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daliff89 10-28-2007 10:51 PM

open battle....
new here, if i'm breaking a rule, my bad.....

anyone for a battle???

16 lines, i'll drop first.......

bloodyhookz 10-29-2007 05:14 AM

yo I accept

bloodyhookz 10-29-2007 06:57 AM

yo I'm a spit first, I gotta sick thirst for killin' lame rappers/
duke, I'll leave you layin' shattered wit half your fuckin' frame fractured/
tunnels of pain, I'll break and twist your friggin' crane backwards/
son you'll git slained,... I'll take a piss on your remains after/
I reign master, in the battlefield I been a threat/
sendin' death to faggots catchin' feelings on the internet/
cross the path I intersect and homie you'll just gain trouble/
you'll git stabbed, duffle bagged, while layin' in a crane shovel/
you wanna battle me?, kid that'll be the price you owe/
assault and battery, the knife sporadically'll slice your soul/
I know your wife's a hoe, but though you thought the truth's a rumour/
...she let me dump a load of giz inside her food consumer/
I know you hatin', I'm the illest here, there's no debatin'/
couldn't hold the weight and beat me so you sold your soul to satan/
I'm squeezin' lead until you bleedin' red in need of meds/
or I can beat ya dead until your head looks like a pita bread!!!

bcbud 10-29-2007 03:44 PM

moms spaghetti

daliff89 10-29-2007 11:42 PM

i should be gettin' tips for how i'm servin' up this cat...
there's only bloody 'hooks' when he's gettin' murdered on a track...

said i'm nervous but infact, i'm calm as can be...
bombard him with speech, three lines will slaughter this geek...

he'll show the scars of defeat, my verses impale...
call me Jigsaw, set up 'bloody hooks', let him murder himself...

immerse you in Hell, open your mouth, i'll beat it shut...
lyrical Holucaust, incinerate you greedy fucks...

i don't need to speed it up, my slow flows are killin' it...
diarrhea on his boots, he still couldn't kick some iller shit...

skillful spits make buddy scramble like he studied Randall...
after this battle, he'll change his name to 'bloodyshamblez'...

watch this dummy gamble, i'm about to fire this man...
claims 'BOSS STATUS', he better have a retirement plan...

i supply the demand, truth is, he flopped...

would of dropped sooner, but i have a job....

upping for votes i guess.....

Snow chainz 10-29-2007 11:54 PM

I like the daliff89 verse come with more clarify
vote dailiff89

bloodyhookz 10-30-2007 06:35 PM

nice little verse homie, wanna make it a real battle and go another round? it's on you, let me know!!!

daliff89 10-30-2007 10:12 PM

if i go another round i want to go three.....

i don't think it's right to go two since i could get one and you could get one.....

but it's whatever...

bloodyhookz 10-30-2007 10:50 PM

I agree, let's do it then, 3 rounds, but I'll drop something later

ArcherPriest 11-07-2007 04:42 PM

wtf? i wanna c sum more... pretty nice round 1 from both

daliff89 11-07-2007 05:14 PM

i was waiting on dude.....

if you would like to battle we could set that up while i'm waiting though.....

bloodyhookz 11-07-2007 09:57 PM

yo my dude, I been mad fuckin' busy doin' a whole bunch of important shit, I'm a drop something real soon though, just ain't had no time to really be home, when I git the time I'm a drop, aight peace

Sleep Sinatra 11-07-2007 10:51 PM

damn, dis shit gon be ill...i aint gon vote just yet till it's over...da liff man u got sum skills welcome 2 the board

ArcherPriest 11-08-2007 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by daliff89 (Post 946046)
i was waiting on dude.....

if you would like to battle we could set that up while i'm waiting though.....

sure.. why not
set it up homie

bloodyhookz 11-12-2007 12:04 AM

aight, my bad I took this long, been mad busy, anyways, round 2
I'm impervious to weakness, so what you saying's irrelevant/
I'll place a red dot to your cranium like you praying to elephants/
I'm quick to dump the mack, git punched and smacked for defying the dopeness/
git your pumpkin cracked, when I'm jumpin' jack, I ain't implying aerobix/
...applying a closed fist, leave your mandable wired liked coke fits/
BOOM!!!....lying corroded from a flammable pyro explosive/
soon as the violence of the virus exposes, you're finished/
'liff, you couldn't blow up if your flow was a swollen appendix/
you know the drill, I'm holdin' steel, for real it's overkill/
I'll leave you like a flunky mechanic...wit no motorskills/
decompose until the odour builds, that's what you call a lesson/
smile?, I'll sink your poli-dentures straight into your small intestine/
I pack guns to jack-son like I'm Micheal and Janet/
clown, you couldn't hold the strip down if you was swipin' an AMEX/
...and we can do this on the TNA channel/
but 'liff, you couldn't conjour spit swabbin' a DNA sample!!

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