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jsofunky 09-14-2006 04:20 AM

Tash Mahogany Interview
Oh!! Mahogany! Mahogany! Complexion dripping of Mahogany Honey, you may have seen this honey Donning splendid, cleavage in the red corsette on the MTV Special. You’ve seen this Jersey Girl in Jay-Z’s Excuse me miss w/ Young Gunnas, Seducing Juelz in Santana's Dipset Anthem, and Getting it Poppin’ beside Big Gipp in the RZA’s “We Pop” video. Currently signed to Wu-Tang, working under Wu-Tang owns RZA himself, she was featured on his last album "Birth Of A Prince" singing with Ghostface Killah in Fast Cars, and throwing darts with Masta Killah on Koto Chotan.
Those who are up on things, and have heard of the Killarmy's side project "The Orphanage" will be surprised to know that Tash Mahogany was heavily involved on that project as well, a superb Singer, Lyricist, as well as an entertainer, she recently completed a 14 City tour for the re-union of the Wu-Tang Clan. While modeling she solidified a presence being chosen as the first model of BabyPhat.com designed by Kimora Lee Simmons. A promising actress (Spider Man II, Spike Lee's 25th Hour etc), you are sure to see Mahogany in one of your favorite films or TV series.

Tash is presently working on numerous projects in addition to an album produced (12 songs to be exact) and executively produced by The RZA himself, movie roles, a spot on Raekwon's heavily anticipated "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II" , tours, more modeling and the list goes on, it is easy to see why this honey bee is about to sting the entire globe.
Read what the talented Tash had to say about her life, Wu-Tang's affiliation, music, The RZA, Hip-hop, Killarmy, and her future endeavors when Wu-International recently caught up with her.


got this from wu-international.com,

Wu-Disciple 09-14-2006 12:11 PM

Q: You are also an accomplished singer, tell us more about your music career?
A: While pursuing my modeling and acting career, I would also attend open "mic" auditions where they would have poetry, rapping and singing. On time Berettea 9 of Wu Tang Killarmy was in the audience and invited me to record a few songs with him. On one song I got the chance to sing the hook. That song was then brought to the RZA, the executive producer of Wu Tang. The RZA also took an interest in my work and invited me to Sony Studios where Wu Tang was recording their 3rd album. At that time the RZA was also working on a solo project called "Birth of a Prince". From there it lead to me being featured on Track 12 called "Koto Choton" and singing the hook for "Fast Cars", "Ghost Face Killas" and "We Pop". I then performed at the Apollo, the Carson Daily Show and toured the country playing at many House of Blues venues. When I returned from touring, the RZA offered to produce my own album. This album is currently being mixed and I am constantly recording. I brought cameras to the studio to watch me record in an MTV special called "MTV Video Honeys". I was able to show that models have various goals and interests. I was also on tour with the Wu Tang reunion this year. We toured Connecticut, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Florida and, of course, New York City.

Wu-Disciple 09-14-2006 12:14 PM

found that shit online ( link below)

Q: What is like to work with The RZA and Wu Tang?
A: The RZA is an amazing person. He composes music from scratch. From guitar to piano to drums, he can do it all. It was a surprise one day when I was trying to take a nap after an exhausting recording session. I was awakened by the sound of drums. It was The RZA on drums. I watched him play different instruments and create chords on the piano. It was different seeing him create music in this way. His records have such a futuristic style (similar to the Bobby Digital era) and you may think this is all he has, but he has so much more. He will teach you to challenge and better yourself, yet still maintain your

pneumatic 09-14-2006 01:01 PM

Kind of a good interview actually.

sinfullycute 09-14-2006 01:03 PM

That MTV show was years ago.

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