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Ghost In The 'Lac 02-16-2007 08:01 AM

Wisemen - Wisemen Approaching
This album isn't doing anything particulary new, but what it is doing its doing very well. Its solid. Bronze might be starting to hone his own sound more and more (but damn the kid likes trumpets!), all the mcs are capable. This is higher quality Wu affiliate music, I don't think any fans on this website would be disapointed if they copped this. We dont need no hooks.

01. Introducing (No Matter How)
Very nice opening verse, great vocal samples. 4/5

02. New Year Banga
When i first heard this, though maybe the beat was too slow 4 the raps, its aight thoh 3/5

03. Illness
Not feeling the beat 2/5

04. Associated (Feat GZA)
GZA's voice is changing, its getting higher and more piercing, but lays 10 or so v nice bars down. 3/5

05. Mixture Of Muhammad
love the voice sample, ill first verse coming from all over the earth. 4.5/5

06. Iconoclasts (Feat Killah Priest & Vast Aire)
sounds like the song of dreddy kruger album, was looking foward to seeing how Vast was sounding now......uh, he still out of form. 3.5/5

07. Founder Of Pain
Beats very similar to ones come already. 2.5/5

08. Blinded
closest thing to wildflower since wildflower (apart from strawberries), its not as good though, obviously. Nice beat. 4/5

09. Up There Beyond
I like this beat, more simple, couldve lost that voice sample thoug. 3.7/5

10. Verbal Joust
cool quote at the start. 3/5

11. Words From The Prodigal Sunn...
yeah thanks p....

12. Goblins (Tablets) (Feat Planet Asia & Prodigal Sunn)
ILL. Asia spits flames as usual. 4.256/5

13. Welcome Home (Feat Gooch & Altaire)

14. Honor's Promise
J dilla influenced beat. One of the best songs, wouldve liked more of this type of song. 5/5.

15. Wisemen Approaching
Alot of you SHOULD recognize the sample.....some won't like it being re-used, but brings back memories. 4/5.

the silencer 02-16-2007 09:57 PM

this is the first time i'm ever writing one of these real deal reviews here so.....bear with me..

this album is beautiful....filled with nothin but dope sounds...my first listen i was on the bus this afternoon headin to school and some of the songs i coodnt help it i was like bobbin my head to the beat...

(just wanna point out that im review the advance..i have a feeling some shit will be changed on the real 1...for instance, it lists Prodigal Sunn as featured in one of the songs but he doesnt have a verse on it.....hopefully he does on the official one)

1. Introducing (No Matter How)
this starts off with a nice, soothing, ill smooth beat..nice and slow but rhythmic.....Kevlaar 7 sets the stage wit a dope verse....then Phillie comes correct and Bronze fuckin slaughters it (this happens alot on here....he shines on this album lyrically yo)...each verse begins with the words "introducin a wise man.."
Really good way to start off the album
4.5/ 5

2. New Year Banga
after like 3 listens of the album i think this is the song i like least....its DEFINITELY NOT a bad song but...i dono i just don't like it as much as some of the other crazy shit...pretty nice beat once again..

3. Illness
dopeness....u dont hear too many beats like this....hes got the horns goin and a little flute flip and u can barely hear singin in the background (sounds like "goodnight baby")....
fast paced style song and each of them is tellin a story....Kevlaar is nice on this..

4. Associated ft Genius/Gza
this song is straight up HIP HOP...such an ill pace to this song...nice drums and some horns in the background...Gza flows NICE on here, then Bronze comes nicely, Kevlaar pretty dope, Phillie and Salute surprised me on here....they were dope and they kept their flows in pace with the beat really good...
Salute on the last verse fuckin KILLS it.."cold-hearted lungs but my tongue spit cajun.."

