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Sicka than aidZ 06-09-2005 02:12 PM

Official Freestyle Thread
yo,..if u got lyrics swimmin around your dome an wanna lay em down, no rehearsal an shit......this is the spot to do it.peace

Sicka than aidZ 06-09-2005 02:22 PM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
yo what up kid...Im sicka than shit.../
name change , still aidz, whatever../
best emcee ever ,.. an thats forever,...simply better.../
than any of you bitches so go ahead an step if u gettin upset.../
fuckin with the best,..run up on my thread if u wanna test.../
ill shit,...only ill peoples can do what i do.../
they aint in your crew cuz yalls wak,...hate to break the thruth to you.../
bad news,...im used to watchin chumps lose.../
fuck all the talkin,...fuck u if u step on my shoe's../
fuck that,...i pound booze.../
wutangcorps back,...wu's the best an i simply refuse.../
"Wu hatin",...cuz yall aint shit so go get a clue.../
before u catch a hollow,...lay low,..im comin for you.../
fake shit,...anyways...WU4ever ya heard"?..../
Sicka than aidz,...shut THA fuck up an learn...


Sicka than aidZ 06-09-2005 02:29 PM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
not finished

Sicka than aidZ 06-09-2005 02:43 PM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
one more before i gotta bounce to rehab...

Sicka than aidZ 06-09-2005 02:52 PM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
yeah, its' tru....i attend drug abuse classes.../
when i got low pockets,..I connect with pussy dealers,...take their loot an kick there asses.../
so watch your shit bitches,...u might catch some crutches.../
fuck up your world while rollin your weed up into dutches.../
yeah, i know, but fuck bein humlbe...str8 up in your face, im one of the toughest.../
no way u can touch this.../t.../
Ill have some neighbor kids plant a "carbomb" on that bitch ass bucket.../
chains,..u aint gotta tuck it.../
Im a gangsta,...got rich as hell before age 14,...i was like fuck it.../
dropped out,...aint lettin no school fuck with my budget.../
aint hearin muthafuckaz,...just a gun blast if u fuck with my raps,...feel free to judge it.../
crash you...i dont give a damn how u get done.../
i dont clap weak ass rap fags like u till they get the clue that im number 1


MASTER PAI MEI 06-09-2005 04:45 PM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
number 1 sicka and bigben fold fools like oragami,
ya'll fake ass by-product ni66as are pastrami,
deli heads getting bellies fed,
I'm the arch nemesis killing the brain dead,
my fingers jab staight through foreheads,
and puncture sternums of the heartless,
pitch forked mutha fuckas try and start shit,
I'll end it with one flush of the comode,
ya overplayed style is collecting mold,
catch the mildew infected to fill you,
up like a cheap slut fucking for nothin,
my lazer refined thought spot out the mark,
polka dots painted on heads like a Hindu,
I come with knowledge swing light swords like Mace Windu

ON POINT 06-09-2005 05:38 PM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
Im an origional syllable sword swinger word bringer from the hordes of deamons can choke you to death with a cordless phone when its off the ringer not a singer a ryme slinger destroyer of mens traits and when I replace um with GodBody philophsy pussys bleed like menstration you been fakin you been wastin I am the face of death paralysin populations of civilazations you aint been educated on yet Im break-in on tha set wipin wackness off the map all the real ones still standin are the only competition left my composition wept and the teardrops fell to hell and evaporated, the steam allowed hydrogen and oxygen to be seperated no exaggeration the fission caused demonic wars with no bars held in the kingdom my team is a royal flush that was just the cards dealt
dont let your heart melt when the love in the rhyme catches up to the hate dont let your guard down for a milisecond take yours and make an escape if you do wait the gates raise and you'll be faced with the absense of safety if you make me attack thats your fault youll still be reborn basically

MASTER PAI MEI 06-09-2005 06:28 PM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
Voltron has its weakness dialated with in the eye surmised tragedy disguised chemists obliterated the skies wise men tell lies they mimic true cries once the path of knowledge was walked death will mesmerize undoubtedly you will balk as I talk this form of speech is brought go grab some chalk as you try and figure out and equate with diagrams of hate the heart is a place we all fault with faith but can we proceed and relate put behind the moves our brethren walked thru hellish gates if not we're just shooting blindly in a dark state and innocence is blindly pulled apart and raped the genius in us is only the genius we create and old styles are adapted into new styles but do new styles overcome the fueled foul stench of ego's or do we reload this… shit gets deep Yo… but can you peep though or will you seethe when you finish this read Yo! .....

