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Guarded By Martyrs 10-20-2008 12:15 PM

The Gallery
Welcome To
The Gallery


You Heard No Steps Because There Were None...
Like INS Swift'N'Silent You Could Say I'm Sylaresque
Taking Heads With My Index Without Pulling Tech's
....And Searching For Claire This Is My Only Care....
But She Knows To Beware 4 I Behold True Dispair
Unlike Other Cheerleaders I Know What Her Secret Is
Silent Exquisite Lyrics Like My Tongue Is Featureless
And I Use Immune Devices That Cause Crisis & Panik
Tactics Like Inspector Gadgets Mixed With Black Magic
And It's Tragic How I Fill Cemitaries With Consiglieres....
The Middle Men Get Vaxined And Placed In Quarantine.
Try Survive And You Will Hear The Holiest Of Hymns....
Like When The Cherubims Start To Play The Violins.
Running From Death Just So You Can Chase Tomorrow
When The Footprints Established Vanish In The Snow
Thats When U Know Your Time Is Up All Out Of Luck
Surrounded By Darkstalkers Wish You Were Nightcrawler
To Disapear & Be Safe In What Should We Place Our Faith ?
Packing Gats Or Bombing Facts...A Giant Or Jack ?
I'm Here To Expose 7-Headed Dragons Like Tearmat
Dungeons & Dragons You Can' Phathom Let Alone Imagine
A Rocking Chair Moving By Itself Is Bad For Your Mental Health
Define Knowlegde Of Ones Self ? Bad Hand You've Been Dealt
When I Shine On The Mic Ya'll React Like Gizmo Does To Light
So You Become Hellbound When This Bloodhound Bites Down
You'll Cease To Hear Sound Concrete Room Never To Be Found
And All You Heat Holders With The Brimstone Oddur Smoulder
I Be Cold Like Yoda Using The Green Light Saber To Invade Ya
A Darkside Assailant With The Force Thats Greater Than Vader
Imagine A World Where The Birds Don't Fly & The Dogs Don't Walk
....And Only The The Ones Who Have Something To Offer Can Talk
My Mind Wanders With The Beyonders Diamond Wire Metal Conkers
The Crazy Thoughts I Wield While Lying On The Fence Like Garfield
Oh....And In The Winter Time We Go Walking In The Fields

Guarded By Martyrs 10-20-2008 12:31 PM


whers Moves Incognito....Disapear Like Hiro
To Another Time Zone Brave But Still Fearfull
To Kill The Evil Villain Samurai Blood Spilling
Original Royalty Is Copied Cloned & Sloppy....
So I Say Fuck Anyone Who Sits On A Thrown
=-Servants In Heaven Kings In Hell-=
=-Merchants Of Seven Ring The Bells-=
My Rhymes Open Your 3rd Eye Like A Tuatara
Tongue Friction 4 I Move As Swift As Cheetara
Sucking My Dick I Get Blown Like Pearl Harbor
Much To My Cred I Have Read The Timeless
Unfallable Parables Of The Guidence To Violence
And Survived It Unlike My Bookmark Discarded
Graduated Top Of My Class...At Last The Highest
=-The Sorrow Groans Of Hollow Bones-=
=-Trapped In Chains...Survivor Of Pain-=
Like Braveheart Let Freedom Reign
Father-Time As Old As Crime The Hell's Winter Sign
Mind Of Sylar I Know How Things Work Designed To Hurt
You Be Wishing I Catch Glimpse Of A Cheerleaders Skirt!
I Throw Darts Like Van Barneveld With The Power Of Gargamel
At The Blue Man Group During Their Performance Welcome To Hell
I Was Brought By The Omen To Bring Forth The Sharpest Poems
But There's No Close Shave Approach If You Dare Warning Beware
I'm Against The Grain Like A Right-Handed Polar Bear....Yeah !!!!
Do You Allow Suffering Or Stop Care? Keep For Yourself Or Share?
I Never Been A Pro More Like A Virtuoso Levels Arose Like Crows
Puppet Master Like B-Real With D.R.E. & That Old Bloke Gepetto-
Stromboli Unholy Matrimony With Beheadings At The Wedding
The Man With 3 Arms And No Eyes Refuses To Go With Death
300 = This Is Where We Fight...And Where They Die...Wanna Try ?
I Make You Fly....Like Nathan Petrelli Or Vultures In The Serengeti
I'm Cerebral...Stand Tall As Gothic Cathedrals & Steeples Of Evil....
I See Dead People - But It's Not A Sense They Really Are Dead
Laughing All The Way To The Bank With An Oxygen Tank Friend
Bring Who You Want To Send...This Is No Country For Old Men

