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Prophet Picasso 08-15-2007 11:26 AM

Picasso's Masterpieces
This thread is a display of the gems that I am occasionally blessed to receive. Your judgment is what I desire most. Elevation only comes through criticism and correction, so I appreciate any words that you are willing to leave.

Lyrical Lariat:
I got more cold cuts than delicatessens, teach you a helluva lesson/
the majority of cyphers is simply celibate sessions sellin digression/
a literal circle of lyrical virgins attemptin to sell an impression/
me? I would rather accelerate affection or just tell of my blessins/
use my bars to ask relevant questions that develop progression/
rip fellas in sections wit a vocabulary deeper than pelicans restin/
now Iíve finally found shelter from hell and the devilís tempest/
when the tempter attempts to tempt this I turn to Jah for defenses/
diabloís defenseless against this intense prayer warriorís senses/
my message is inexpensive if only you would just pay attention/
stay attentive as jury benches cuz the truth gets buried in trenches/
this hurtful violence is endless, the churchís silence is senseless/
celebrities smile for lenses, paparazzi pry in private parties for pensions/
drugs delve deadbeat daddies down demented devilish dimensions/
drunk drivers in S10s bring station wagons down deadly dead ends/
dead friends is what tends to send men to follow suicidal trends/
jumpin street medians, the mediaís teachin us to be greedy and tedious/
our TV is misleadin us, mistreatin us, our seeds is whatís needin us/
Iím never mad whenever pens and pads is my needed ingredients/
my mic is my medium, your attention is whatís needed immediate...

I Forgive You (verse one)
My pain--migrates--like migraine aches/
my strainís--wide placed--like five great lakes/
touchin a number of states, confusion included/
secluded in a dungeon til someone intruded/
imputed purity to my ventricles from verticals/
surged verges of vertigo since I burst from the cervical/
like spiritual surgicals, had emergency transplants/
flashbacks of urgency was purgin me past that/
pack rats ainít concernin me, burnin up Black packs/
these wack cats in backpacks ainít half as abstract/
can you match that classic rap amidst pop singles/
pockets of hot nickels, cold as popsicles wit block lingo/
the single king of neo-soul wit sprinkles of rhyme/
Iím not tryna put a hot iron to this wrinkle in time/
no regrets, holdin vets to they bets, child support debts/
itís treacherous but yet I gets naughty by nature on the set/
that ainít even my best lest distress dares me to stop/
Midwest declare me the best, this sess compares me to Pac/
every single compliment boosts my confidence/
I abhor cockiness, I stay abstinent from obstinates/
Iím a optimist, positive I wonít be stopped by obstacles/
clear cataracts in my opticals wit a whole box of Optimos/
Picasso is better than ever, never ever under the weather/
sever the feather soft, yes, the successor of NebuchadnezzarÖ

Time to rock the boat and ride the ripples, rhymes thatís simple/
get crippled in my mental whenever Iím high off indo/
spit flows from my temple thatíll make yoís decrescendo/
assemble cymbals as the kickdrum make yo chest tremble/
yes, Iím dead broke, ainít tryna make no friends, though/
but if you breakin bread, then you made one to the end, joe/
my pencil is my utensil to stencil my credentials/
at the central of heathens kept from reachin my potential/
prudential since knockin out windows in my residential/
providential, droppin gems so pretend you comprehend those/
Iíve conceived rhymes so deep, you wouldnít even believe/
even if you seen me and heard em breathed between my teeth/
I roll wit thieves, smokin leaves seems to be my lone reprieve/
I teach my boy to read, so my seed come half as dope as me/
heís only three--- wit affection to me sweet as potpourri/
reason enough to bleed, decry greed, and live soberly/
follow authority, stop disorderly thoughts that lower me/
plan trips overseas, speak Portugese wit African minorities/
this vision seem lofty, but too oft we tend to think softly/
now Iím awfully close to gettin this lost mindstate off me/
thank Jah...

