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leaguer1 09-14-2006 03:41 PM

Best Wu Release of 2000
Album of the year for 2000 is ______

Ya_Bane 09-14-2006 03:44 PM

All good albums, but Ghost takes it.

Lil' Ruger 09-14-2006 03:46 PM

hmmmmmm hsvent seen dat ghost album so i go wit the w

famenchuan 09-14-2006 03:48 PM

I cant really choose between the W and Supreme Cliental
Have to think about it a little more.

IRAN 09-14-2006 04:19 PM

Yeah man, cant choose between Supreme and the W, love them both.

WU-KILLAH 09-14-2006 04:48 PM

Ghostdog OST

Alcryt 09-14-2006 04:50 PM

Gotta be supreme clientele for me, classic

UNCLE RUCKUS 09-14-2006 04:50 PM

this is the best year that has been done I think. Supreme Clientele but on another day it could be the W

Lil' Ruger 09-14-2006 04:51 PM

what good tracks from supreme i aint heard of em

crass 09-14-2006 05:08 PM

ghost deini, apollo kids, the grain, mighty healthy, are some of my favorite tracks on SC

popa wu album is wack as fuck

Jeru 09-14-2006 05:11 PM

Ghost Dog

UNCLE RUCKUS 09-14-2006 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by pimptastic (Post 586900)
what good tracks from supreme i aint heard of em

the whole album is classic; We Made It is the only weak track though I still like it. My favorites are;
Apollo Kids
Mighty Healthy
Saturday Night
Child´s Play
Wu Banga 101

and Stroke Of Death is crazy

sonny getz 09-14-2006 05:51 PM

supreme clientele
the W is really good, too
i wouldn't consider the W a classic though

THE W 09-14-2006 06:39 PM

the W but SC is gonna take this poll i know.

Hollow Dartz 09-14-2006 06:41 PM


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