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Bigot Hitman 05-30-2006 09:03 PM

Bigot Hitman's Book
Wu banga/Dead President/I Run Da Hills/Negroid Czar/Mister Big/Bigot Hitman

All me

TUCO 05-30-2006 10:38 PM


Da Dishonourable Don 06-01-2006 05:07 AM

slippy slippy

hazidus hitman 06-01-2006 05:14 AM

nice. you got a good flow and some killer lines in there. keep at it fullah, its good shit!

Bigot Hitman 06-06-2006 11:03 AM

sumthin I wrote 20 minuets ago
I like to make up rhymes even though I'm wack as hell, but here's somethin i just wrote.

yo yo
My rap is a remedy, bust caps in many enemies
hastely, not time to waste, spray yo face with the mace
Crazy, drop back rhymes from another time
Surprising... like a old tree struck by lightning
Yo I envision a germanation of a thirld world german nation
Anchient Civilization, Scriptures locked up in basments
Test me, I'll fabricate an irate tirade
Display dormant harangues, Leaked from my rap vein
Causin pain yo, let me actuate the process
Extinguishing burinin crosses, Kill off the Drug bosses
Take over, reveal, efface, then terminate they losses
This disc jockey said my lines ruff and cold, like ice hockey
Some dig in yo pockets shit, orginal like dennis rodman shit
Silver picks, metal pick, platics picks, comb candle wicks
Come off like a remix, even jon cena couldn't see it
Fuck him, i'm the champ, bust ya head wit a marble lava lamp

Iron Mantis 06-06-2006 12:58 PM

Not Bad
You've got some good shit in there, some nice similes and good abstract imagery etc. If anything I'd just say work on making it flow together a little more smoothly. Keep at it.

Bigot Hitman 06-06-2006 04:57 PM

First verse ever
Very first verse, this is also the wackest verse on this thread. It embarassing on the real so don't even read it.Don't read this shit and think i'm wack, look at the pages after 10.

Call me solomon, some say soli
Hit'em hard and quick like ali
Peep these niggas followin me
They probaly holdin, underneath the clothin, pockets is swolen
Yo, ya never know but lets sho ( sure)
Cause i aint tryin to catch a brick today,
I think these was the dudes runnin trains on the freeway
Keep ya pace steady, hold up! i'm not ready
Shoot these niggas quick, make sure you see they spaggetti
Another d-day, bullets is bout to spray
Bodies is bout to lay, they gear old, shit bout to decay
pedestrians, bystanders, smashed by stray black hammers
I'ma black panther, slick like pajamas,
This the gamma ray, I think those niggas turned the other way
They lucky, we was bout to make'em squeal like puppies, fuck em
Sometimes hoe's greed starts to slow me
Carry swords like shinobi, clever and tough like ginobili
I proceed, prevail, penetrate like nails
Broke to ya minds gate, discovered you fake cause
It was built of easy bakes, inside of plastic crates, faggot
Change ya maxi pad'and, thinkin about fashion
I should split yo whole cabbage.

I don't care if its wack i'm just bored.

Bigot Hitman 06-21-2006 04:07 PM

Great verse ( for me )
I just posted this in the official kill the guy above thread, but i know everyone doesn't go to that thread. I wanna hear comments on it, i know its not great for a rapper, but for me is great, cause i'm not that good.

I exploit enemy voids ,with potions and poise
Approach with no fear, turn men back to boys
Revert their gats to water guns, change them fags to honey buns
Physical toughness for you brothers, Aggressive manuevers for you hoodlums
I'm loseing, my orginal gangsta state of mind,
To advance, I strike back with fantastic ryhmes
Some niggas call me the poet, they say i can't really flow it
But my lyrics paralyze spinal cords and determine rap quotas
Inspirational, passional, emotional, controlled by no one
I got songs for days cause i'm powered by the sun
Absorb solar energy to fight foes and defeat m.c.'s
Fuck the master, I'm the king of all ceremonies
Unatural disaster, I'll prove you wordplay is phony,
Mimicry is prohibited beyond this point
I'm shootin near my best, accurate, don't test my joint
Come with double wesson's, teachin niggas the lessons
Of the rapid lessening of the hip hop essence
The assasins are on the horizon, lets combine and make triumph
Attack perpendicuraly ,at once, Form a everlasting alliance
Until they die we will overload, their memory capacity
With vivid images imprented with a victory, a deadly tactic
The'll never forget the day we all took over
Rehabed the radio industry, tv, and media sober
Now show me a fake rapper that can even step close
If you do I'll resign from my title, and vanish like a ghost