MASTER PAI MEI 06-09-2005 06:28 PM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
I disinfect thoughts of mad slackers saran wrap heads of bad actors clacker with metal cuffs money stacker my minds heavy with thoughts the verse smacker moisten the tip of these darts returning phantom grand wizard anthem slice and stab'em dragged through the dirt iced and bagged'em frozen time piece thawed then I slant'em spin tops off of dizzy headed dragons that chill in the murkiest of spots I invest in the dirtiest of plots splash boiling oil pots of lyrical jots hot of the oven mean mugging throat juggular I'm cuttin effect ya like cigarrettes ya growth I'm stunting never bunting I swing no fear when I enter the sphere of the seared combatants fear planted deep like pilings on a pier with looks that leer once I turn to savage you fools turn to queer I damage those that take advantage of the snoozing masses as I take control and steer....

ON POINT 06-09-2005 10:54 PM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
I make it known that here and now you can hear me now and I can lend you an ear if you can hear me out Im mearly sound, Gods voice in his image a humanoid typin letters while sittin around trippin off of listenin to anothers words while quantum mechanical other worlds exist I live in this one so I give it how I get it is it a limit to how much intake you can take or do you overload your five senses when the output of my sixth one breaks in your visual space overlord criminal states of mind within the mental change the physical rate Im sicker than Rza breaks with a kung fu sample Im ON POINT like the eye of a needle so fuck you camel that goes for big tobacco too mr rj reynolds Im off the handle you cant give me cancer with your chemicals Im not dependent on anything outside of myself if that includes you Im rude to keep my animals health

SHRAP 06-10-2005 01:12 AM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
stackin the wealth, plottin, my funds get bigger
yall get thinner, watchin my guns get bigger
like, "what the fucks in the water he sippin"
shatter your pottery visions, bounce with the lottery winnins
shout if you want me to get em, i scalp the fucker
bust like a fountain, might drown his mother
surround my brother, itll be a circle of corpses
heard from ma sources, y'all can't merk the enforcahs
so just let me do me, and u can do u
though if you knew me, i know you'd wanna do me too
ima rise to my zenith when its time to unleash it
you can ride with the meanest, on the side of my penis
ya rhymes is anemic, ya heart aint in this
fuck a turntable, ya need a windmill to spin this
talk smack to this, i mack ya bitch, slap a dick in her mouth
Surgeon Generals warnin, im hazardous to ya health

Sicka than aidZ 06-10-2005 02:24 AM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
oh shit, your bitchass showed up...fuck 7 an dartz...

Sicka than aidZ 06-10-2005 02:37 AM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
mutherfucker, on another wu tang board.../
smash your punk axe with my long ass sword.../
cant believe that shit, that old site almost became fun to kick it in.../
then those bitches started erasing all the dope disses we submitted them.../
fuck that punk,messiah too.../
I say what i want, thats why i started this thread...just to say "fuck u"...../
them boys can take it,...they listen to Wu.../
dumb as hell how that shit pissed off the mefical crew.../
i think there was maybe 5 members dissin altogether an shit.../
whiny ass mods cut it short just to bitch.../
say 50 an shrap gonna get banned for bein godz of rap.../
If that lil shit with those candles came to my face he'd get his fuckin whole face jacked.../
thought that other nerd poison was coo.../
till i realized how many punk ass remarks he threw.../
i dissed bone...he could barely hold it together.../
WuCorp's back bitches,...you faggots gotta kick it like bitches 4ever cuz,...i unno,..just cuz bitch...Skale will tell u the story better anyways, what ever...im still "sicka than aidz".../
no one can fade me.../
dont even try.../
why,...cuz ill fuckin haunt u like a fuckin banshee an make sure that u die.../
my rap style's simple an fly.../
fuckin, yeah, thats all,.....thank god for lettin me get high
quick reply


AK Spray 06-10-2005 03:58 AM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
No time for hesitatin,
freeflowin like bitches menstratin.
MY fans, waitin' so patient,
for me to kick the blatant, that's latent,
these rappers can't stand me.
Cuz my shit, get's the bitches randy,
and their shit's pop like candy.
Well, fuck a sweet and dandy,
When i drop it hot,
It's not for snoop, it's mandy.
WEll, let's see...
Where's my deposit penalty?
You fucked up the chemisty,
Well, sure ur a private purchaser,
But yo, you ain't in the registry.
Now, back up and let me speak.
I'm actin up legislative,
For those that want their emancipation,
The shit is my rhymes i'm statin,
Is still oh so latent,
and just remember,
Whatever the weather be,
you never ever could be as clever as me.

Off the top of the dome.. sorry if it sucks.

AK Spray 06-10-2005 04:02 AM

Re: Official Freestyle Thread
ooff the hook and the chain,
That dangles up in my brain,
freestylin on the WuCorp,
leavin sunnovabitches in pain,
let 'em strain,
let 'em hang,
like they in a meat locka.
Word up to SICKA and BEN ,
we just shock ya.
And pop ya,
Like i pop a whopper bitch.
Gimme taht shit, and gimme clips,
ima swallow 'em, then spit 'em out.
That's how i'm drippin in droughts.
Drippin out lead, puttin pounds in ya head.
LEavin you covered in red,
Don't beg,
Just instead,
Gimme head.

LMAO.. I dunno what the fuck im doin.

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