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OTB 07-07-2007 04:06 PM

OTB aint nothin to Fu-k with
Daytona 500 rhyme flow
full off lime and Corona
hunt runnin opponents down and pound 'em like a wild bull in Pamplona
OTB - trust me its live and uncut
bitch-made tricks catch rusty switchbladez in the gut
come clean, leave messy when my mind spray like Jeru
digital bullets go deep and stay true like Bobby Abreu
I'll fade you-
son iz hot, ready to ignite like butane
OTB aint nothin to Fu-k with like Wu-Tang


Wyze Waze Allah 07-11-2007 03:13 PM

lol short and sweet, short and mudda fuccin sweet my nigga, good job homie

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 07-11-2007 10:39 PM

Nice Flow Man

Treazon 07-12-2007 08:22 PM

yeah its just a tease tho lets see some verses! good work tho god

OTB 07-13-2007 03:09 PM

The "W"
Thumbz locked – 8 fingerz soar skyward
Gunz cocked – straight bringin war fireworks
Wu-Tang lieutenant I wave the iron pennant
tennant of Zion
G. O. D waz eyein when I reprezented
OTB be the Bloodyhookz of temple of darts at Wu-corp
I’ll jux you, your buddiez and your bitch with a tablefork
yo I throw darts like a young Shawon Dunston
where I'm from, cats kick raps all day no frontin
melt steel like burnin tungsten over a bunsen
I catch wreck like Roy Campanella and Thurman Munson

OTB - live and uncut

OTB 07-13-2007 03:11 PM


Noah’s ark’s deck chartered hazardous starkness
Judas snitched and sparked betrayal in the garden of darkness
Saul went from savage to pacifist before he reached Damascus
Moses grasped the covenant; ten commandments chiseled on tablets

Isaiah and Micah predicted the drastic conditionz of Judah’z captivez
Abraham tithed at Canaan where his cattle grazed in pasturez
iniquity happenz to the malicious and selfish whoze hearts are calloused
disciplez served fish and bread to the massez then gathered leftoverz in baskets

Zacchaeus exacted Roman taxes where John the Baptist established his practice
Lazarus dined with the Master in Bethany after he miraculously gathered his fabrics
Pharisees pined to cry blasphemy when a Carpenter healed the sick’s limbz and timberz on Sabbaths
Jesus of Nazareth makes hardened hearts lift like light from wicks on seven-branch candlesticks

Sodom and Gomorrah both had a passion for wickedness and acting as devil’s advocates
Herod Agrippa’s political tactics were suspect like records with asterisks
many are called, few are chosen; like athletic tournament brackets
we borrow cash for ringz, pharaohz and kingz used gold to fashion permanent caskets

positionz of constellationz indicated dates in Egyptian studies galactic
Greek merchants used the abacus to calculate practical mathematics
when the Hebrewz inherited Canaan, God allotted plots in piecez geographic
Mary’z immaculate conception is professed by eastern churchez, Protestants and Catholics

The clash in Gethsemane was hot, ready to ignite like matchsticks
before the capture, Peter drew his sword and slashed the right ear of Malchus
Elijah knew the Lord forward and backward, his prophetic insights are classics
what’s crooked is made straight like spastic backs fixed by expert chiropractic analysis

Neutral’z fruitless, faith without works is your assigned task in a state of paralysis
Nero and Galerius’ brutal gladiatorz led various deadly massacrez
the early Christian catechists were primed and ready, dedicated activists
strong and steady like iron chisels crafted by Cairo blacksmiths

Marcus Crassus’ pact with Julius consisted of aggressive conquests which were simply disastrous
he and his hapless son died in a contest on land that Harran Arabs now happily inhabit
the bricked homes there are impressive and legendary, durable clay magic
shaped like Adam, tightly packed like Rome’s 1960 massive Olympian named Cassius

Imagine being matched against Samson, Atlas and Magnus Samuelson at the Circus Maximus
Simon Peter denied Christ in the courtyard then ran faster than Dirk and the Dallas Mavericks
global balance of power is shifty like Steve Nash passes and pitches from Greg Maddux
Yet and still our magnificent earth has never been off of its azimuth or axis

God made land, sky and water in days, then He rested after six
plus man, plants, flies, ants, otters, amethyst, blackbirds and the Platypus
black holes from collapsed stars, charred rock and gas from flows pyroclastic
mapped pure lavishness from pole to pole, to the plush islands of Madagascar and the Galapagos
The apostlez and elderz dispatched passionate pupils who traveled Antioch’s vast city and grassez
Pilate cracked under pressure and fear. An assassin’z spear pierced His side but His legs suffered no fracturez
ruthlessness hit Spartacus like the gun blasts from the British in Massachusetts’ capitol that killed Crispus Attucks
at the last day, whoever’s upper-class and covetous will gasp, for alas, they can’t mask their luxurious capital status

Cyrus cut the pious like papyrus and cypress when his fighters crossed the Tigris
Titus sided with right, for the prices of crisis can be devices that incite stress and make lives divisive
speak nicely like Silas in Syria, express the divine advice of Christ our Messiah the Highest
not undecided and lifeless like those who idolized and deified Isis the sister and wife of Osiris

