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100pr00f 03-10-2008 07:54 AM

Step Brothers..new Will Ferrell ...haha
finally a movie that dosnt deal with sports
and it looks funny



LuckyTheWonderDog 03-10-2008 10:55 AM

oDoUoSoKo 03-11-2008 08:49 PM

that looks ok, very funny at parts...but idk about overall feel yet.

100pr00f 03-17-2008 07:49 AM

i think it will be funny..glad thatr the sports theme is over

Storm 03-17-2008 11:32 AM

Looks pretty good, I am kind of getting sick of the sports theme.

SKAMPOE 03-21-2008 03:00 PM

Dope Cant Wait For This

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