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MX1 02-26-2007 11:54 PM

Someone Wanna Battle?
2 rounds
whoever accepts we'll talk who goes first

ight peace

JackOfHearts 02-27-2007 09:30 AM

if u make it-

1 round
best OF 3

then il battle

DJMethods 02-27-2007 01:05 PM

ill battle no matter what. pick your shit bro, im a novice, but ill some with hars shit to whoever spits. bit drubnk, so mayb not otnight

MX1 02-28-2007 08:15 PM

ight i guess i'll go wit the 1st one wit poetik, but can i battle you after methods?

Eversick666 02-28-2007 08:25 PM

is this gonna happen or what if not make it a tag battle

MX1 03-01-2007 12:28 AM

sorry but what the fuck is a tag battle?

MX1 03-01-2007 12:48 AM

well shuld i start?

DJMethods 03-01-2007 01:34 AM


Originally Posted by MX1 (Post 750807)
ight i guess i'll go wit the 1st one wit poetik, but can i battle you after methods?

Yeah man. Give us a PM when you start the thread, and we'll go.

MX1 03-01-2007 01:46 AM

ight i can try one tonight but if not tomorrow work for u?

DJMethods 03-01-2007 01:53 AM

Different time zones, im in Australia, so might be a bit weird. Ill reply as soon as I see the shit though, just let it rip whenever you want bro

JackOfHearts 03-01-2007 09:25 AM

hey mx, yeh u can go first if u want

suav3 03-01-2007 01:13 PM

jus jumped in, pumps in, ski mask conceal him...
pump retracting, mans dashing, shells excrete ball bearings plasting..
man real hungry but the boss jus keep em fasting...
blood trackings leave me to find where pussies crouching..
now this was the fist move on findin mx1 hiding...
ghostridin, timbs with blood stained customizing..
hells rising for his demising, cut his head off summin like circumsizin..
start realaizing, them ice bergs around your kneck start cap sizing..
cause ill drive by and fuck up your O's zone..
or possible take a detour and pass by your moms home..

MX1 03-01-2007 09:33 PM

your so fugly no bitch wants to fuck you
so fugly not even a lollipop would suck you
it took one lick from my sword to enter your center
syliva so hot, nigga can't handle the pressure
rumors of death threats, is now reality
your destiny, son, battling fatality
here known as m.x. one, that one nigga
m.x. end your life in a second, like i'm a trigger
just pull me into a battle
your fucking neck i dismantle
in the herd your a calf, when i'm the chief beef
confident in yourself, you just lost all your belief
dick ride yourself, wit a home made sattle
i slaughter you first, fucking you up like departed did babel (like in the oscar's)
i install my bars into your head
i'd receive better punches from battling k-fed
feedings allowed but i can't be digested
you throw up your words, floating like alphabet soup been perfected
i'm as offending as speeches given by a sceptic
bag your head, so you leak no more brain cells
pre-meditate blood spill so i leave no trails
torture put in each letter, reach to your computer
your typing slowed down by bent back fingers
no longer can you carry a mic.
i sting you in the heart wit my dart like irwin, niggas last word is crike! (steve irwin the croc hunter)

MX1 03-01-2007 09:34 PM

i'm fucking confused bout the battle

JackOfHearts 03-02-2007 06:46 AM


dont get confused with prodigy, its my law
enter no man's land, governerd by my war
your sores on my paws, pores sweaty with blood off your whores
inject your core fluid with clockwork druids- your death so sweet like delivered by cupid
give u writers block so your attack is muted- KO like the army was recruited
stop cunchin my punches fuckin chew-it- only way i can lose this battle is if i threw it
nothing to it like candy from a baby- keep your lollipop, il jus lick your lady*1
crazy from scripted death certificates- where are your personals? your pen must be illiterate
the corp syndicate can't not witness this punishment- your verse is like your dick- nothin will cum-off-it
the sum of this is a KO before typing- bomb me all u want, i come back sniping
wannabe gangster, u hate pop music? but like eminem and this battle, u just lose it *2
i've cruised it, like planes over the atlantic- im lyrically supreme to you, i've mastered lexis semantics
my language speaks louder than your actions- usin your guts for sale, these prices im slashin
crashin your skull into broken ash- laughing as i pull your membranes last gasp
smoke your last dreams like hash in my palm- u wanted a war? i didnt even raise an alarm
you've got no honour, spittin shit like a llama, so fuckin corny i expect 'words bout my momma'
rip your karma like mis placed furniture- im a waiter with these death lyrics cos im serving ya

finish this.....

lyrically decompose your rotting hope- i can tell by your latest spit your lyrically (a) dope
now i wash this rope for another neck- watchin your bones still twitch dead, like a nervous wreck

*1- he sed lollipops wouldnt suck me
*2- he hates commercial rap........

nice battle mx1, lets start the voting

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