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bad boy T 11-09-2007 10:14 AM

Welcome to the lyrics domain
Any Wu-tang corp fans wanna battle then let's go

Bring it on

My flames are hotter than an inferno with a ring of fire
Busting chains and whips eternal line up of shock bring the live wire
Walk on water like the messiah I crumble your fortress
Bullets ripping the streets fire like motars
I'm coming in the game until it's over
Game over for a soldier who was given the cold shoulder
The pestilence streets infested in the best hood
Killa beez can't be arrested and fucked up like Tim Westwood
I don't need to try my style comes naturally
Blacking out you soldiers in a brand new strategy
Soldiers needing medics turned into casualties
I slide in recomprimising just casualy
5o cent fucked up bullets smashed his chest
One popped in his mouth past his vest
My flava is wild don't touch my style
My freestyle compile bust a shell
And your like well! how's your style
Say one more thing and your be thrown in a cell in juevinell
Call him the ghost snatcher top hatter big rapper
The most rapture cats scatter gats shatter
Fire below the recomended level
Kid push the pedal Big Ben takes the medal
Slug shot in his right rib
Chains tightning if you in the neighbour hood make sure you in the right crib
He fights bloods and crips writes a cuss and diss
He's a true ledgend can't be a myth
He is unknown to you underanked kids

BornPower 12-31-2007 02:34 PM

when my slugs strip
they put rib vents in puff's kid
run back to that ho kim
get tips on how to raise your profile
without chokin on the tip
when i'm focused on the pen
foes fold up in my grip
u just a boy,
can't hold your own against the men
old testament conflict
the bones depicts the script
lone soldier in the midst
empty holster, my flow's equipped
what, you big ben's promotion?
stop holdin on his dick
soul controller, cobra spit
cutta's colder, don't approach me kid...

bad boy T 01-11-2008 07:07 AM

I'm just a boy but this boy gets you destroyed
You fleeing the country when my missles deployed

bad boy T 01-11-2008 08:52 AM

5kutskelaton 5 times cut above the throat
Light blacked out entering the dagger to bust your hope
Slick ass try climbing I'll cut the rope
Skelaton find the hope of no antidote
You broke cause you spent all your money on the coke
Burning lighters artheritious leave you choked with the stroke
Nope! you ain't battling the don the one needs to be paid
It's gotta cost something nothing! to leave you slayed
It's off I can't battle this cat
Who's stacking the crack I'll shackle this gat
Who's losing the will popping the pill
If I'm winning I'm winning still If I'm losing I'm losing ill
Still If I'm winning I'm winning the cup
Duck Season feasting I'm bringing the duck
Freestyle of the top of the head thinking it up
Clean up body in the washin machine spinning the gut
Popping these big thing breaking the bricks
Taking the bricks I'm breaking this bitch
Battle in the ring creating the flicks
Shackling him hating these pricks
Cool off, mad guy with the wire
Your sig is shit I'm mad fly with the fire
Burning you still turning the wheel on this clown
Turning iller I'm ill in this round
Decapatate the head that's filling the crown
Anticipate about clipping you now

BornPower 01-11-2008 01:34 PM

u tried to stutter step and pop
but kutta crept and rejected ur shot
admit it, u got caught slippin
now ur bloody and drippin with snot
I diminish the apprentice's plot
no lyricist, how u get in with mops?
the dentist with shots, nova-kokaine
broken containers are hot
poke slow in ya vein, the doc
drop flames in the language of gods
tie a lame's entrails into knots
u danglin,
frail frame breaks then it rots
I'm A-Grade son,
this stage is painful when taught

Mantra 01-11-2008 03:11 PM

Decorate the states with motives of hate
Haters i catch at lunchbreaks the heads i decapitate
Crack you in face with suitcase, then plead guily for the case
Just in case you snitch, hire a hitman to push ya wig back n a ditch
Abduct ya wife, then throw the screaming bitch off a cliff
After i put my dick on her lips, shot her with the fifth off my hip
Send you to that hell trip, flesh burning in lakes of fires
Made it my last murder, i'm retired

bad boy T 01-14-2008 01:01 PM

Master of destruction bringing in the game
Master the corruption that's stinging your brain

ChamberSlave 01-14-2008 07:10 PM

semantic sinning with lyrics i get frantic
vocabulary flow the size of the atlantic
react quick, my words stretch like mr fantastic
versatile & ready to snap like a rubber
i hold a lethal weapon like danny glover,so take cover
ill even smother ya mother, ya spine starts to shudder
so battle me, ill switch ya off like a T.V
defeat me? u sit and wonder bleakly

FantomMenace 01-17-2008 10:25 PM

I stay incognito, from the times that Im below
hear hoes get slapped when the raps are laced with dough
I start trouble and topple tall buildings, leave rubble with the gats that Im duel wielding
remove your spine, slash your body from behind,
my sword shines, I cut your head off to adorn my shrine,
its time son, to face the real shit,
by the time Im done with you, you will forfeit.
Hilts are hit, gats are blasted, I surpassed it,
outlast it, you an outcast I hit
you from the side, jack your ride while you ghostin, its my name so I stay postin,
besides, I rock cheddar like cheese from mice,
if you talkin shit I rip your teeth out twice
remove your ice, then make it fall to rest
in your stomach, so your diamonds indigest
and you shit money, all real fuckers think its funny
your raps are runny, you blast but I dodge like bugs bunny.
Fuck ya honey, and your family
leave em dead in the ground so tragically
magically appear and distort your regime
remove your homies so your alone without your team
then 5 stabs to the ribs, swift and quick like
its over fast, aint here for a long fight
I got shit to do, gotta crawl in the deep night
spit flows so I make it off to the lime light.
So Ive done you with guns, you practically dead,
lookin up at the son, covered in blood that was shed,
thats why Im fed up with fools like you
I killed em off, and re-introduced the cool.
You dead now, and you never gonna come back
except for me, Im a ghost, facts are facts.

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