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euphanAsia 07-14-2005 03:37 PM

Big Chan (d/l`s) DONT MISS THIS!!!!!
Whatz happen`, i havent been here in a while, just saw the board is up again!!!

anyway, since Wu is really inspired by the whole Asian culture n shit, y`all maybe interested in a Asian(Korrean)-American rapper named "Chan", i really feelin him and the things he stands for. Hes def not the only Asian rapper out there, but he got alotta potential, IMO!! he performed with GZA aswell (October 20, 2004 )!!!

Hes been outthere for a while now, but for the ones who didnt know him, i upload some tracks called "radio wars", "down cover" and "4th chamber (freestyle)", "no regrets", "ode to chickens" & "hung tu lo" (funny shit). I wanna ask y`all 4 a opinion!!!!








ps: www.chanhiphop.com 4 those who interested!!

euphanAsia 07-15-2005 03:51 PM

Re: Big Chan => d/l (opinion please)

euphanAsia 07-16-2005 08:20 AM

Re: Big Chan => d/l (opinion please)

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