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TeknicelStylez 04-26-2006 05:05 PM

Tek Stylez' Word Play Ground ((Official Cypher Thread))
This is a thread for all yall that be rippin shit with multi's, flow, and wordplay

I'll drop a few writtens

Refrain from typical activity i spit naturally
Study your anatomy and blow out your chest cavity
Divine strategies foes who oppose killed tactically
Destroy any emcee bold enough to battle me
Eradicate my prey with murderous word play
Stimulate pain when my treachurous verbs spray
Eliminate lame rappers innocuous to my grace
Inebriate snakes that hate with venomous taste
Vocal incisions creatin severe brain schysms
Leavin emcees in cataclysms with smooth rythm
twenty twenty i observe with perfect vision
Listen as my mind and tongue operate in unision
Riffin spread my wings like a griffon take flight
first in fight the knight with the iron mic
delivered slightly to the right so it might
catch u in your lean wit 16 yall lost right?

Teknickel incredible credible lyrics
Fear it writin lines beyond coherant
In a near bliss state of ryhmin can u hear it?
Insomniac drainin tracks like I'm vampiric
Shine like flourecsent assessin your lesson
the wild adolescent countin all his blessins
withstandin the testin till im gone restin
born a peasent life wasnt always this pleasent
Digestin readers digest out of context
my evil eye leave you hexed wit a complex
think you safe cuz u Wore your teflon vest
fools dont know its best to protect your necks
Stylez is criminal stealin the track literally
literal subliminal individual not commercially
Actions actual actually factual practically
practical all natural flo rippin you happily

TeknicelStylez 04-26-2006 06:39 PM

IIGHT IIGHT... thanks for the contribution dook

killing it with the multi's, spokens another flow monster

TeknicelStylez 04-26-2006 06:43 PM

Operatin analytical dispicable political
Superficial clutchin dollars by the fistful
Wash the blood of your hands kids carryin pistols
Pitiful rituals collateral hit with missles
A single stone thrown that made the water ripple
Enlistin in Beligerant nations in the distance
Constructin weapons for destruction erupt like pistons
Bombs hissin blown out of existance in an instance
Tensions boil screamin no blood for oil
Yet we still toil on others fertile soil
Impossible to escape the snakes coil if its royal
Loyal to the cause even when your plan is foyled
Built for war equipped wit words actin on verbs
Absurd I observe your pathetic lures unnerved
If I black you wont leave with your back intact
Facts chain react like blastin caps causin impact
An abrubt end to your corrupt mode of combat
Infact what you lack is the ability to act
Mental relapse as my power begins to grasp gasp
Collapse your respiration like a dose of anthrax
Protest your tax attack with a psionic blast.
Wars bloodier than tampax a series of counteracts
Premeditated orchestrated economy inflated
countries invaded destroyin everythin thats sacred

TeknicelStylez 04-26-2006 10:49 PM

Verbal entrapment you heard what I rap wit
I'll knock the earth of its axis, in fact it's
Madness the way I flip words like acrobatics
Automatic Rhyme Practice bounce like a fine matress
or Get axe kicked I'm back at it never lack tactics
Always strategic got four ways to beat it, read it
Believe it, I'll give you a dose of iron like you anemic
You might be squemish left cuz my rights the meanest
Bust out the budha genious while I Light the greenest
You seen it Hyroponically correct I flow chronically
Infect atomically in depth lyric with no robbery
Acceptin all appologies don't step to follow me
Left ya body clean underneath the collagreens

quick keystyle

maestro wooz 04-27-2006 05:09 AM

when i was 12, i went to hell for snuffing jesus.....