OTB 08-15-2007 12:58 PM

stupid dope.
beautiful work picasso-


Prophet Picasso 08-15-2007 01:12 PM

I’m droppin this for the populace inside my spiritual metropolis/
lyrical mafias, Hoffas and Khadafis which spit lava so obvious/
Hip Hop lobbyists whose hobby is craftin bars far above par/
jars of stardust marred with tar mold emboldened avatars/
speak life thru they existent art imparted from many distant parts/
in instants persistence manifests monarchs, princes and czars/
no assistance for the shadiness, my babies strayed me from the craziness/
I now avoid the outer radius of a argumentative athiest/
those close minded homo sapiens scared of Jews and Arabians/
I choose a faith in which came from the southern Mediterraneans/
my mouthpiece is heinious, I spit radiance straight out the craniums/
my album is solid titanium while I’m aimin straight for palladiums/
I mainly come to have the life of a Man like Christ at half the price/
get high as satellites twice as I ignite White Owls wit candle lights/
I’ll sacrifice a Saxon knight, rebuke Sadducees and Catholic whites/
I travels light on passive flights, but I’ll set up shop in the afterlife/
ignore traffic lights whenever I choose to soar at massive heights/
it ain’t ignorance of sight, it’s just the type of plight I hafta fight/
pass the sight of anutha life destroyed, replacement souljahs deployed/
youngstas are employed dealin granite inside of the trapezoid/
I've toyed wit the notion to avoid creatin such explosive noise/
I did enjoy the silence but violence is what preserves my poise/
void paranoid delusion, visions of a pair of boys diluted/
from the exploits of intrusions mixed wit media pollutions/
it was me and Michael Borum, we cyphered daily at the forum/
but separation tore em, so distant memories I store em/
ignore em til I’m explorin my past history thru flow/
remembrance of Marion and tenth, when we was ballin in the cold/
joe, I hope he remember me, cuz there’s plenty me to go around/
reminisce whenever he blow a pound, I know he cleverly hold it down/
and drown in the recollections of the essence of our adolescence/
but even if you don’t remember me just don’t forget my message...

OTB 08-15-2007 01:22 PM

^who iz this dude?

sunn could be on 'the offering'
sunn could be on '8 diagramz'

P, you THAT nice with yourz-

i now avoid the outer radius of an argumentative athiest
thoze cloze minded homo sapienz scared of jewz and arabianz-

mad ill-

Sleep Sinatra 08-15-2007 01:44 PM

yo crazy shit son...do u b recordin an shit ..yo if not u DEF SHOULD shit is ill

Dr Sleepwalker 08-15-2007 03:58 PM

lovin' it..


Prophet Picasso 08-16-2007 10:12 AM

I appreciate the props. It ain't me, it's Jah in me. I'm in the process of recording, I just wanna make sure it's flawless before I put it out there. Here go a short gem:

Lyrical Levitical:
I need to write sumthin--to try sumthin new and triumphant/
I’m comfortable in conversation, yet my company’s like nuthin/
my compass points up north like joints, my aura borders callous/
abhor malice, study Torahs in my palace, shine like Aurora Borealis/
thunder rumbles over Yukon tundra, I mumble street sermons/
dedicated to the escalated, the rest can take suburban excursions/
they pack up at night and white flight to the quite cosmopolitan/
but the hypes is followin, hollerin for tolerance to wallow in/
swallowin knowledge and walkin rhythms of the wisdom of Solomon/
envision the sovereign, I’m fatherin moderate modern conglomerates/
marryin revolutionaries that swing lower than sweet chariots/
sangin canaries is as scary as a variance of aryans carryin lariats/
contrarions alienate humanitarians from local to global epochs/
these rocks got clucks like ewoks in knee socks, reeboks, needin detox/
why don’t we walk wit God like Enoch, I’m tryna bypass death/
but til my last breath I’m left in the cleft of this mess, refusin to rest...

Mantra 08-16-2007 11:19 AM

Record that shit man, u repping New Jewz u on fire!

Prophet Picasso 08-16-2007 06:04 PM

Here go a piece called "Pure Bread"

1st verse:
I can’t seem to quench this worst case of a thirst taste/
I been searchin for first place inside this cursed race/
this deserted place is as dry as the skull of a bull/
the pull of the unknown wasteland attracts the gullible/
my mind is full of sand dunes attuned to the asphalt/
as for my thoughts, they caught in cobwebs in the vault/
faultlines in the Elk's Heart split the wicked terrain apart/
spit from the heart, take all art wit a grain of salt/
I talked wit teachers taught and stalked wit bengal tigers/
the sabre-tooth incisors shine like sunrays offa mica/
I’ve fought forces and walked courses wit Trojan horses/
had long chats wit infamous voices and made choices/
drank poisons, heightened the effect wit dank ointments/
made appointments wit friends that end in disappointment/
every emotion I’ve experienced, from fear to weariness/
experiments wit bliss and death’s kiss near the abyss/
pains appear in my wrists, it’s too much cuz I got too little/
each day’s an unsolvable riddle against the devil wit no fiddle/
the middle of the Sahara, my soul arid from internal strife/
I courted death twice and since been sentenced to eternal life...

This here is passion in the midst of famine/
imagine dry air in yo lungs while you gaspin/
graspin handfuls of sand that's been thrashin/
ration water from the river life everlastin...

I can envision Eden risin upon the horizon like Oz/
I dodge Pharisees' lodge in camel-haired camoflauge/
I trod across this sod, approachin the utopian mirage/
just a demigod son of man lost inside the synagogue/
I got no entourage wit me to await my fiery chariot/
live life at the end of a lariat like I was Judas Iscariot/
nightly prayin--since the Son is comin, find me waitin/
timely patience wit temptations, get behind me, satan/
I wonder how His hurtin tore the temple curtain asunder/
murders at the hands of Boagernes, Sons of Thunder/
I rant and rave to raise Hebrew slaves from they graves/
I crave the initiative to act on my thoughts that’s brave/
forty days, forty nights, shake in fright while terror looms/
carry my burden in a land as barren as Sarah’s womb/
very soon I may be doomed, dead wit my head severed/
but never to be forgotten cuz my spirit speaks forever...

