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UNCLE RUCKUS 09-01-2006 06:21 PM

Killarmy Fear Love and War
:spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: http://cover6.cduniverse.com/MuzeAud...420/426948.jpg
Killarmy Fear Love & War (Loud,2001)

Released Sept 11, 2001

2.The Push
3.Militant (w/U-God)
7.Street Monopoly$
8.After Hours part 1
10.Feel It
12.Whatever We Want
15.The Hit
16.One To Grow On
18.Day One%
19.Spoken Word
21.The Rule
22.Lady Sings the Blues¿

Produced By 4th Disciple except $-Falling Down; %-Rebel Dainja; ¿-Trauma

After a nice little intro the 6th Man Wedding returned for their dopest release. Lord Superb drops by for the first cut; "The Push" with dope lines like; And, all y'all niggas mad I got the iron from Ghost
And, Chef still cookin what you tryin to get roast
Bobby'll beat that ass, Meth do a show in ya coats
And Cappadonna, the Masta will Kill ya
You fuckin with a true master, fuckin with power
You fuckin with the Wu bastards, fuckin with ours
The next track "Militant" features a nice hook from Baby Huey and another excellent 4th track. 4th Disciple really shines bright on every track he produced on this gem. "The Originators" is a brilliant track and features a hungry 9th Prince proving hes one of his crews best. The next 4 cuts are the deepest "Sweatshop"; "Street Monopoly"; "Trilogy" and the superior "Feel It". "Feel It" is one of 4ths best produced joints and featues deep heartfelt, beautiful verses from Dom P and 9th Prince.
Killa Sin´s flow murders the dope "Whatever We Want";
Eh-yo, we come from gun cockers, rock the guzzle and
Pop a couple and bop the opposite the coppers runnin in
Rooftop binocular, why's they keep hoverin?
Somehow, someway, you know they comin, kid
Duck from the po-9, blast 30 rounds for my comrades
Cocktail bomb, my Killarm' rag'll launch that
Complex, gin X intellect, intercept the mic with an inner-step
Smash like a rental wreck, young gun but been a vet
Walk North, mini Tec talk to ya sawed off, mine blow ya balls off
Worldwide from one small asylum, Staten Island
Where the crime round-up rises like waves when homicide hits

Solidifying further his reputation as one of the best of the Wu Fam.
For my taste PR Terrorist Dom P and Killa Sin along with 9th Prince are the strongest on this disc. 4th comes with outstanding production leading the Wu Elements forward. "The Rule is another amazing 4th jewel.

Overall this is a great album that any real Wu head should have had already.

Beats 10/10
mcs 8/10

Overall 9/10

Jim Kelly 09-01-2006 06:44 PM

Just bought this a few months back, great album.


num2son 09-01-2006 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by Jim Kelly (Post 571947)
Just bought this a few months back, great album.


I agree.

Leo Angel 09-02-2006 11:13 AM

yeah, veeery good album (8,5/10), the best songs for me: Sweatshop, Feel It, Lady Sings The Blues, The Hit, Trilogy & Nonchalantly

TAURO 09-02-2006 11:52 AM

Bout time, seems people here was sleeping on this.

Great album, Killarmy kept it consistent with their trilogy of albums 8/10

Hollow Dartz 09-02-2006 12:43 PM

1.Intro- Don't rate intros

2.The Push-
Shit is nice but the weakest intro of the Killatmy trilogy 4/5
3.Militant (w/U-God)-U-God voice on the hook makes this shit hot everyone comes correct Shogun keeps sayin WWIII on this album alot. 4.5/5
4.Originators$ - 9th Prince ripped this shit right here beat by Falling Down is crazy nothng else to say 4.5/5
6.Sweatshop - This shit is fucking fire Islord does the hook perfect Frukwan killed this shit 4.5/5
7.Street Monopoly$ - Killa Sin ripped this shit but it's only a banger 4/5
8.After Hours part 1 - Is this a skit B9 sounds real ass on this track
9.Trilogy - This shit is a banger, p-Sunn comes through and delivers the heat. 4/5
10.Feel It - This shit is deep, you can feel the track Dom P and Islord are too real. 4.5/5
12.Whatever We Want - Killa sin murders the opening verse. Tht's all that needs to be said. 4.5/5
14.Monster$ - this is a banging track 4/5
15.The Hit - This shit is Fire, Shogun was nice and Islord finishes it off great Beat is fuckin lava. 4.5/5
16.One To Grow On - Beat is B9 and Sin both do their thing on this shit. 4.5/5
18.Day One- This shit hot but the editing and all that shit fucked it up. 4/5
19.Spoken Word
20.Nonchalantly- This shit is banger Dom pachino is ripping it , I like how 9th opens it 4/5
21.The Rule - This shit is hot too alot of niggaz been sleeping on his track. 4/5
22.Lady Sings the Blues- I admit I wasn't feeling this shit but I gave it alot more listens I must say this i pretty good. 4/5

