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KERZO 11-22-2007 06:09 AM

Please be of moderate intelligence for this type of literature...
*This thread is solely for my bars and constructive feedback. Any negative or off-topic replies will be reported*

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

KERZO 11-22-2007 07:36 AM

1st lick
Verse one, I begin to immerse, observe the universe
From which these rhymes flow,
I bask in the light which shines and then glows
Thoughts from the Masta Killah, Help me conquer and strike the main pose
I'm the Inventer, I send out rhymes like an ink jet printer
People post them out for the winter....warz,
And of course i endorse the mic like a wu-tang consort
I never resort to making mistakes in my quotes
Slice the notes, magical staff
I Laugh when niggaz come up to me and i cut em in half
Your just a minor threat to the chief of staff
Mics blast, tests passed, dead hand of the past...

KERZO 11-22-2007 07:39 AM

heres one i did earlier... :vroar:

I start to spit forth, then backtrack the rap,
My mind contracts infectious verses, now give me the silver plaque,
I enforce the verse like a gravitational force,
That appears when you change the main source,
Straight back to the point score,
Call Me the chameleon, I drop from the ceiling,
My style is so different, it almost seems unappealing,
The way that I slack, My mouth seems wack,
You get freaked out like an anxiety attack,
My epiphany is this,
I en-cite bliss over the oceanic abyss from which you fall,
Your crew is fighting like they're in the city of nepal,
I spin you round like a roulette ball, brawl, call, maul, scrawl, an enthrawl,
Here comes the curtain call, now digest,
Blessed is the higher man, self professed, your second best,
Stand up straight for the test son,
You score high but i score higher than i desire,
I acquire the rights to require the neutralization fire,
I pop up like kid glove and drop these bombs,
Like sheepish lord of chaos,all from above.

KERZO 11-23-2007 12:08 PM

I drop off into a tangent, line of descent
Words blend together and fuse like cement
To a greater extent I cause port traumatic stress
Then i begin to blast through doors like a natural event
I'm like contortion,consider proportion
Niggaz feel distorion, and make em take an abortion
Rhymes freeze up the cords,all across the boards
Swords fly faster than wu-tang chords...peace

Hellspawn 11-23-2007 12:34 PM

nice drop bro'

KERZO 11-23-2007 12:58 PM

I lyrical flex, bust shit like onyx
just call me the fermex who dons specs
I'ma like a mixer between the decks
demand respect, complex imaginative brainwaves
I dig graves for wiggaz in the projects
my style is uniform, i break through the norm
lighting bolts strike forth son,they come straight from my storm
I misinform statuettes, who get upset
while you get mauled by the killah bee swarm


KERZO 11-28-2007 12:59 PM

'J.T.S spits the truth, like a suicide bomber in a new york phone booth,
He hits those lyrics like a new age babe ruth,
Cram in the plan, as I slam the mic just like a battering ram,
Call me the doctor, I watch night hawks like a police spotter
I impede on your turf like a city street squatter
Then i roll over verse's like curse's, for which you wish you'd never seen
In between my obscene routine, eat fine cuisine
The unseen never watch, like scotch, i burn your throat like a bright torch
Peace out, grab crotch, distraught mind thoughts'

KERZO 11-28-2007 01:00 PM

Quite outpoken, my words leave you shattered and broken
You put your best rhymes forth but all you got was a token
Of my appreciation,personification of your misinterpretation
My words will confuse people all across the nation of earth
My style is holy like the virgin birth, now sit back and listen
I glisten like a crystal while you all start reminiscing about the value of self
Homies jump back on the shelf while i attack with these stealth verses
No rehearses is how i do it, i will never quit
cos my outspoken shit is always legit

KERZO 11-29-2007 12:55 PM

My rhymes spin round like helicopter propellers
Producers dont buy into this shit cos they know better
My verses get straight to point, right to the last letter
Sonic Phonics make niggaz hit the chronic
Diatonic first harmonics digitize shit with electronics
and symphonic waves turn angels into demonic slaves
pulsating waves blast through like heatwaves
My rhymestyle is so deep it even correlates down in caves
But dont listen to me cos i talk shit all day anyways


KERZO 12-03-2007 12:02 PM

just ma last verse from the 'kill the guy above ya' thread....

I trick homies into deeper shit
They ask for it
My Raps overstyle their licks
Then I attack them with the basic instinct ice pick
I dislodge myself from your rhymes
Then dodge ya about a hundred million times
Sometimes i cross lines, then blow up like landmines
The abstract minds catch the designs that i throw out
And without my creative thoughts, they catch the drought
Now think about the way that i build my clout
Niggaz shout out cos they dont understand what im trying to spout

KERZO 12-05-2007 06:28 AM

I bust wicked lines on many niggaz minds
I'm spraying mad rhymes just like a garden hose
Peeps pose in their drawers, Cos they think they know
But they aint got a clue and expose their weak blows
I suppose i better come out and excite the crowd
Marauder is proud when he spits mad loud
But he aint got style which his wack lyrics shroud
And i blow him up....BOOM... like a mushroom cloud

KERZO 12-05-2007 06:45 AM

Fermex has arrived
Wolves beat on ma mind
I outshine the rest
Now, get back in line
The abstract kind
Is what i try to find
but cats cant work out my kung fu style
But ya'll catch me later
I'm the god piece creator
the greater of good
from the pop rock hater
but your indecipherable so go and get a translator
while i bust out my flow, now listen to the narrator

KERZO 12-06-2007 12:59 PM

Fake MC's take turns to flare up and get burned
But i earned many techniques that ya'll havent learned
It's the return of the abstract achiever
I leave ya unwell like you got congo fever
Believe me, It's a matter of fact
My rhymes impact like a Rock from space
And now i grace this forum and replace
The knowledge of a rap thats taken the place
So embrace the style and don't take it at face value :dududu:

KERZO 12-10-2007 10:21 AM

A'yo lets battle
I light rappers up like a candle
I dangle ya ass from an obscure angle
Now bow fool, while you get surprised by my new wave
Mental state, you better work hard while you stay up late
So watch me blow these niggaz straight off of the main stage
From which they stand on, Pass the mic then i rhyme strong
I bring along the weird shit like i'm in hong kong
I look more beastly than king kong in a tight thong
But i never take this motherfucking skill for granted
I tear mic's up while ya'll slackers get disbanded
Your way off land, got lost and most stranded
You try to work me out til your mind thoughts get expanded
ya'll felt astounded, more than before
My uniqeness is the thing that you adore
It penetrates the ground straight to the earth's core
while ya'll get prepared for another years winter war

KERZO 12-12-2007 06:56 AM

(From the freestyle thread)

A'yo check it...

Get up on deck,
Here comes the infamous fermex
I perplex niggaz with my complex lyrical threats
I bust ma glass specs
when i'm having raw sex...with ya mom
I bomb her ass like i was in Vietnam
Camo painted don, I creep up on ya set
These rhymes look shifty like a murder suspect
My illogical mind sets the mass distractions
The Hip-Hop faction just laughs at my shit
I submit my thesis on my close nit wit
But i gotta prove nothing cause all of it's legit
Rappers freeeeeze up when i get lit
Up...and down, i be the renown
Take a blast of the bong, then i pass it all around
Never smoke caramel brown, son, that aint down
I laugh at fake MC's cos they're just clowns
First degree rated, I tease and make you say please
My rhymes are so cold they put ya'll in a deep freeze
You cant understand my words like i was chinese
Raps over now boy so get out before i reprise :satisfy:

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