5. Mixture of Muhammad
Kevlaar solo....this song is fuckin SIIIIIIIIIIICK..
i remember first hearin this on the Kevlaar 7 snippets thing thats been on Wu-Corp for a while and i was like man i cant wait to hear that whole track..the beat is just so damn nice, with scratches in it and a ladies voice just like rollin over the beat...and Kevlaar just vomits flamin lyrics on here man.....omg this song is nuts...maybe my fav on here....ill be tryin to catch his lyrics on here for months

6. Iconoclasts ft Killah Priest and Vast Aire
by the time i heard it on here i had already heard it like 10 times on the promo page...u wooda thought a song like this wit Killah Priest wood be the jewel of the album but (even tho its mad dope) it aint the best on here thats for sure..
Bronze made a nice beat for a song like this wit a bunch of emcees spittin..
i dono why, but Vast Aire annoys me on here...the way he talks i just hate it..

7. Founder of Pain
Salute solo...nice little piano beat wit cool drums...Salute comes pretty ill on here..i gotta say i didnt expect him to be this good..then Bronze flips the beat a little in the end and its just sick
4/5 (cuz the beat is just crazy)

8. Blinded
damn....Bronze is a fuckin master of makin these love-type songs..
quick little thing in the beginning with a woman talkin about love over wind blowin and a quiet beat....then the beat starts JAMMIN...damn this is hip hop art....i love this beat...slow wit a hard hittin bass and Bronze flows nice on this..this is a BN solo
."when she used to talk, clouds parted for the blue skies"
Bronze is a poetic fuckin dude...he said in a couple interviews that he doesnt purposely try to make beats for love songs or whatever but this, the one on TGM with Byata, and the beat he did for Same Ole Girl on the 5% album are like my love anthems..

9. Up There Beyond
cool beat once again...mostly bass with a sample comin with a dude sayin i think "dont know whats up there...beyond"...slow tempo to this song...i definitely like this..Bronze spits a nice verse again

10. Verbal Joust
the beat sounds so similar to the previous song..mostly bass with a quiet sample in the background...hard to distinguish this from #9 really but its another dope one...the whole albums got a nice feel and mood to it...again im surprised at how good Phillie is on here...im likin this dude..Bronze and Phillie go back and forth with a couple nice verses...

11. Words from the Prodigal Sunn
a quick 30 second thing of P-Sunn droppin a quick jewel

12. Goblins (Tablets) ft Planet Asia and Prodigal Sunn (??)
i fucking love this one yo...ill beat wit the instruments playing...Phillie fuckin sets it off NICE..goddamn..
this song makes my brain tingle....so ill
the way Planet Asia decided to flow on here is SO crazy...he just like hops from bar to bar, fuckin spittin like a professional
Prodigal Sunn aint on here but Planet Asia says somethin like "yo P-Sunn pass me the whatever"..so i hope hes on the real album
Bronze ends it off wit a nice verse once AGAIN....i totally take back any reservations i used to have about Bronze Nazareth's rhyming abilities...he's fuckin dope man....its official now

13. Welcome Home ft Gooch and Altaire

Bronze speakin in the beginning about these whack emcees nowadays...just chattin a little bit and the beat suddenly starts blastin in....this song is FLAMES....such a fuckin nice tempo you gotta just tap your feet to it..theres a "i said welcome on home" sample that comes in every now and then and a little kick ("huh!") at the tail end of the beat..well-crafted..Bronze spits a ill one on here
this part of the album is definitely like the peak or the climax...12 and 13 are so fuckin dope man.....Wisemen are ill as fuck..
as for the features, i dont know who they are and i cant tell which one is which from their voice but they both come CORRRRRRECT on here....its amazing theres dudes like these guys around who nobody ever heard of it and stuff and they're a 100000x times better emcees than the fuckin sewage trash u hear on the radio

14. Honor's Promise
i heard this one waaaay back...for some reason it just sounds better..i dono maybe cuz its surrounded by all these other bangers and it just fits into this album perfectly..we've all really heard this one before so whatever..