Lyrics are sharp beats are fucking crazy.
Overall 4.5/5 It's pretty good to me. They are doing their thing on here. :b

THE W 09-02-2006 12:47 PM


spectacular album. great 4th D production. lyrically its the least of the 3 killarmy albums but overall a great CD.


Rebel_INS 11-23-2006 04:59 AM

2.The Push - 5/5
3.Militant - 4.5/5
4.Originators - 5/5
6.Sweatshop - 5/5
7.Street Monopoly - 5/5
8.After Hours, Pt. 1
9.Trilogy - 4.5/5
10.Feel It - 5/5
12.Whatever We Want - 4.5/5
14.Monster - 4.5/5
15.The Hit - 4/5
16.One To Grown On - 4/5
18.Day One - 5/5
19.Spoken Word
20.Nonchalantly - 5/5
21.The Rule - 4.5/5
22.Lady Sings The Blues - 5/5

Very dope Killarmy album, all the joints are dope.

deadlymelody 11-23-2006 10:35 PM

More AMAZING 4th Disciple production. This is Killarmy's best lyrical effort I would say. Great album....9/10

12weLvE 01-19-2007 07:03 PM

Out of all the Wu albums I have this was one of the great albums that I did not own. I bought it yesterday and damn I am fucking happy. This album reminds me of that Authentic sound the Wu has been missing for a while. I am falling in love with this shit, I cant stop listining to it.


We need another Killarmy album ASAP!!!

wuswordz95 01-19-2007 09:04 PM

i voted wack cuz i wanted to get heat from you all.

12weLvE 01-20-2007 01:50 AM


Originally Posted by wuswordz95 (Post 714858)
i voted wack cuz i wanted to get heat from you all.

:? Just go hear the album man...then maybe that way you would have a more productive post. PEACE

Hollow Dartz 04-06-2008 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz (Post 572598)