I’m Jeremiah, I’m Elijah, I’m Noah befo the flood/
reflect light like twin cateyes, I been baptized in blood/
I’ve swam in streams of solitude, now all I do is thirst/
I hunger for companionship, I’m damaged and I’m cursed/
banished from villages, fulfill prophecy in the wilderness/
I made a pilgrimage to hell and I fell to the villainous/
scorned by supercilious, beneath this cloak is brilliance/
I'm filled wit resilience, may my message reach millions/
I’m filled wit the Bread of life, but I fast to keep focus/
I curb the urge to splurge, swallow honey wit my locusts/
lay my head wit scorpions, sleep’s evasive, I’m forcin it/
fortunate odds from the God of dreams like Morpheus/
proportionate to my pain, I see Herodians wit guillotines/
warriors repeatin screams from prison corridors in my dreams/
a martyr machine, grieved, but I'll never ever shed tears/
faith versus fear, Jah revealed my purpose in these years/

...this here is passion in the midst of famine/
imagine dry air in yo lungs while you gaspin/
graspin handfuls of sand while it's thrashin/
ration water from the river life everlastin...

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 08-16-2007 09:57 PM

nice fam gotta hear ya on record son ya lyrics are fire

Prophet Picasso 08-17-2007 01:12 PM

I riddle beats wit the disease of the middle east/
it’s called war and it’s the core of the city streets/
I pray for peace while the city sleeps on shitty sheets/
caged like a beast but I didn’t cease to shepherd many sheep/
dreams of leather seats in Regencies turned to revolution/
I worked on my execution and paid all my restitution/
I made my evolution and grew into a perfecter of units/
a trifecta of music, lyrics and spirits gets you into it/
intuitively I do it simply for the use of wisdom/
similes and metaphors, I take credit for euphemisms/
losin vision from the fumes arisen from many sorceries/
followed the course of leaves and fell pell mell and disorderly/
but still compelled my bolder seeds well into the ovaries/
cordially I wrote poetry, that I recorded accordingly/
quarterly–-many soldiers would then report to me/
any evidence of whore-mongering or forgery/
from those formerly informed of my earthly mission/
I thought my worse affliction was to curb my herb addiction/
hit the prison grounds and found that was the purest fiction/
I endured the friction once enrolled in a jury’s jurisdiction/
then I learned the difference between a need and a want/
beef from the front gate leads to days chiefin on blunts/
grievin for months, but once one realizes elevation of health/
rather than chasin the wealth I found a revelation of self...

OTB 08-17-2007 02:17 PM

^you the illest P-

i'm str8, no doubt, happily married to a beautiful brazilian woman,
but i gotta say i'm on your jock right now-

peace fam-

keep writin and postin them jewelz-


Suga Duga 08-19-2007 01:09 PM

you serious, how dope is this guy?? damn

GhettoGnom 08-19-2007 01:18 PM

Damn that's dope... Can't wait to hear it recorded!

Prophet Picasso 09-24-2007 11:20 PM

Hex-Ray (verse two):
So many question marks but there’s hardly exclamations/
there’s no explanations for these excessive excavations/
too many excuses to exercise unwise experimentation/
pagans exchangin information to exit the exploitation/
recently I’ve exponentially exceeded all expectations/
I’ve exacted mad examinations wit such exhilaration/
may we exterminate hate and exhaustive exaggeration/
exhibit needed expedience in our tedious exhortations/
I excrete excellence, a Nephilim exhaling expletives/
my extreme execution’s labeled exceptionally executive/
expose excrement, oppose exorcists who never get the blame/
I can't explain these extremely insane thangs I exclaim/
I lived my life in exile, excommunicated from my lands/
made a exodus from Egypt to experience a new expanse/
got extradited and extracted from my original existence/
now I express my expertise wit such swift exquisiteness/
my every single excerpt's entirely exclusive and expensive/
you can't explore my music or exhume it, it's too extensive/
I exemplify extravagance and exude excitement in stanzas/
an expert til I expire, I perspire extraordinary extravaganzas/
exacerbate heathens, aggravate demons, exhort minds to think/
I'm exempt from explicity, you thought my kind was extinct/
I'm finna explode if I don't ever exert this extra energy/
I found a remedy for this excruciatin pain in my extremities/
take my hurtin on excursions, so far away I'm expellin it/
I learned to expend the external to expedite my exoskeleton/
I no longer exalt exterior criteria, or praise exotic exports/
that's excludin this example of extraterrestial rhymes I extort...

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