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Hollow Dartz 08-06-2008 11:50 PM

Good Game Music...
Which videos games you played, that you think have some good BG music?

I got a few.

Tekken 3
Forest Law

A couple Knuckles themed tracks from Sonic Adventure 2
Meteor Herd

Pumpkin Hill

Aquatic Mine

Death chamber

Super Smash bros.
Metal gear solid theme of love

you got any?

KZA 08-07-2008 12:12 AM

guilty gear fighting series has had some awesome music. i only have the midnight carnival soundtrack

my favorite songs from the sonic adventure series were

city escape
live and learn
open your heart
pumpkin hill
green hill zone
speed highway

tekken 3 my favorites were jin and ninas

marvel vs capcom

mvc2 - carnival nites and the ship level

donkey kong rap

mega man x3 - zeros theme and gravity beetle

dr wily from mega man 2

there more but thats all i can think of atm

metal gear solid series has a great soundtrack

LuckyTheWonderDog 08-07-2008 12:15 AM

I'd have a search Hollow, there was a big thread on this a while back.

Hollow Dartz 08-07-2008 12:49 AM

o for real, my bad this isn't really a chamber im in alot...

LuckyTheWonderDog 08-07-2008 12:51 AM

Yeah I think wade might have started it.

Hollow Dartz 08-07-2008 01:17 AM

well since we can't find it.......what's your shit??

Maccabee Ridah 08-07-2008 11:10 AM

25 To Life has good rap music, well not so dope, but some of the tracks r really dope!


Ritter 08-07-2008 11:14 AM


Hollow Dartz 08-07-2008 11:27 AM

Some more joints I would say, Jak 2 when you getting chased by that big ass spider, that shit was intense as a youngbull....

Hollow Dartz 08-07-2008 11:52 AM

Mic Tyson 08-07-2008 03:40 PM

def jam vendetta of course
i like those knucles tracks on adventure 2 i was jus playin that game yesterday

Hollow Dartz 08-07-2008 03:43 PM

LOL yeah that shit is a classic, my Wii got tooken out of my possession so i can't play it no more.

Mic Tyson 08-07-2008 03:45 PM

oh yeah and parappa the rapper and um jammer lammy when u unlock parappa

LuckyTheWonderDog 08-07-2008 03:50 PM

As far as fitting the game, the Zelda games always have perfect music.

TAURO 08-07-2008 03:53 PM

Streets of Rage 2
Sonic games on the megadrive (genesis)
Castlevania Synphony of the night
Metal Gear Solid
Street fighter 2 (original)

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