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Visionz 04-20-2006 02:42 AM

Welcome to the Wu Dojo
I'm settin up this thread here for all the battle emcees to come in here and drop when maybe you feel like spittin some lyrics but you can't find nobody willing to take up the challenge there on the spot. Now, if you wanna call someone out don't wait, just spit some fire, put a line or two with whoever's name and maybe they'll get back at you. Now since is the Dojo, don't be waiting on no votes, you sould be in here for the love of battlin', post the feedback if you wanna, and you could even cut and paste to take votes for battle outside of here if people really wanted to find out who won if things start gettin really heated. The point though, is that the Dojo never closes, free styles or sparring, it don't matter.

tha god concept 04-20-2006 02:43 AM

yo crazy eyedea unseen....u always onPoinT dog...

tha god concept 04-20-2006 02:45 AM

ayo the crowd screams and cameras be flashin
concept got madd style like London high fashion
grab the pen n start stabbin
as i enter the dragon
b-boys n girls make sexual transactions

im taxin....anyone that reads this script
takin that 2 minutes out ya lips to sink ya'll ships
you think you rip..???
maybe if u restin in peace
ill stranggle ya thoughts n beliefs wit ya bed sheets

haunt ya dreams with elementals as the demon speaks
tellin you ya weak and shouldnt speak
got it locked in hellz basement
awkward and adjacent to ya crews pacience
concept diggin graves in the pet cemetary cause yall fakin

mind rapin hell raizin on every page son...i do damage
always packin steele like imma magnet
hip-hop dragnet
furious n flagrent yall get sprayed like where my tag went
pissin on niggaz so emcees smellin my man sent

take a leave of absence.....cause concept spittin raw like the haulocaust
fuck tossin im drinkin all malatove....cocktails
mine as well im on fire like hell or when N.Y fell
open to opponents like harvard vs yale
squared off with a god and ready to impale

Visionz 04-20-2006 03:00 AM

Mentally I'm so subliminal it's criminal,
I invade like an invisible general
Carry 4 stars, I murder in 4 bars
Drive away from homicide in unmarked cars
When I was a kid I used to wish on the Osirus constellation
The adult serves emcees decimation in atleast five nations
Your proclamations and declarations ain't giving independence
I free minds whenever the pen hits, the heart quits
I send electric shocks to bring 'em back to life
Just to show the coldest killer could still be hella nice
But never think twice to slice, hit em' hard enough for a DNA splice
Drinkin blended rice between wires, I won't retire from flippin the non-scripted
I just my thrown fist in the air, tellin 'em to get lifted

Visionz 04-20-2006 03:05 AM


Originally Posted by Concept
furious n flagrent yall get sprayed like where my tag went
pissin on niggaz so emcees smellin my man sent

That's some real ish right there homie, nice lines. Whole verse was tight.

Definitive X 04-20-2006 08:58 PM

Yo, I been this nice since four wheels on mountain bikes
Leave you like porn stars in menage a trois videos: stuck in a dike
Like priests shoutin' the Ten Commandments, readin' you ya rites
My rhymes shine, flossin' cold lyrics, fuck ice
Battle you twice, and prove that you half-bastard
Check how many emcees been embarassed by my battle mathematics
Ya rhymes are dated, homes, and ya spit's spent
Get a nickel and a penny, maybe then you'll have a sixth sense
Spit in the present tense, y'all cats live in the past
Jeff Gordon emcee, check the competition I done passed
Feel the fury of my fiery punchlines, I rhyme wrath
Y'all cats are better off arrangin' garbage, ya line's trash
Only way I'd be whack, is if the mob came for me
Rip ribald rappers like the fringes on Old Glory
Shine ten times the sun, homey, I spit solar
Have rappers retire quicker than pit crews at Daytona

Vernakular 04-20-2006 10:03 PM

You say your definitive, what are you defining?
Bringin back just weak chiming n the art of self gratifying
Your weak clique can't spit sick if it was the Yakuza with sars
Your outta orbit trying to fuck a Bush like you were mars

just a couple of lines to post something

Classic 04-20-2006 11:08 PM

My birth was easy for moms, she ain't have to push or SHOUT.
I kicked through da pussy, bungied with the chord, and BALLED-THE-FUCK-OUT!
My verses are amazing, people call em MAGIC-TRICKS!
Never runnin' outta paper, they say I'm the little piggy who stacked his HOUSE-WIT-"BRICKS!"
These verses are electrocuting, they call 'em EXSTATIC!
I just dropped three bars, and this shit is still a "CLASSIC"!