Be righteous, sacrifice vicez and bypass arrogance; with God make amendz
don’t starve like the great faminez felt by the ancient Mayans and Samaritanz
or be vicious like decisionz to conquer made by Mark Antony or the Assyrianz
the tongue can be a blade which makes incisionz like hara-kiri or cesareanz

OTB 07-13-2007 03:14 PM

yo- i'm emeka
youre rebeka lobo
i'll give you 3 slashez like zorro and reebok's logo
i'm old school i told yall
i'll chop you up like pro toolz and coleslaw
i drop jewelz - you leak cold poolz and run like shimika holdsclaw
damn i'm rare
the air from my lungz to my tongue connects like allen to dalembert
the phomic stimulus zoomz like sonic boomz from big plumez of cumulus chronic fumez
asthma gasps and primal fearz clash when my rhymez appear in plasma clear simulcast
i'm out yo-
blood red 20/20
from 2 fortiez - and money green 420

OTB 07-20-2007 03:30 PM

where i'm from, cats pack metallic gats and rock white teez
when night hits, stick up kidz iz back in black like ac/dc
whoz that peepin in my window, blaow
i'm firin a cannon, yall soft emceez iz sweeter then candied yamz
cabbagez cracked when your pearl handled bullsh-t jammed

OTB 07-27-2007 02:38 PM

"Masterful Credentials"

Raising The Potential Of Rhyme Impact With
Unsurpassable Dexterity
Sublime Syntax With Unimaginable Sequentialz Spit With
Maximal Clarity
Quintessential Setbacks For Rapperz Distracted With
Unmanagable Impairitiez
Global Hip Hop’s Drastic Differentialz Buildz
Cultural Solidarity

OTB Off Sabbatical With Torrential Attacks On
Tyrranical Heresy
Basic Mathematics Applied To Financial Demographics
Exposez Dramatical Disparitiez
Political Influentialz Must Expand C.R.E.A.M Exponential
For National Prosperity
Just Exacted Masterful Credentialz For Universal Posterity

OTB 07-27-2007 03:02 PM


Heaterz Pop On Bleek Blockz Where Glockz Leak Frequent Shotz
Tupac And Wu Rip Thru Tweeterz In My Speakerboxx
Reebok In Gold Block Stitched Across My Sneaker Tops
Write Once A Week – Spit Twice A Year Like The Equinox
Yo I Flow Like A Scott La Rock Scratch From The Past Yo
Then Glow Like A Glass Of Scotch On The Rocks From Glasgow
Mc’s Filibuster Til They Muster Enuff Luster On Their
Rhymez To Shine – But They’re Still Busterz

Its The Inaugural Collection Of Advanced Prose That Avoidz Any
Previous Classification
Prestigious Selectionz Devoid Of Doggerel, Chance Flowz,
And Inaudible Amplification
Jesus Chose Resurrection And Voiced Chroniclez That
Teach Us Eternal Emancipation
His Reflection Reached An MC Prodigal Who Composed Ill
Journalz That Enhanced The Nation

OTB 07-29-2007 10:34 AM

The metal bat swinger
I’m ill, not your marginal rap singer
still takin’ longer to get on than Cardinal Ratzinger
Caetano Veloso voice range, stay in the game like Minnie Minoso
OTB hurt bitchez feelingz, I’m a emcee virtuoso
keep it real
most places on the rock aint seein me, stop your schpeel
free-wheelin with the steel
drop high pitch barz like Ghostface and glockenspielz

Ritter 07-24-2008 05:13 AM

OTB killin shit yo.

You got mad skills... one of the sickest of the Corp fo sure.

Peace god.

Maccabee Ridah 07-24-2008 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by OTB (Post 843959)
Daytona 500 rhyme flow
full off lime and Corona
hunt runnin opponents down and pound 'em like a wild bull in Pamplona
OTB - trust me its live and uncut
bitch-made tricks catch rusty switchbladez in the gut
come clean, leave messy when my mind spray like Jeru
digital bullets go deep and stay true like Bobby Abreu
I'll fade you-
son iz hot, ready to ignite like butane
OTB aint nothin to Fu-k with like Wu-Tang


Yo man, ill verse man.....
Great flow..........

Keep droppin sick shyt bro'.............


Ritter 07-25-2008 05:25 AM

OTB the master, and I, the throat slasher
We causing disaster in the King's castle
Two of the Nine generals, thing is serious
We dip MC's in milk, and eat em like cereals
Deadly regiments, we burn all evidence
Of your gentlemence, and you fear us ever since
Our chess sacrifices a pawn, but takes both rooks
We deal with reality, wisdom in our notebooks
Repping the states of Serbia and Michigan
You'll never gonna hear something like this again

Had to drop something quick to resurrect the thread.

SID 07-25-2008 09:51 AM

you still spittin otb lol, i remember my first thread in this forum wen i challenged everyone..funny shit

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