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THE W 09-02-2006 12:03 PM

what do you think of the production on the W?
note this is about the production...the beats. dont come in this thread talking about guest appearances or the lyrics. PRODUCTION!

i thought Rza did a spectacular job laying down the tracks for this album. math blessed it with a gem as well. definately one of my favorite produced albums.

what say you?

Ya_Bane 09-02-2006 12:09 PM

Majority is great, but there are a couple of weaker beats. But still going with 'banging'

Johnny Dust 09-02-2006 12:09 PM

I agree. Classic production.

Rash_o_Mon 09-02-2006 12:24 PM

One Blood under W, Carefull (Click, Click), Jah World and Redbull are tracks that became classics with time, some i didn't even liked when i heard them the first time


Hollow Dartz 09-02-2006 12:25 PM

Classic production. the album has a sorta grimey feel to it but it's in the year 2g.

TAURO 09-02-2006 12:30 PM

I was left very dissapointed the first time I heard it but it grew on me after a while although to me the overall production was average at best, there was just too many patchy moments. Iron flag was worse though.

deadlymelody 09-02-2006 12:50 PM

I'll give a little comment on each track.

Chamber Music- Pretty banging beat, but it's really not that special. Intro scratching was a banging beat.

Careful- It's alright to me. Not classic grimy shit, like it's attempting to be.

Hollow Bones- Classic RZA. Favorite beat on album.

Redbull- Amateur. Not very fond of this beat.

One Blood- Very nice. Well done beat.

MC Conditioner- Not very good. Amateur again. Beat with GZA was sick.

Protecy Ya Neck- For being a more commercial beat it's pretty nice. Nothing great here.

Let My Niggas Live- It's so-so.

I Can't Go To Sleep- Well done here. Good from RZA.

Do Ya Really- Banger.

The Monument- Underrated here. Love the horns, and the drums and bass are spectacular, not some repetitive loop.

Gravel Pit- Banging for a commercial track.

Jah World- Another underrated produced song. Very somber feeling, well done. "Clap" is ok.

I vote average. To me, this is like "B" grade RZA. Lot of good things, nothing I was saying "wow" about. Regardless, "B" grade RZA is better than near everyone.

crass 09-02-2006 01:01 PM


drippie k 09-02-2006 02:56 PM

i thought the production was nice for the most part, i skip like 3 songs though whenever i play it...Let My Niggaz Live's beat was pretty fuckin sweet in my opinion and Hollow Bones is prolly one of my favorite Wu songs..that and Jah World

A2x2K 09-02-2006 03:08 PM

The thing I love about this album is that no 2 beats even sound remotely alike. If you just heard the beats you wouldn't know who made them off the bat, you'd just be like "damn thats a dope beat"

leaguer1 09-02-2006 03:24 PM

other than a handful of tracks being bad? yeah it's great

the problem is you just can't pretend the bad tracks aren't there

Luz 09-02-2006 03:30 PM

Some great beats, some crap ones.

Into -I wish this was a full track. I personally think this is the best Wu album intro ever. The sample "But they never harmed anyone..." then the beat kicks in. Sooo dope

Chamber Music- Good beat but shouldn't have been the first track,

Careful is so grimey and dark. I love that beat so much. Its a really simple beat but it fits the Wu so well.

Hollow Bones- Never liked this beat/song. That vocal sample gets hella annoying after about 10 seconds.

Redbull- Decent beat. Nothing special.

One Blood- Great beat. Really cool vibe the song creates. Keeps with the albums dark tone.

Conditioner- Crap beat.

Protect Ya Neck/Jump Off- Really like this beat. Sounds like vintage Wu. Gets even better when it switches up for U-God.

Let My Niggas Live- Weak. Dark beat but I just never liked this beat.

I Can't Go to Sleep- Great beat although Rza didn't change it that much from the original song, doesn't make it any less quality. Tearz 2000.

Do You Really- I used to like this beat a lot but it becomes less appealing the more I hear it.

Monument- Decent beat. Could have been better.

Gravel Pit- Kinda cool but the beat seems out of place on this album.

Jah World- Really like this beat, especially how it closes out the album. The singing from the intro followed by the kung fu sample then Junior Reed kicks in. Really finishes off the album well. Keeps that dark/forbodeing tone. Too bad the lyrics weren't up to snuff on the track.

ShaolinDarts 09-02-2006 03:53 PM

I voted classic production. Each and every beat on this is a gem in its own right. While this thread is not about lyrics or emceeing etc, Rza most definately picked and made the beats that would suit the Wu. Rae even said that for one of the tracks it took him a month to write the lyrics and that track came out classic showing that the beats not only sound good but challenged the emcee's too. Very well produced and very fitting to Wu Tangs first collective effort of the millenium.

mightyhealthy 09-02-2006 08:30 PM

Classic production!

Grongle 09-02-2006 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by mightyhealthy (Post 573008)
Classic production!

yeh but its not that good you have to put it in big bold letters :D

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