Visionz 04-20-2006 11:20 PM

Its 420 & I'm lookin asiatic, you must high cause you didn't rhyme mathematics
Bringin static that you can't afford, leaving ya words hangin same way I
do emcees with this mic cord
Hordes of you fake rappers ain't livin the life, frontin like you hard but don't know the meaning of strife
Or what a dope line looks or sounds like, pedaling to get nowhere like a stationary bike
You a puppy, u dont have the teeth to bite, you could be Tiger Woods and still not swing right
I bang tight like the head of a drum, your kiddie raps be suckin on dum-dums
Don't make me pop ya lollys, leave you in trouble like Timmy hollering for your collie
But that's the folley of that TV image, no one to save you, not even popeye with his spinach
I go rounds in three minutes, you MayWeather the storm to avoid your fate
but I'm the champ when battlin you Cruiserweights

VillainousV 04-22-2006 03:09 PM

I be makin tha dead presidents,
Heavily packed like sediments//
Evidence gets erased,
when I slay em and bomb the residence//
Listen here's tha lesson,
we workin until perfection is evident//
Verse malevolence smash n slash ya larynix//
Cuttin headz like lettuces,
yeah nyuka I said it//
Then I stick n beat it,
now ya girl walkin like George Jefferson//
Jetsons is the next on tha list,
I piss on epic's n shit//
Scripts like a bible,
Im draftin the newest Testament//

Does this deserve a rep? lol. Mayyyybe. Mayyyybe not. Im kinda rusty.

BALTIMORE GOD OF WAR 05-03-2006 10:43 AM

Just Ya Average Nigga Grinding But Still Broke As Fuck/
Harmcity Keep Me Depressed So I Just Keep Rolling Up/
Walk Da Block Say Wassup To Donna Then Go Cop A Dutch/
Life Is Serious So I Got A Tighter Grip On Dis Mic I Clutch/
Spitting Manuscripts Bout To Flip Like A Bitch Off Clear Liquids/
99 Banannas For Dis Quap I'm Evil 4 Dis Green Like David Banner/
Spit Verbal Mind Tricks My Minds Sick Given Mc's Throat Cancer/
Speechless No Answer? Break A Leg Disengage ya B-boy Stance Huh!!/
My enemy has risen destiny is his ending as I sip my guinness stout/
Flowing Wit Tunnel Vision 2 Quick Incisons Rip Ya Jaw From Ya Mouth/
Cuz North East Baltimore Holding It Down We Reppin Wu-tang South

oDoUoSoKo 05-03-2006 09:35 PM

zeeds back its been a while, feel the dang bash force
quap is gwop, some people need a slang crash course
ofcourse ive put in work im worth a worthy mention
in the top ten and, dont even have to pay attention
cuz i stay relelntless, when i piss on ur memorial
how can u defend that ur not a bird when u rep the orioles
screw up, project tenant in training, pesent remainin
to test the game and yet ya team cant even take the pennant slain in
a second u lame, the effect of the statements, im layin in ur direction
u fake beein hard, like viagra erections
stagger ur brain when i jablines towards ur chin
how many of ur meat riders could u afford to bring
awarded a kings crown due to the 10 in front the -0
villainous evil...i shoot the cunts and slash heroes
wierdo in the game, a dame lounge singer
douste the flames "reader" and i aint pointin any fingers :fucku:

i havent spit in a while, been very busy so its kinda wack.