incredible, passing out apples thats not edible, first name "lucifer" last name "the devil"
impregnating teens, by any means, sellin dirt to fiends, do anything to keep the wallet filled with greens, a nightmare it seems, a presence defined as frightenin, terror comes when im writin, like a flash of lightnin, or rather a clash of titans, ill take any reason to kill you right then, this is real rap not just another white trend, use child blood for spicin, meals of a dead pythin, my mom tried to tell me to stop the murder, so i burned her, made sure to turn her, young cop tried to make me stop, got the axe block and a head got the lop, had sold the guy rock, corruption and rot, seem to follow me alot

maestro wooz 04-27-2006 05:11 AM

fucking rip big l by the way

TeknicelStylez 04-27-2006 02:56 PM

I noticed lol, nigga killed that shit

TeknicelStylez 04-27-2006 03:57 PM

Fore the record you don't want it with Tek
I'm a problem with tecs keep lobbing them threats
I'll gobble you pests I'll be bombing your nest
I don't deal with honor unless you on with the chess
5 moves or less strategy so try to battle me
Introduce a tragedy cuz you was actin dramatically
You packing batteries not that thats a rarity
Apparently niggaz is cheaper by the dozen
Quick to sleep on their cuzin cuz he wasn't
Paying attention drive past and spray his dimension
We playin for mentions used to stay in detention
Now its fatal suspension died at an early age
Just another wordly page in the world we made
Purpose of existance is as worthless as a fiction
Observe the tricks when their word is a depiction
Listen, when we used to grind you heard friction
Kids marked wit smith ands' my heart would quicken
I pray to god for a quick end to all this misery
I am the epitamy of whats trying to be rid of me
Facing knowledge Superficial still chasing dollars
Laced with product so the Judicial braced my collar
This is the ghetto when your tip is to let go
The grit and the metal breed thick skinned rebels
We vets with no medals no moral support
Just poor holdin the fort till you goin to court
Whether you dead, on the street, or in prison
This is the life we living, despite our descisions

Just wrote this up, someone follow up!

TeknicelStylez 04-27-2006 04:00 PM

Oh shit spoken, you was writing when I was... hot shit mang that verse is a problem

I gotta invest in a mic A.S.A.P get some kind fo set up going

TeknicelStylez 04-27-2006 04:07 PM

If you got it drop it

Vernakular 04-27-2006 09:19 PM

ill shit better than all the other cyphers sofar

i would drop but i dont really incorporate multis but do ur thing tek

MsRzaRecTaH 04-27-2006 10:59 PM

u got skillz tek

TeknicelStylez 04-27-2006 11:01 PM

Thank you mami

noel411 04-28-2006 01:10 PM

Drunken "freestyle".....

When I'm fucked off the liquor, don't make me start, sonny,
cunts wanna be killa bees but couldn't get a part in "Honey",
darts and money, guns, weed, that pulls chicks,
fast like a drum beat, on some speed rap bullshit,
I'm my own man, my flows slam like a tro-jan,
up inside your bitch, cos you know she's a ho, man,
I grow plants, sell buds to kids on the street,
get rid of you geeks, that's what I did last week,
fuck a vocab, my whole style is insidious,
laughin' while you childs get wild on some kiddy shit,
bid for these spits, my tapes hold weight on e-bay,
brake mad crates cos man I hate my DJ,
man it's great what we say, should plan to spit sober
hand the shit over, make a stop in this relay...

Dirty Knowledge 04-28-2006 01:44 PM

If you got it then drop it if not don't knock it,
Pesticide eat your sides instant you deny prophets,
Sick in the mind verbal tantrum of the mechanical kind,
In these animal times we bind to a mechanical grind,
Levees and ramps, sky scrapers and newspaper stands,
Don't believe anything it's truth the news paper's scam,
Daytime emmies and oscars, movie stars eatin' lobster,
Ghetto stars enroll as mobsters instead of enrolling at Hofstra,
Dopedealers and crackheads, science of life inanimate,
Objects obsolete to the eye which has disbanded this,
Structure of family life, trees chopped by Washington's axe,
Caused disruption in history's wax now we pay for history's tax,
Opinion is history's whack but truth is that history's back,
Vietnam and Iraq, bombs dropped nucleus ate by atomical straps,
The abominable's back, rip abdominables from six packs to the back,
Spinal attract blade of attention which has stood to attract,
Flesh to the forefront of edges sharper than knowledge on tracks,
It's Dirty Knowledge cut slack, activate the pen to mindframe,
Then write the wild way and drop a jewel from the mindstate.

Lil freestyle for ya'll boys.. 1

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