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JackOfHearts 11-08-2007 01:19 PM

Open- 50 LINE battle
1 line equals =


best OF 5 so first to 3 wins
50 lines
no recycling
no biting
no crew etc

both have to drop within a week of opposition replying to this.

JackOfHearts 11-11-2007 06:11 AM


bad boy T 11-16-2007 07:37 AM

50 bars too much

JackOfHearts 11-19-2007 01:59 PM

i wanted an ultimate battle, ppl on this site have battles that go for 10 rounds....

bloodyhookz 11-20-2007 04:07 AM


Originally Posted by JackOfHearts (Post 947071)
1 Bar equals =


best OF 5 so first to 3 wins
50 bars
no recycling
no biting
no crew etc

both have to drop within a week of opposition replying to this.

you see the way you show 1 bar equals that? that's really 2 bars, basically you sayin' 100 bar battle, you might wanna consider how to count bars.......thought you should know

JackOfHearts 11-20-2007 02:37 PM

thats how bars have been counted on other sites ive been on.....
il edit it to 50 line battle then.

bad boy T 11-23-2007 07:11 AM

Let me step to the Wu dojo before the end of the thread
Strike up and pass slugs through the end of the led
instead I count a new flow and carry on where I started
You can't spit darts blunts cause mine the sharpest
Got the arrows like archers deep in the wood
You battle and don't prattle deep in the hood
Can't stop til the end of the bars
Spit 50 to battle the rest of you retards
I glance in deep and break your lense
Situation tense captured in the benz
Break the suspense and fall upon the light
Battle on the mic like a sword in the plight
Re-write bars cut to the edge
over the ledge battling brings you the stress
It's complex to the rhythm in the vertex
The congress opens up the vortex
You in a mess dressed to distress
My complex will impress
Out of this world into the unknown
Fuckin nowhere spit hurls son you stoned
like Rome which was not built in one day
Study of The house of flying daggas I got an A
I got my swagga that will break your clay
From the master that takes a day
Still to ill so why Go edit your 50 lines
I spread it with 50 rhymes
I noticed it's a UK battle so inspect it deep in the mind
Fuck only about halfway
50 bars like shining stars 25 diamonds half a day
50 diamonds in a whole day but you probly lost it cause you can't count
Your problly gonna shout when you realise I'm the baddest
Sorry if I embarrass go change your name and move to Parris
Fuck this other site sorry if I'm not polite in a warp
Yo shorty, dwarf keep in with the corp
Fuck another fuck the other you mother sucka lover
Mutha fucker small cutter melt you like butter
you ain't no hustler take the i out of ain't and you got ant
Fuck you rave and rant this ant about to get stamped
WTF chatnoir you ain't no rap-per dump you in the forest of Bracknell
Bar 30 20 more dam bars
And you think your gonna battle back Jackofhearts just a card
What you gonna do give me a paper cut
Paper you up with a greater cut
you just a slut trying to be king
Jackofhearts you definitly ain't the jack of the bars
You just a retard going hard fuckin a leotard
10 rounds your be lucky if you got 10
battling you like battling 10 clowns
1 more bar and it's over I lost catch battling this fallin soldier

BornPower 12-08-2007 02:23 PM

what bleeds the most are the shallowest cuts
mothers plead with half cut when i battle these nuts
please, that's enough
my blade's clean, pass blunts
past runts frontin that they're past was rough
crabs just actin tough
landin when they jump in body bags zipped up
gotti braggin, pimp cups
my shotty drag, then lift up
party blast, laundry mat glass shattered
my bad,
i got a habit of crashin these class sessions
is Jack just Bad at reppin
or a Jack rabbit hot steppin in the opposite direction?
no glock or wesson
a bic cocked is my weapon
it's no shock i taught lessons
on the top tier, ask the doctor questions
clockin knowlege in the lessons
it popped up that every drop is precious
barely alert durin lectures, ur head propped up
made an easy target, blade swingin the hardest
barely seen it, the sharpest
stay heated, i stay schemin on dollas
believin is seein the verse
even the teachers didn't believe jesus
and he was speakin first
then nailed to the tree next to the thief
speakin to me he breathed, "seek the kingdom"
as he bleeds into the earth (30)
the 3d version of cutty's verses penned daily
i pray for the strength to spit faithfully
take from me the temptation to slay lames indiscriminately
and to save the flames from this fiery blade
for enemies who can benefit me
if he can take his rightful place, takin the sacred-ment with me
i can keep a better eye on red letter guys; pretendin friendly
committed to penitentery positions
maybe T diddy should consider
spittin what he calls lyrics into the kitty litter
shots licked got candle wicks lit up
sick to my stomach cuz i ate winter
lines penned becomin bent up
iron spined, the simplest cut
must need this viagra cuz u cant get it up
five lines left, gotta finish this blunt
spit fisticuffs, blisterin ur lips and fronts
venom swims under my skin like blood
get ur business up
this aint for beginnas, chump

risin sun brining it...[/B]

