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Eerie Theories 09-03-2006 11:03 PM

Blue Sky Black Death Presents The Holocaust

I saw smuggling booze in here so i assume we still consider him wu fam. Also there is a wu symbol on the front cover. Yes, Holocaust isnt spitting like the majority of listeners would like (Silkworm,Doomsday, and others) but it still is refreshing to hear something different and original nowadays. Blue Sky Black Death delivers atmospheric beats throughout the album which in turn sometimes you may say..damn if only _your favorite rapper here_ could have spit on this album. This LP is NOT for you if you didnt appreciate the Warcloud era from Mr. Alcatraz. "I've waiting for four long years" for new shit from him. Lets get to the music shall we?

1) Plunder: The beat drops in immediately showing signs of a promising cd with somewhat of a vintage wu/premo hip hop sound. Holocaust brings in his strong voice and not his high pitch warcloud way of speaking. "Born of the sun/ i crash to the earth/ tormented,reviled/ i blast from the church"
Beat 4/5 Lyrics 3.5/5 Flow 3.5/5

2)Twilight Zone: "Ron Sterling wrote every twilight zone" Even though this is not true its still random and rediculous to say in a rhyme but this is what i love about Holocaust. The beat is heavy with a strumming guitar along futuristic sounds and slicing hi hats. "I crash through the wooden door, splinters/ City disintegrated, remember/ The black heart is sinister/ White bolt of lighting/ Deceivers of crying came out of darkness"
Beat 4.5/5 Lyrics 4/5 Flow 3.5/5

3)We Are All Well Known: I dont really like this track. Holocaust says some cool shit but it sounds like hes rushing it too much. "Find the violent kind/ the sun rewinds/a drunken kitten chasing a butterfly"
Beat 3/5 Lyrics 3/5 Flow 2.5/5

4)What Can The Matter Be: "And caring for this gift from heaven/ the dark overlord watch/ i wield fire sitting from a pillar throne/ the fucking warlock" <- ill. The beat is kind of slow but it fits holocaust on this track nicely.
Beat 4/5 Lyrics 4/5 Flow 4/5

5)God Be With You: Arguably the best track on the LP. The beat has a trancy chopped up violin sample along with other futuristic shit in the background. "A giant california bruin/ Youre just a broken machine who thinks hes a human" "And near the cottage in the woods an mc tries to walk and he cant move his feet/so he lifts his arms up to plea to god/ and is transformed as you see/ into an old stretching withered tree"
Beat 4/5 Lyrics 4/5 Flow 4/5

6)Monarchs: Ill wu-style beat. "Like a white spider in the dark/ tyrant to the art/ we defying every spark/ guns deadly to the heart" Starts showing signs of warcloud with "I be hustling with the monarchs from LA parts" repeating it.
Beat 4/5 Lyrics 4/5 Flow 3.5/5

7)No image: Creepy ass beat with an old sounding lady singing the hook. "My lyrics are the spirits of mythical cerial killers turned physical" That pretty much sums up Holocaust. This guy loves vampires nowadays huh?
Beat 4.5 Lyrics 5/5 Flow 3.5/5

8)The Ocean: The single from the LP. A lof of people are sleeping on this track. The beat is hard hitting in the car and holocaust kills it. "Punk i rain today construction vehicles on your parade/ I cut like a propeller blade/ What would you counter that with in a rap battle? lol.
Beat 5.5 Lyrics 4/5 Flow 4/5

9)Sinister: This track is a little too slow for my taste. "This is www.guninyourface.com". "Im the phantom of the megaplex bitch, the holocaust" "To kill me is like trying to find the snake that killed cleopatra" He shows signs that Warcloud is showing up for the rest of the album with the way he says "My rhymes take you to the outskirts of town and fucking kill you"
Beat 3/5 Lyrics 3/5 Flow 3/5

10)Smoking Room: The beat is simple but is still pretty good. He basically tells a bunch of different stories on this track. Not one of the shining joints. Nice violin at the end. No crazy quotables really.
Beat 3/5 Lyrics 3/5 Flow 3/5

11)Lady of The Birds: Warcloud has arrived. Im gonna let you guys listen to this for yourselves and make youre own judgement because its pretty fucking rediculous.