RockD 05-08-2006 04:01 AM

the fuse spark heavy lighter hotter than a savana
the smoker of rhymes i get higher than a hippy on marijuan
from here to tijuana be bashin premadonas with a complex
with west miamians makin nosense even after readin contents
they mind is to condence i cover a larger perameter
i to high for th boy to fast out the speedometer
he hydroge u can compare to this new element
i'm of the charts boy against I youl get pounded to the sediment
yes Rock is the Determining factor vernsuck-alots demise
i dont have to punch a line 4 u to adhear to a rhyme
nig. verbally i gets mines u just mad cause i speak truth
we can even play with words in audio inside a booth
i'll have you holdin ya mouth like u lost a tooth sayin he is mad nice
i'm cooler than cool luke-warm nigga i'm dry ice
when hot im the spice the curry that cant be served
will u the kid from the block every one calls a herb
u have the nerve not to understand "American" in this land
but i'm the cuban with more understandin of the english that was inately taught to this man
i'm of rank 1st dan in this dojo of Wu
little shodowboxer my manthis style will beat yo non existant kung-fu
Vern who
when u were born non even yo pops had a clue
imbed this in yo brain like paper and glue
baby raper you rhymin aint shit in yo language "poo poo"

Nigga....YO SOUL IS MINE :fucku:

Jesus Christ 05-10-2006 01:04 AM

Fuck all these wack emcees Slippy Pimp is in the cipher/ barley hops, cocaine, jolt, and mini thins got me hyper/ liger napoleon raps you cats been chatting with fine babes all day?/ just b-cuz you some no pussy getting motherfuckers doesn't mean your gay/ lay bars like a gold mine, wipe my ass with your scripture, here you can fold mine/ i'll leave ink stains on your ass poppin cherrys like I sold wine/ bold or fine, caligraphy written only halve bitten or previosley been chewed/ I'm wondering how many of you kids deviousley get screwed/booed out, stomped or smothered in hot sauce/ I sent one of my bitches to suck your dick and all she got was cock floss/ now tell me who claims be the hardest rapper of this wu-tang corp?/ i'm hungry like a fat kid-Got Pork?/i'm only nine years old but ten times your senior/ i'm calling out all blacks, white, chinese and the beeners/ fienders for what I got like you smelt crack in the air/ scent gave you diarreha? I got scriptures to spare/ step up in the dragons lair I puff more but don't inhale/ blew my verse in your ear and just made another crack sale/ flack jackets strapped up I keep the pootie green wrapped up, like bitches licked and slapped up/ clapped up/ you pussys can keep your flaps up/ cuz slippy's bitches is coming in and taking names, shitting on you with my heavy game/ push a chrysler cuz chevy's lame/ call me christ sir cuz this GOD's insane/ I'll chain any of you homo's to the back of my truck/ try and test the pimp boy don't press your luck/ i'll try to put this as blunt as possible/ you cats are coming on faker then disney channels kim implausible/ light weight and tossable/ smoked up like my rasta hoe- hold up I almost lost my flow/ Slippy Pimp has just entered your domain/ i'm serve you mother fuckers like my momma serves lo mein/ Chow-pow/Kung-pie chicken/ribbed spermcidal latex for the kitten/ I keep rippin rubbers-deep dicken on all my oppenents/ when my foam hits your forehead/ it feels like i'm on the chicago typewriter- I pour lead- Crayola Rapist Red/ or aqua marine/ slippy rocks nothing but green and cream corn/ hired the incredible hulk to film some mean porn, hand the bible i'm sworn in/ now bring on the first bitch that's ready for the whoring...

xzplizitsouljah 05-10-2006 10:48 AM

who d fuck is dis actin lyk he a kingpin
get d fuck out of ma face b4 u start limpin
u aint even worth half ma breath,u stupid
u aint got flavor,put a stop to dis shit n start pimpin
cos u pussy,u a man but u a faggot
ur style is wack make me wanna eat maggot
i bring knowledge from d motherland str8 in ur face
am a tru believer in self knowledge for d black race.

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