up all rats,
In the form of his boom bap
Gorilla Monsoons back,
Gorilla Monsoon back?
In the form of this boom bap!!
In the form of this boom bap!!

SKAMPOE 01-13-2014 10:08 PM

Yeah don't want me to snap and hit ya whole block up,
Even got the Jake in the car yelling for back up.
Ya nigga is pieces of shit
n ya don't stack up,
You gamble with the words that you ramble
I throw a rack up.
Free basing with the werds I be lacin
Ya make me crack up.
I stay in the booth with the mic
I'm bound shack up
Hit the door n the lights in the night
im bout to lock up.
I stay beating on punks that wanna act up...

Now who the fuck wanna rumble with gawd
I swear to gawd
Mutha fuck these niggaz
niggaz is frauds!
I swear to gawd.....

SKAMPOE 01-13-2014 10:13 PM

Ay yo
I make my way thru a mountain of snow,
in the back of a sleigh
Being pulled close to the northern of poles.
By a pack of Pitbulls and we ain't galloping slow.
Niggaz lookin at me like yooo what's happenein Poe,
Ain't nuffin poppin
I'm just clockin the hoes,
Sitting preaty like a garden of rose,
Lacing beats with my venomous flows.
I'm letting them know
there's nothing moving but the wings on a flock of the crows.
Yo if I cock n expose
I suppose
I put a stop to ur homoerotic ass pose.
That's as far as I choose to disclose.
Who knows I might just murder anyone who tries to oppose.
There it goes.
And anyone who's been followin close,
knows that I rose from the slums with the bums
Switched the guns
With this audio format Cuz thats the path that i chose...

SKAMPOE 01-13-2014 10:16 PM

U think u rdy for battle?
I'm serving the g stomp.
The bass booming n rattle
The way that the beat bump.
I aint sweatin non of ya
ya niggaz is weak chumps.
Machete clash with he sword
I'm shaving it down chunks.
N if im huffin n puffin
separate the branch from the hard trunk.
That's how I'm blowing on trees
I'm lovin that ses skunk.
Skampoe be the villain
I killem get found slumped.
I'm able n willing
I fillem with pump pump.
If shorty she chilling n peekin
I'm drilling her rump rump.
I'm horny she corny
she ain't lettin me fell on her love lumps... :(

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 01-13-2014 10:22 PM

dope work

SKAMPOE 01-13-2014 10:27 PM

If they saying I caught vapors
They hating on sky scrapers.
They know that the leader is Caper,
They call me the earth Shaker
Blasphemous tongue stapler.
Sniffing the man taker,
Ya rhymin the most faker,
I chop trees n then rolled paper.
That's as lethal as dope equations,
I'm reppin the ock nation
And veto their legislation,
I'm stopping all of their hatin,
Im chasing
and strangulation,
Im smoking on vegetation
The sickest imagination,
There's never no hesitation
For a rappers decapitation,
I have an appreciation
For mental incarceration,
For mental incarceration
I have an appreciation,
For a rappers decapitation
There's never no hesitation...

SKAMPOE 01-13-2014 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS (Post 2423907)
dope work

Peace Sloc

Mantra 01-19-2014 10:24 AM

these freestyles are nice fam!!

SKAMPOE 01-19-2014 10:47 PM

Peace boii

Suicidal thoughts in my head
Im living a dream.
Its like the mold on the bread
We over power ur team.
We keep it dirty n rotten
Its never gotten so clean.
I take the drugs for my nerves
U wanna call me a fiend.
I onlycough when I smoke
Yet I'm still sipping the lean.
From the north to the south
N every thing in between.
Catch a slug to the mouth
When I'm aiming the beam.
Schizophrenic depression
its what's making him mean.
I'm sick in the head boy
Hand over the meds.
I hear voices that tell me to killem
Disregarding the feds.
The soul saw the body
left dead in the bed.
And it all started
doing a hand stand on the keg...


Guarded By Martyrs 01-19-2014 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by King Hippoe (Post 2424602)
I'm sick in the head boy
Hand over the meds.
I hear voices that tell me to killem
Disregarding the feds.
The soul saw the body
left dead in the bed.
And it all started
doing a hand stand on the keg...