12)The Worst: ILL beat. Piano with samples...kind of a mix with stoupe and premo. "I move like a large black sting ray in crystal waters" Crazy imagery. One of the better songs on the lp.
Beat 4/5 Lyrics 4/5 Flow 4/5

13)Killer Moth: Warcloud again. "Spiderman standing on the ceiling with my fucking arms crossed"!!!! Beat is slow but has good atmosphere to it. Skippable track.
Beat 3/5 Lyrics 2/5 Flow 2/5

14)Wing To Wingfeather: Beat is pretty good. "Tropical islands are some of the least crowded places on the planet/ unless your on christmas island on the indian ocean" Damn the mescaline is really kicking in on this song.
Beat 3/5 Lyrics 2/5 Flow 2/5

15)Crash: I heard this song awhile ago. Its pretty good. "Undead creatures are immune to sleep spells" Kind of slow but hey its holocaust.
Beat 3/5 Lyrics 3/5 Flow 3/5

So from my review you can see that this album to most will be seen as mediocre at best. The beats are very good but they arent anything ground breaking and as for Holocausts verses you can say the same thing. He repeats himself a lot and refers to vampires and box jellyfishes in almost every song. If youre not a warcloud fan then i wouldnt buy it. I personally think its great. New holocaust is always something i would welcome.


Marc051 09-04-2006 08:43 AM

Thanks for the review. I'm probably going to skip this one.

Mista JpKoff 09-04-2006 09:55 AM

after a few listens, my comments on the album look alot like yours eerie theories, perhaps less harsh but this is it... personnally one of my 2006 favorites, but it's gonna go over the head of alot people due to redundancy : holocausts verses (while very good in his own style) sound the same sometimes, while the beats are typical babygrande shit, dope but not groundbreaking. Props to Blue Sky Black Death & Holocaust though, for me that's a 4/5

Jim Kelly 09-04-2006 11:49 AM

Just can't get into it. Most of the beats are good, but Holocausts rhymes annoy me.


Eerie Theories 09-04-2006 04:23 PM

To tell you the truth the more i listen to it the less i like it and im a huge fan

crass 09-04-2006 04:26 PM

i can't wait to cop this. i love warcloud's s tyle

LORD ZERO 09-04-2006 05:54 PM

My Fav Tracks On The Album Are:

Wing To Wing Feather
We Are All Well Known
smoking room
the ocean

Megaman 09-04-2006 06:48 PM

I am not a big holocaust fan, but i love the production on this album.

Mista JpKoff 09-05-2006 03:19 AM

"The Worst" is my cut, alchemy at its best

pablobaluba 09-05-2006 03:41 AM

i never heard an album that could grow like this on me....i think it's in the top 5 of this year...
the beats are raising it the most on top but holocaust still has some ill rhymes. he lost his flow and mc talents...but he is still an over-average mc
for me...this album has 4-5 tracks that are 10/10. i really love those tracks..and they are....

twilight zone


the ocean (As eerie theories said,...a very UNDERrated track)

sinister (very different from cloud's style but an amazing good track. very good beat)

smoking room

the worst (i haven't listen for a long time to a hook like this. really
underground. the beat is very complex again)

as you see there are more than 5 tracks i find 10/10...there are 6...and i really can say i can listen to these all day long. they are VERY GOOD
the rest are also good...
probably tomorrow we will consider this album classic.


Ya_Bane 09-05-2006 05:49 AM

I need to hear the whole thing a couple more times before I rate it.

LORD ZERO 09-05-2006 11:03 AM

Blue Sky Black Death Presents......the Holocaust

1. Plunder
2. Twilight Zone
3. We Are All Well Known
4. What Can the Matter Be
5. God Be with You
6. Monarchs
7. No Image
8. Ocean
9. Sinister
10. Smoking Room
11. Lady of the Birds
12. Worst
13. Killer Moth
14. Wing to Wingfeather
15. Crash

Ya_Bane 09-05-2006 11:13 AM

look 2 threads down from this...


LORD ZERO 09-05-2006 11:16 AM

i have lol, just added a poll for this since it dropped today nah mean

THE W 09-05-2006 02:42 PM


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