15. Wisemen Approaching

evil-sounding piano on here...and a slow beat..almost sounds like an old Mobb Deep song or somethin...just RAW shit
nice way to close it out...Bronze sets it off wit yet ANOTHER sick verse...
in the background it sounds like the same dude from Motherless Child sayin "i caAaAaAan't and i willlll.." or whatever he says...Kevlaar 7 slaughters this song on his verse....the man has some serious skills on the mic

overall: 5/5
i thought about this for a while, what i shood rate this overall and i decided its gotta be 5/5 just cuz i really didnt see this coming....i mean, i was lookin forward to the album and stuff and most ppl on here know im a big fan of Bronze's stuff but i didnt expect much out of the other dudes..
Salute and Phillie really couldn't have done a better job on here...they were really ill..and every single fuckin beat is nice yo
i dont know how else to say it...
its a great follow up to The Great Migration cuz its another album that has a nice mood and flow throughout (like an ALBUM shood have)

i really cant wait for this shit to come out in stores...i'd like to see who produced each song...and i might actually buy 2 of these (i bought 2 of TGM) and i will undoubtebly be promotin this shit to everyone i know...

make sure u guys cop this shit it IS amazing....trust me u won't be dissappointed at all...support these dudes yo

Jin10304 02-16-2007 11:13 PM

Associated [prod by Bronze]
New Year Banga [prod by K7]
Welcome Home [prod by Bronze]

Jin10304 02-17-2007 05:28 PM

Oh and I believe P.Sunn is on the chrous of Goblins, sorry no verse

maestro wooz 02-18-2007 12:38 AM

im loving this shit also. I wanna know production credits, it's mostly bronze right?

When does it officially drop?

ps. vast aires verse is shitty, i liked him on the can ox stuff, but it feels like he takes forever to finish his verses on everything else ive heard.

Ya_Bane 02-18-2007 04:36 AM


Originally Posted by maestro wooz (Post 741718)
im loving this shit also. I wanna know production credits, it's mostly bronze right?

When does it officially drop?

It drops 27th and it's 100% Bronze & Kevlaar production.

inditing dane 02-18-2007 04:47 AM

this album is fucking awsome. i love all the tracks, and bronze is quickly becoming one of my favorites. He has the sickest beats, and lyrically he's getting superb. I gotta get this when it drops. Please do the same and support real hiphop

Marc051 02-18-2007 05:14 AM

how come u guys are giving this album a 5/5 when you're rating a lot of songs 3.5/5?

leaguer1 02-18-2007 09:16 AM

very consistently dope album; another great addition to the bronze library.

i give almost every track an 8.5/10.

Wu Stoneman 02-18-2007 10:58 AM


how come u guys are giving this album a 5/5 when you're rating a lot of songs 3.5/5?
I think because the album is so cohesive. Even if every track isn't a 5/5, the album as a whole is put together so well, it's great a a whole package. At least thats how I feel, others should agree.

Kinda of the same thing with Supereme Clientele, every track wasn't 5/5 on there but the album is.

Shaolin Bloody Sword 02-18-2007 12:07 PM

I still have to listen to it more. I think Bronze Nazareth is an ok MC on the mic, he's crew too but his production makes up for everything. The featurings have a huge impact on this album. It's definitly an 8/10

the silencer 02-19-2007 12:46 PM

this thread should be a poll...


num2son 02-20-2007 09:32 PM

1. Introduction - 3.5/5
2. New Year Banga - 4/5
3. Illness - 4.5/5
4. Associated (f. Gza) - 5/5
5. Mixture Of Muhammad - 4/5
6. Iconoclasts - 4/5
7. Founder Of Pain - 3.5/5
8. Blinded - 3.5/5
9. Up There Beyond - 3.5/5
10. Verbal Joust - 3/5
11. Words from the Prodigal Sunn
12. Goblins - 3.5/5
13. Welcome Home - 4.5/5
14. Honor's Promise - 3.5/5
15. Wisemen Approaching - 3.5/5

I had to listen to the album a couple times to find out that this is a dope album.


oDoUoSoKo 02-20-2007 09:34 PM

Bronze for some reason is amazing to me...maaaad poetic...he is like the new age MK...dope on boards 2.

_BaLaNcE_ 02-22-2007 02:35 AM

no doubt..painting pictures all of em..modern day lyricall van goghs
my favourite tracks are illness, up there beyond, goblins

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