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j_over 06-23-2005 03:41 PM

add a verse
i use brawn for brains, brains for brawn, change the song, but stay on the same track
alot of mc's remain wack, you cant change that.

but i can, ill strike you like an inland tipan/
most deadley rap medaley, stedaley growin in stature/
crack your plaster casts after, i smash half your bones to bits/
on the microphone my grips..... tight/
i spit right, in the face of danger with no fear/
flow clear thru tha ear to tha inner mind/
every sinner finds, redemption in further decent in/
to devilish ways, whatever your age, however your raised/
wherever your born, you better be warned/
im comin like paul bunian, with a battel axe/
smashing your backs, fast as cadilacs/
on the autobahn, i gotta lotta weed in the waterbong/
so take a hit dude, i gotta a split mood/
and personality, alot of this raps a falicey/
don't let the verbal malice be mistaken for reality/
know if you challange me, ill still kill ya/
still spill ya blood, and leave your face in the mud kid/
im rugged and ruthless, try ta bite me its useless/
i'll leave you toothless, with my 2 fists/
no excuses for my rudeness, tha truth is

i use brawn for brains, brains for brawn, change the song, but stay on the same track
alot of mc's remain wack, you cant change that.

MASTER PAI MEI 06-23-2005 04:31 PM

Re: add a verse
I cause havoc and pleasure rain on ya suede leathers strike like a diamond back... apply pressure like a python illuminate brains with their lights off 3-toed sloths lose their digits like a phone number handed to ya during a blizzard fuck you Chickens!! instead of Kidneys ya have Gizzards blink ya eyes I'll remove ya innerds ya insolence is imbedded like splinters while you open and close constantly call ya sphincter trying to dial in but ya phones off the ringer rotary style type demeanor played out like unseasoned vegetables in a steamer ya stained minds bring'em to my dry cleaner as the rest of these egg heads are scrambled by the egg beater cracked fates of the dreamers....

GuardianOne 06-24-2005 02:28 AM

Re: add a verse
"More timid facts continue,many left actions they wanted to take, just to see if was fake, yet the state conditioned in , did not show its true face, what was once there with meaning, had little significance, whilst checked to see that could one receive anything, with times graceful passage"......

ON POINT 06-24-2005 02:29 AM

Re: add a verse
We The Schemers Who Rip Up The Wu Threads Like Old Wu Wear Jeans Riches To Rags Reality To Dreamers My Palace Demeanor Is How High I Hold My Head Untill Im Out Of Steam But I Take Another Puff Of Green Stuff King Tuff Read Up On How The Team Bust I Need Love So I Can Treat You To A Clean Run Thru My Alphabetic Genetic Geometric Kinetic Rymeforms Thats Connected With Distinguished Points In Time Wars And Whatnot Whores Get Buttfucked Spores Get Dropped Off And Grow To Colonies Of Fungus That You Wouldnt Think Can Dumb Us Down To The Ground With The Proverbial Sound Of The Dumb Dumb Clowns That Be Like What Now Wanna Fuck Around You Get Ya Head Chop Sueyed Like A Limp Noodle Kit And Kaboodle So Sue Me If You Dont Like It If I Wont Recite It Then I Wont Write It And I Hump Righteous Ask These Hoes How They Got The Virus

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