BornPower 12-08-2007 03:05 PM

call lines are open.
let's take some calls from our listeners

JackOfHearts 12-09-2007 10:03 AM

forgot about this.

bad boy T 12-11-2007 06:35 AM

Nice spitting now it's back to my turn

Yo what bleeds is you when I take out your organs
You drove your parents crazy so you grew up battling orphans
Please you wouldn't know manners if it hit you between your knees
Mix the honey with the c.r.e.a.m. of the beez
You can only dream of the fees deep in these mean streets
Who's frontin you's nothing drop in the game you lose cutting
Lose busting cruze ducking getting concussion fuckin a russian
You the only one get's clipped and zipped up
Throw your clips up you to fragile your bound to slip up
Drag artist the rag artis came as a fag artist
Rap archers attack back archers strapped as a tag artist
Your bad where this whore at
You just an amatuer somebody tell him where the door at
Your right jack is bad at repping
If you were betting this kid would be wetting with his mum in procession
Know it's not intresting stop testing for impression
We ain't letting the settings get changed for jack's session
only the veteran get the blade live in the shade giving aid
acting brave the rapping slade wack ass clapping flames
Darts sprayed to the open raid
Even with a key skelaton made you still couldn't escape a broken cage
You start bold heart cold until the end of the thread
Go get your elfs, santa's wanted on the sled
Kid go get your shit and bring to the standards
This is the sound of the mamba and the pound of the panda
Why you got wires to your head radiac
Pay me back wack ass maniac
You only got 18 post nothing to boast at the most your gonna roast
5kutskelaton you been cut ahead of them
Left from the gentlemen left from the intelligence
Black out death bring the pestilence
What it's about cooking you trout
Fish puss dick fuck it I'm out

BornPower 12-15-2007 03:47 PM

picture this picture I'm pitchin
I'm lyrically literally spittin
specifically givin beez
degrees desperately needed
I'll leave u bleedin, bud
I cop doctorates
and u my sheepskin, hung
lungs heavy enough
to sink down to the dead sea's mud
arms of stone, guns of navarrone
begin the hunt, I - shark - see - bood
gay jokes are a cheap stunt
and u a killa bee? what!?
but keep runnin and we gonna see who trips up
remenber what I said sun? it's the simplest cuts
check this - so count the lines above
this naturalist flow
half cutt, the bones are disastrously cold
low postage, move it cheap
cruise to beats while u losers sleep
exposed voltage, your truth is weak
fung chi stance, stolen scrolls recovered
tools keep on hand, fold foes under
thunder clap hand, connect one
chest - flesh - lung - collapse
fresh blood, tongue snatched
shark's grasp, spark grass
the art, pencil sharp, pad
T-boy bad's craft
need's more bark, crab
heavy starched jeans drag
I need to start a math class
by now, so called upper classmen are missin in action
spittin in fractions, class is adjourned
your lyrics, has-been; I pass on turns
these are chamber : first blurred blades
[IL]est state, burn page
danger worst, curse fate
slain on wu-tang corp, unexpected
knotty locced dread kid, carbon fiber connected
hard wired perfection, darts hawked in all directions
shark palm you to small sections
napalms and chalk expressions
so save all your small talk and questions
for somebody that wants to read it
you one body that won't put me in the precinct
u dumb dollies under the wolf's teeth bleedin
frontin hollerin you a member senior
runnin, bothered by this clean cutt

BornPower 12-20-2007 11:30 AM

what happened? wasn't this supposed to be a fifty bar battle? looks like you left ur last 17 shots at the crib and got caught with ur pants down sun...

BornPower 12-22-2007 10:44 AM


BornPower 12-31-2007 12:45 PM

>uppin for votes<

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