Sideoutfox 06-21-2006 04:44 PM

i like it. u don't rap tho?

Bigot Hitman 06-21-2006 05:26 PM

No i don't rap for real. I just write to pass the time.

Bigot Hitman 06-27-2006 07:24 PM

The warrior
I just made a little verse about some guy who killed a whole army by his self and went on to rule the world. Just bored.

Pernicous attacks striked easily penetrated armor
Resistants, non existant, the outcome was barring
One versus a thousand, posed only a small task
A combo of past tactics, devolped potent sword crafts
The magic commanded by the masses was severly outmacthed
Tragicly they were abandoned support from their country is what they lacked
The warrior that killed the whole army, had blood dripping garmets
Despite a fighting adoration, his actions were the farthest
Thing from humaine, weilding the force of several hurricanes
He murdered entire provinces, no one could oppose his domain
Domination of all nations, a basic oasis is what he embraced
Disliking competetion, his hatred led to the extermination of the races

GuardianOne 06-28-2006 07:09 AM

Nice style the way you wrote this verse. Interesting concept and imagination. Its a nice verse on thought that you hjad explained what it was about. Keep to that style. Would like to see more of you verse...

PS: Keep up the good work and keep posting.

damaja 06-28-2006 07:11 AM

I bet he was great at fucking chicks aswell.

Bigot Hitman 06-28-2006 07:46 AM

Thanx for the feedback.

Bigot Hitman 07-19-2006 08:48 PM

Wu banga's elan
First verse is shity but the second and last are better

First pick in the draft, Raps used as a haft
High potential but lowclass, fuck attitude and habits
Stealthy enough to snatch rabbits
While attacking fleeing rappers, utilizing crafts and black magic
Steal baggage, infect cabbage, with homicdal tactics
Got the smooth cool tunes, perfomed on full moons
Master deadly moves, portray styles...lampoon
Your doom, inevitable, Your family, undefendable
Kill each and every associated, but only if expendable
Have dependable prisoners of many rap battles
Conquered and ruled over, but its just natural
The strong rule the weak, motivational words i speak
Talent pipes i leak, to leave you knee deep,in defeat

Verse 2

Straight from 513, reppin the Walnut hills
Got the plasma pill ryhmes that emit many chills
Seems to me, by every rap made, I ameliorate
Continual advance, change premeditated fates
Destroy mc's alias, with hated vocabulary
Without using metaphors my lines still be heavy
And i'm strong enough to support a whole solar system
Music planets feed of my light, only form of logistics
Statistics, of your past victories, weren't very amazing
Load the verbal clip, hip hop bullets, I'm blazing
Beware of razing ahead, all who apposed are now dead
My interpositions...consistent, containing massive lead
The propositions presented the position to dominate the mission
Role of the overseer, made sure we fought with persistents
With a mini army armed with bombs, kill nonchalantly
Haunting the danger zone, but fight only to pardon thee (mind liberator)

Verse 3

This is just my elan, don't need a whole clan
Without grease in the pan, i still fried your man
My style goes from complex to very simple
but still no profanity, preserve sanity inputs
Plus its orginal, first archetype, lyrics stay ripe
Ready to slay a mc easily, with or without a mic
But were's the hype at? were's the dikes at?
And that pimp talk rap, that many say i lack
Its true that i slack when it comes to spittin foul raps
But these tabular array of lines, are formatted for impact
Match that without sustaining a major setback, impossible
Cuz i will always attack rapid, leaving sharks in animal hospitals

Thats it

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