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Lil' Ruger 10-29-2006 03:26 AM

Avid Chess Players
chess is the game of the mind although people say it's for nerds. i find it quiet enjoyable while im not too good im practicing playing ya' know. i think it sharpens the mental sword so i play it. for sheer enjoyment and strategical reasons.

ya'll into chess at all??? or is checkers a better choice for you???

Kong 10-30-2006 08:03 AM

I used to a lot but have not played for over a year.

Locust 10-30-2006 12:04 PM

yea im the third best chess player in holland thats under 16 :=)

Dirty Knowledge 10-30-2006 12:15 PM

I learned chess when I got locked up as a kid and played lots to pass the time but I usually don't play on a board at all anymore because no one is really interested in it.. though I do make it on Yahoo time to time or Pogo Games for some Online chess which I find to be quite fullfilling with how many people are available.

Lil' Ruger 11-05-2006 04:40 AM

it makes you think thats what i like about it its not chutes and ladders or some shit.

Battle 1 11-05-2006 11:13 AM

Absolutely, I love chess even though I do not play it no where near as much as I used to or would like anymore. Since I got into bodybuilding, I also even gave up practicing martial arts. I mean martial arts is great, but anyone who realizes the importance of the mind over the physical well tell you it's much better to out think your opponents or mentally destroy them without even lifting a finger. "That's the highest level or form you'll ever learn." - Shoalin Monk on Return to the 36 chambers


But definetly a thinking man's game is chess.


Battle 1 11-05-2006 11:29 AM

^^Oh, and if you think I am sorta contradicting myself, because some people think that bodybuilding is just brut strength. Think again.

Most people think that bodybuilding is just brut strength, but that is the very first mistake people who first step into the sport make. That couldn't be more far from the truth. You will only be the best if you train as smart as possible, not only as hard as possible. (Training as hard as possible in reality can actually even bring about injuries or harm). Having enough knowlegde of the body anatomy, and the sport in general is needed, etc. Bottom-line, basically it can be broken down into a science to say the least. Especially when taken into all seriousness, on a proffessional level there is always, always anabolic steroids involved like it or not. People don't like to talk about it because it's a harsh reality. No one in the history of the sport ever looked like Arnold Swartznegger, Ronnie Coleman, etc. without anabolic steroids, period. Don't believe me just do your homework, and ask any honest proffesional bodybuilder or their trainers themselves who are the real brains behind the muscle for some sorta speak in terms of having knowlegde about how to properly use steroids, etc.


Negative Plethora 11-05-2006 12:59 PM

I use to play it all the time as a kid, either with someone else or against myself. Don't get around to playing too often these days, though.

Chief 'Broom 11-05-2006 08:18 PM

i'm nice.

the silencer 11-05-2006 09:04 PM

i love chess....

i been playin consistently for like 2 years now....but i pretty much only play online at yahoo....none of my braindead friends know how to play or wood care to learn..ive played against the dudes in the park in manhattan a couple times but #1: those dudes are all ridiculous cuz there basically bums who play chess all day their whole lives, and #2: you HAVE to play for money over there....so i always lose dough when i play there...

i find that when im playin chess alot, i actually see and understand events and even little stuff like walkin through a busy hallway alot better....its weird i cant really explain it...u just like seem to pay more attention to the sequence of things n stuff i think...

i dono....chess is awesome though....and tough to get mad good at

Lil' Ruger 11-05-2006 09:16 PM

^^^thats why i started playing to train the mind.

UNCLE RUCKUS 11-05-2006 09:27 PM

Chess is great! I love playing it, though I always play with the same folks so Im not so sure if im improving or not. but definately keeps you thinking ahead 2 or three moves and thats good for your mind

Sicka than aidZ 11-05-2006 09:47 PM

my boy on dis site alwayz wanted me to play chess wit him, bigbadman but i dont know what da hell he'z doin anymore

the silencer 11-05-2006 09:50 PM

playin on yahoo is cool...

its easy to set up a name and theres like a million ppl always playin....and theres tables for beginners, intermediate and all that...

if anybody wants to get into playin chess i recommend to go sign up at yahoo

Lil' Ruger 11-05-2006 09:52 PM

how long it takes to get into gameplay is it easy to use?

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