Nice - Nice

SKAMPOE 01-20-2014 03:58 PM

Peace lord

SKAMPOE 01-22-2014 09:10 PM

Taken to Church ft- McSaunt

Ten percent of my income
Won't guarantee me a seat
In the gods kingdom,
Even if I graduated from Princeton
I'd still Carry the hood trait
a ghetto symptom,

Ain't no remedy to being Born where I hail from
I spit a whole gospel into my cell phone
Kicked outta heavens gate
And Into a hell zone,

I disguised the change
and sweeten the poison,
I beat the mu fuckin pussy
Till my dick gets moistened,

Jehovallahs da prophet
My verse the teacher,
I'm morbidly obese
So who's gonna feed the creature.
I gotta ways with words
And that's my sexiest feature.
I boil beneath the surface
So my purpose is key,
There's 3 pastors at the service
Skampoe murders all 3...

Faith can be a bad thing for the truly blind believer/ & Incompleted doctrines from the councel of nicea/Popes are all political protecting pedophiles/Condemning the awaken since the Salem witch trails/Im certain of the source mind & order of the ether/ fuck man made sky dads & hate inspired preachers/ Romans killed your prophet yet your church it lies in rome/kneeling to the beast sittin on his Golden throne/ False God Externalized when creation dwells within us/ Emptiness of gnosis definition of sinner/ The word sin is latin & it means to be without/ Being ingnant is the downfall of the sheeple & devoute/ Jesus was mystic that rebelled against system/That preach about forgiveness & of love & so they killed him/ Hypocrates among you throwing stones at glass traditional/Devouring your saviour in cannabilistic rituals/The church has murdered millions of men & women never swayed/Slayed the jews in inquisitions & many more through the crusades/All in his Name! So save your Allahs,Hovas, & your yaweys/I'll start my own church Call it Sanatra & do it my way...

SKAMPOE 01-24-2014 12:49 AM

My dads a Master,
Unbottling beers,
Next rounds on me mu fuckaz now cheers,
I ain't seen my penis in years,
Some how I still get more pussy than most of ya queers,
Peace to my label mates and all of my rapping peers.
I'm killing the game as if I'm hunting down deers.
I'm walking with dogs so there's hardly nothing I fear,
How can I go on living without knowing the exact time of the year,
Im soler powered but
Some times is the mutha fuckin Moon that steers,
My vessel for pesos_
I stay on the grind like gears.
The end of the month is near, I'm fueled by the look on my baby's face with tears,
I put a spanking on the adversaries
Im goin ham on the rear,
I have a fetish for this audio message right here,
but its up to ya niggaz to hear,
The songs that i craft
It's like a raft sailing way deep in your ear ...POE!

we are way deep in the basement
where the foundation is laid where the musk of the Stonewalls is reminiscent to caves
where only the Braves are welcome..

SKAMPOE 01-24-2014 01:01 AM

I spit precise inside of a tin can
A thousand bats take flight
from under my wing spand.
Non of ya niggaz expected to stand
in front of a winged man.
The lord skam had a plan
to March his pcp caravan
on top of the black sand.
My disciples would follow me
with a holy devotion
They drink my blood like a potion
in hopes to bring an end to corruption.
misfortune and greed
I foam when they bleed
Get trampled and man handled when
The hippo stampede.
And so
It was mandatory
For me to live the same story
Of every soul left on purgatory.
There is no I'm sorry
Just be care full,
The rap plague is upon us.

Mantra 01-24-2014 08:38 PM

the skillz vary doeboy's stashing pills buried
The beatings vague as bloody Mary's split berry
Sick scary catholic priest killer aries
lock-horn croc's torn another gator obituary
drop-kick bitches with legs hairy
spit in her cherry pussy culinary
milk the cow cappa style dairy
stole 33 birds from larry bust a foul-shot
Me being wack is like rza snacking on pork-chops
Wino's get their corks popped at the pit-stop
then me and my robbers rob the gift-shop
the cashier bitch was hot she blew me in the parking lot
her man's a blood leader know I'm on the run like Ronnie lot
Cunning to the cops informer murdered at the bus-stop
nigga looked like chubb-rock his brother like Biz
I'm a thug not a trick that loves the kids
true skeeter after the football game ran up in a cheer-leader
2 years later we got married a month later she divorced the wife-beater
Rain, snowy, or sunny this runny nosed nigga puff cheeba
and bust heaters like chris Brown bust diva's
the nuts leave her enticed in the power-u I dig deeper
similar to martin luther only difference I'm a violent mountaintop speaker
The lord styles finesse results scary like a nigga who fucks prostitutes raw getting an aids test
the arson known to blaze sets and throw pests off project roof's
quick to shoot troops who are slower than murda mase in the booth
Peace to the King we make bitches come cleaner than a douche

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