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61stkillah 06-11-2005 05:19 AM

Man, i neva saw ni**a try so hard
jus' to fitt in so bad., claimin like hes hard
i'ma bout to 80 holes in his shirt
he'll be singin a another version of
cam'ron's "take 'em church"
lil boy thinks he can kick my ass
Ni**a we stand tall like trees,
Yall jus some uncut grass
He hopes one day to be 'king of the hill'
he doesn't know hes jus ontop of toronto's land fill
Hol' up more junk coming through
ni**a wouldn't notice he's wack,even if he had steve-n-blues clues
here he comes thinkin hes 'ready to rumble'
more like he came compare to be ready to mumble
hes needs to stop his reaction,stop acting
cuz ima leave him full with holes and leave him to fix his patches

so answer my question n**ga
Who Da F**k are You

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