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Luther Large 07-02-2005 12:25 AM

greeneyes vs idiom
aright i'll go first

Luther Large 07-02-2005 12:37 AM

Re: greeneyes vs idiom
put ya mothafuckin hand up cuz it's green your salutin i usually dont fuk wit faggot mc's fake styls cheaper than amish drive by shootins but this time i'll make an exeption 63 decapatate mc's to perfection i stik out in threads like a motherfukin erection ive been lookin all day to battle a punk but i never thot i'd come across a homosexual chump my flow fly hi like kites in a bar diss cypha idioms mentally challenged rap style cant shine on microfones that i slice up and dice up i see u freestyle but please just give the life up....aright because nobody likes to do battle with fags who bite harder than iron mike

Idiom 07-02-2005 05:45 PM

Re: greeneyes vs idiom
36 years old and your rap style is just like your life "a virgin" you couldnt increase your talent if you cought a lyrical surge dun. that's right i seen your act in the theatre of the absurd crumb. why are you trying to rap, you think have some form of intelligence, your pride could be the reason you werent slept against, i give it to you that you have some heart, but why call me out when you know i'm gon' break it apart. i heard you even voted for me to be #1 on the charts, you're my greatest fan so maybe that why you challenged me, just remember you were the japs at the battle of the bismark sea, nigga i'm bombing and with each line i write i see you're not calming, relax it's just a battle, dont be made at me cause lyrics are only prattle, yeah well that'll be enough you're taking this as a raping , like your habbits you fucking cream puff.

OmO < Idiom

Idiom 07-02-2005 05:48 PM

Re: greeneyes vs idiom
sorry i had to do it like this too you but you know, it happens

Votes Please....

OmO < Idiom

Luther Large 07-03-2005 05:31 AM

Re: greeneyes vs idiom
me bein a virgin you gotta be stupid i got 50 million bitches for every one of my 36 let me ask you a question how's ya sex life kid you probably lost your virginity what? 2 years ago when i was gettin hoes drunk wit smirnoffs and takin they clothes off sexin with models while you were learnin how to jerk off... fuckin faggot respect ya elders before i tear off the fat boulder lying between your shoulders chump your nothin but a frontin scare i leave ya dome bumpy so a blindman could read it in brale

this doesnt count i just wanted to see what the advantage of going 2 was like

jjh_38 07-03-2005 05:46 AM

Re: greeneyes vs idiom
put some structure to your shit... it sucks to read

Luther Large 07-03-2005 06:02 AM

Re: greeneyes vs idiom
your sayin i suck or it sucks to read cause like i said before i'm knew to all this computer type stuff

Idiom 07-03-2005 09:33 PM

Re: greeneyes vs idiom
lmfao.....internet threats a fucking pathetic.....get a life

Idiom 07-03-2005 11:02 PM

Re: greeneyes vs idiom
this faggots name is greeneyes, you can catch em on a gay porn kneeling infront atleast three guys, he told me in a message, stop i m'n people, no one wants to hear about your gay quests bitch. and fucking 50 million women weLL that just an rediculous, we all know you had elton john blowup dolls on your christmas list..and what ? i was just learning how to jerk off? i lost mine a 14 you were 30 years old teaching your new boyfriend which way to lean. and i'm a chump, you're just mad cause your mouth is used on dicks like a suction pump, punk mother fucker, aint your nickname the queer trucker? nigga dont use and abuse you lyrics with fucking lies, Goodbye

Luther Large 07-03-2005 11:31 PM

Re: greeneyes vs idiom
yo my ryhmes are no lie mr.bite a style my flow is the truth it easily speaks whos the 1 stealin lyrics from immortal technique if your truly a fag i dont really give a fuck and i dont wanna know all i know is i aint the one talkin about suckin dick in my posts and by the way my name greeneyes63 is straight derived from a killa son who strangle more bitches in boston then clint slings guns and really the truth is when i was 26 gettin ladies undressed kid you were still askin mommy questions on sex bitch

Sicka than aidZ 07-04-2005 02:08 AM

Re: greeneyes vs idiom
yeah, 36, okay...idiom , i unno, sonned your shit all quick

vote idiom cuz he's fuckin cool the way he raps with that creepin style...its ill how he ran up on u an would flip the subject an kill it again. peace

winner-idiom(he aint even that good either), peace both yall 1

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