2.The Push

Ok Killarmy is back again, beat is real hard. Beretta 9 opens it up and is coming hard which is a preview for the rest of the album. Superb comes in and rips it, I wasn't even expecting him on this album and he comes and smashes it. 9th Prince kills this shit though, he sounds great and better than he did on Dirty Weaponry which is a ++. 4.5/5
3.Militant (w/U-God)
Another hot track. You gotta give it to Killarmy keeping it Militant Style. U-God on the hook is a plus, he gives the track an extra push. 9th prince opens up and he's sounding great and Beretta 9 follows up great. Dom Pachino has a great verse also good to hear him again, then Shogun finishes it off nice, but I must say his lyrics start to sound repetitive, I mean how many times I'm gonna hear World War III in his rhymes? 5/5
Beat By Falling Down is mad nice. A solo track by 9th Prince?! At first I was thinking like ya'll but when I heard the track I must say whoa! 9th is fucking hungry, his flow is on point along with the beat and Dope lyrics. No Hook either just raw spittin, nothing else you could ask for. 5/5
This beat is fucking live, I don't know what else to say about that. Beretta 9 delivers a very hot verse "Return of the jedi, luke vs. vader" I like that shit right there Shogun cleans up the rest of the verse real nice, and Islord does a great job on the hook. Frukwan is crazy on here I wasn't expecting him either, the first time Killarmy was outshined on their own track. It's all good though. 5/5
7.Street Monopoly
This beat is real hot, I like the piano on it. 9th opens up the track nice and Dom pachino follows up Raw spitting some vicious shit "Razor blades infected with Aids" Finally Killa Sin Appears and just smashes it, which is already expected, Islord comes in sounding better than before and ends the track nice. 4.5/5
8.After Hours Part 1
Is this a skit? Beat is hot but I hope Beretta 9 didn't write that shit.
Nice story telling by both Mc's. Beat is cool, Prodigal Sunn doesn't doesn't disappoint because he is an expert in this field. 4/5
10.Feel It
This is a deep track right here. The beat is mad crazy on here like I can feel that shit. Deep verses by Dom Pachino, 9th Prince & Islord. I wish Killa Sins verse was on here, it would just make shit live. Islord's verse hits me the most cause I feel what he saying i got mad fam members doing that shit. 5/5
12.Whatever We Want
Killa Sin just rips this shit, nothing else to say, this guy really needs a solo album.
"Complex, Gen X intellect, intercept the mic with an inner-step,Smash like a rental wreck, young gun but been a vet
" My favorite line right there. Dom Pachino follows up great spitting raw. The beat is real crazy on here these guys can really bring heat. Beretta 9 comes in with an ok verse, I was kinda disappointed by him on this album, but it's all good cause 9th prince smahes it in the little time he's given. "9th Prince with the rollercoaster flow, and yo I'm GHOST" lol hot line. 4.5/5
Another beat by Falling Down and he doesn't disappoint at all. I think 5 out of 6 members are on this track. They all bring heat my standout verses are Dom Pachino "
I'm never calm, niggas scheme on gold and plat' charms,with leathers and goose feathers on, and never felt the weather war,It's hot like when the sweater's torn, from the letter, Desert Storm
" Crazy! Dart. and 9th Prince "Shaolin vikings,We wild like Hitler, drunk on German Heinekens" That's A Real dope line right there. 4.5/5
15.The Hit
This shit is fucking heat. I got people who don't know who these cats are feeling this shit. This is that type of track when you just not giving a fuck. Shogun Assasson is wild on this shit, I wasn't expecting this from him at all, he just rips this shit and shares his thoughts in the track "
What's really goin on? Everybody actin like I'm the one to be fronted on,All my friends have befriended me,But still be lookin in my face all friendly"I feel the same way at times. Islord just finishes this shit off nice he doesn't disappoint at all on this album. I love the horns on this shit man. I can feel the energy on this track.... 5/5
16.One To Grow On
This is some calm shit right here, I love how they come in on it after that hype ass track "The Hit". Both nice short and sweet verses. Killa Sin just comes in and leaves. Beretta 9 sounds great on here,on of his better performances on the album. 4.5/5
18.Day One
The bass on this track is hot, but the editing on here makes 9th's flow sound wack, why is this track even edited? They both telling how close they are on this track, unfortunately that isn't the case now, but let's hope these niggaz patch things up cause we need some new Killarmy shit! 4/5
19.Spoken Word
I love 9th's flow on this track as he opens it up "I'm half-man half-monster like bruce banner, camoflauge scorpion vendetta with a black beretta" 9th killed that shit. Beretta 9 comes in ok and Islord has a lil short verse. Dom Pachino is going off on this one right here, nothing else to say, oh yeah the beat is nice, I love the selection of beats on this album. 4.5/5
21.The Rule
I think alot of niggaz been sleeping on this track, I think that is Polite on the guest spot, he does a great job. The beat is crazy on here too. Dom Pachino and Killa Sin deliver heat as expected. I don't know why this is a slept on track.
22.Lady Sings the Blues
This track had to grow on a nigga, when I first heard it i'm like this shit is wack, but I listened and this is some deep shit being brought to the table. Dom Pachino opens it up nice, with a crazy verse speaking the real. 9th Prince is crazy on here telling a past story "
P.R. Terrorist's leg got hit, It ricocheted and 4th Disciple's arm had split,I ran like the Bionic Man, western stands,General Wise's dillinger just jammed in his hand". Islord's verse is heartfelt as he tells about why he lives the way he does. 4/5

Beats 4.5/5
Lyrics 4.5/5
Overall 4.5/5

Hot shit. Lyrics are great. They sound in sync this time. I think the album after this would've been a classic. Beats are Hot, 9th Prince is crazy on this one. But Beretta 9 sounds off on here wtf???. Frukwan has a nice guests spot, U-God kills the hook. Nice production from Falling Down. "The Hit" has to be one of shoguns hottest tracks with Islord putting on the final touch. I could play this cd when I'm with my friends and they won't bother asking, who are these guys. My friend thought Shogun was O.D.B.(R.I.P.) lol. 9th Prince has best performance on album. 4.5/5 BEST ALBUM FLOW WISE ***Certified Wu-Classic***

Hollow Dartz Review Updated^^^^^^

TAURO 04-06-2008 04:51 PM

What you said about Shogun using World War III in his rhymes, I could say the same for Dom Pachino.....It's like I think in nearly every verse he did had either Terrorist or Terrorism in it.

famenchuan 04-06-2008 06:33 PM

Damn!!! Another dope review hollow. Props

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