Guarded By Martyrs 10-20-2008 12:39 PM

And I Suppose....
It's Only Availiable To Those Who Evolve Their Eyes To Vision From Sight
And The Ones Who Might Are Falling Like A Tattered Kite On A Still Night
This Is The Devil's Delight : How We Have Come To Extiniquish The Light
Demons Given The Green Light To Take Flight Poisoning Trees They Strike
Giving Life To Worms That Squirm Inside The Apples That You Bite
So Please....Think Twice Before You Turn Your Light Out At Night
Of The Unspoken Taboo Subjects That Aren't Considered Right
Or Correct Yet Suspect The Methods Of Bringing Back The Dead
For These Are Legends That Can Never Be Overturned Instead
They Become Labeled Myth & Fade Away Like An Echo Being Said

Guarded By Martyrs 10-20-2008 12:44 PM

To My Man Bronze Feet....
I Step In The Thread & Begin To Stress
Why I'm Complex So Sit Back And Digest....
Since The Dawn Of Time I've Drawn 'n' Painted Pictures, But Barely Rhymed
Then I Was Drafted Into Section 9 For Wordplay Sublime....
I Disconect Spines & Seperate Necks U See The Light Go Down Like A Sunset
Whats Next ? How About The Artist Who Was Blessed....
To Spray The Canvas And Write In The Pad, Weild Aladdin Swords Like Sinbad
But It's The Beat And Page Thats Getting Stabbed
Unlike The Youth In London, Too Much Suffering The Family Trees Are Crumbling
Soon There Will Only Be The Roots Of Nothing, Just An Assumption...
Beware The Total Destruction, All You Get In Class Is Disruption
Hard To Learn, Is The Teacher Concerned ?
Court Adjourned Unleash The Hounds Like Mr Burns
In This Resident Evil All I Need Is Some Herb'n'Fern
My Ashtray's An Earn, It Gets Emptied On Paul Bearer's Terms
I Perfect My Skills Under The Guise Of Darkness
Scalling Buildings Without A Rope Or Harness
The Ones Who Survived Hardship, Stars Shift From Our Starship
Rearranging Galaxies.... Misconceptions Of Atlas And Golf Tees
Doctor Told Me There Is No Remedy My Style Isn't Part Of Me
It Breathes And Lets Me Jump In When It Thinks I'm Ready
To Step To The Plate Like Prince Fielder I Hold Weight
A Thin Line Between Argument And Debate, On Time Or A Minute Late
Coincidence Or Fate Goosebumps Quake When Hearing "Vakill ~ Can You Relate"
I Roll With Molemen With The Force Of The Omen Swing The Sword Of Conan
My Blade Leaves Enemies Looking Like Melted Snowmen!
Feather Quil Pen Sever Made Men With Discreation Not To Mention
Beheading Avenging Masked Men With My Section 9 Emblem
This Is Golden Arms Redemption Godzilla's Hour Of Reckoning
Which Is Greater To Hold...The Answers Or The Questions

Guarded By Martyrs 10-20-2008 12:50 PM


Angels Beyond Catastrophic Distillation
Even Forge Grafitti Hieroglyphics Indentations
Japanese Killer Lacerating Malacious Ninjas
Oblivious Protecting Queens Royalties
Sorcery Turning Unicorns Veins Watery
X'ing Your Zoid-Army...

THE MASON 10-20-2008 12:52 PM

Damn whers, you jus droppin mad darts!!

Some crazy drops tho, Peace

Guarded By Martyrs 10-20-2008 12:52 PM

Hahaha...nah these are my verses since I started.
So they are all together and in time I can look back and compare.

SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS 10-20-2008 12:53 PM

whers wit the imagery painting pic 4 fun huh

Guarded By Martyrs 10-20-2008 12:55 PM

Thanks Shizzah...I Got 'Em In The Piledriver
Like Zangief Your Gonna Need More Than A Handkerchief
Coz You Be Deceased For Showing A Lack Of Belief...
Me & The Shizz Kid....We Silence Beats
From London To Belgrade Our Style Is Tailor Made
With A Touch Of Black Swede On Headstones Names Are Engraved
Zombies Rise Out Of The Grave And Feast On The Afraid
You'll Be Amazed At The Display But Wish You Never Stayed
Yo It's Been A Long Time...Since I Wrote My Last Rhyme
Come Through Rocking A Sword On My Arm Like Optimus Prime
I Bring A New Meaning To "Off The Top Of The Dome"
When I Point At Yours...And Watch You Moan
Picture A Platoon Of Baboons Hanging From Baloons Holding Harpoons
Or Apostles Reading Demonic Gospels I Burn Your Eyes Like Hostel
I'm Colossal Take You Deeper Than Fossils
Or The Dreams Of Stephen Hawkins Anything Is Possible
I Bring Forth The Warmth Of Hell And The Weapons Of Heaven
Like Six And Seven You Got No Clue Where You Heading
The Secret Societies Are Running The Globe...
Turning It To Mould But I Doubt The Truth Will Ever Be Told
I Don't Know Have To Wait And See Untill I Grow Old

Guarded By Martyrs 10-20-2008 12:57 PM


My Eyes Haven't Closed For Over A Year And I Fear....
That I Will Never Dream Again Eyes Strained Ears In Pain
Like All I Ever Hear Are The Chimes Of Big Ben
So With The Pen I Transcend & Start To Comprehend
Why Sleep Is No Longer My Friend?
I Toss And Turn Let The Ganja Burn
And As The Clock Hands Turn....
It's Like My Eye-Lids Have Been Burned
Look Out Of My Window Listening To Kiss Of A Black Widow
Flip The Pillow I Can't Sleep All I Can Hear Is My Heart Beat
Accompanied By The Sound Of My Blood Flow...
Is It Me Or Does The Joker Look Like The Crow?
And Didn't They Both Die While Filming Bewildering
Similar To The Abilites That I Was Concealing...
Like Holding A Man Up On The Ceeling-
Now My Eyes Are Closing....
Should I Surrender Or Endeavour?
Will It Be Like This Forever?
Brain Swirling Like A Propeller And It Severs
The Top Of Your Skull Whether Friend Or Foe
If You Got Shit I Ain't....Yo I Wanna Know
whers Remembers The Days Of Old....
Making Angels In Snow When I Was Too Young To Know
But Now My Search Is Fast & Frantic Born To Do Damage
It's All Semantics....But When I Killed That Mechanic
For A While I Couldn't Stand It Somehow My Weakness Expanded
But Through Time I Finally Came To Understand It....
And Now I Can Hear A Pin Drop From Miles Away
Without Delay Pretty Amazing Wouldn't You Say ?
Like MK....I Stalk My Enemy Like Prey!
And Deliver Fatal Hits...On Some Fight Club Shit
Everywhere I Turn I See Brad Pitt....

OTB 10-21-2008 09:21 PM

^one of the best drops i EVER read whers-

props bruh-

Guarded By Martyrs 11-26-2008 08:34 PM


I Play With My Katana Blade While Traveling Through A Maze Puffin' On Marijuana Blaze
Evade Bullet's Quickness With Samurai Swiftness Like My Man SHEEPISH I'm Ballistic
Who Is This? It's The Man Who Was Born To Weild A Sword - Word Is Bond
Cut The Beat Of The Song & Strecth Your Insides Further Than James Pond
Ninja Star Shirukens Stick To U Like Lost Kids Noses Sniffing Glue!
And Between Me & You....This Vasto Lord's Sword Was Never New
Older Than The Earth Itself We Convene With Supreme Stealth....
Instrument Of Death Slaughters Crafted In Section 9's Hidden Quaters
Designed By Extraterrestrials The Outcome - Beyond Exeptional
It Makes Jedi And Siths Look Like They Swinging Vegetables...
You Get Stared Down Like Papellbon On The Mound
Hattori Hanzō Would Be Proud

Guarded By Martyrs 12-11-2008 10:13 AM

Rekindled By God's Breath
You Fall At The Last Stretch Like The Mets!
Look At This Joker - You Get Pulled From The Deck
On A Ship We Play Poker While Throughout The Ocean You're Swept
Standing Against Me You Get More Than A Cold Shoulder....
You'll Be Bleeding Before You Can Reach For Your Holster!
I Stick To Tracks Like Rollercoasters Hood Form On Demand Verbal Cobra
My Venom Cause Veins To Start Swellin' Slick Like The Art Of Storytelling
No Question I've Retired More Felons Than Those Slain By Mack Elevens
More Rhymes Than You've Held Knieves & This Ain't Even My Profession!
Get Sent To Heaven For Steppin' Little Fledgeling - You Helpless & Weak
You Rely On Your Mother's Beak Every Fucking Day Of The Week
wera Couldn't Spark Shit With Two Pieces Of Flint....Stones Thrown
Cracking Bones & Skulls Your Done You Get Hit On The Head Like Fred Son
Knocking On His Door Screaming At The Top Of His Lungs....
But No One Comes....Face It What Is This A Face Lift?
Your A Knock-Off Of The Crow Before I Put My Face On Show
Cupid Got Taken Out With A Crossbow! Said He Couldn't Reach His Arrow
God Had No Time For His Quivering Excuses And Said : "Your Useless"
Proceeded To Blow A Kiss....And This Was The New Blueprint
Of How Love Would Now Transmit....Yo - Planetary & Crypt
Is The Only Outerspace You Know Of Kid....
I Travel Across The Cosmos With A Wingspan Wider Than An Albatros
Never Stray Off Course I'm The One Who Taught Yoda The Force
WhyHeEverReallyStepped ? I'll Never Know...But Fuck Remorse

Guarded By Martyrs 12-11-2008 10:15 AM

Into Insignificance Mr Magnificent'n'Bronze Feet Hold Down Perimeters
Got Stocks In Rizlas, Bud Smoke Ridiculous, Puffin On Long Cylinders
Moving Inconspicuous Vision Of The Listeners Teaching Illiterates....
With The Deliverance Of A Masters Brilliance, A Punchbag's Reziliance
Casting Light In The Shadows Of Currupt Ministers & Snake Slitherers
Mere Beginners Advanced Sinners Trust In God Or The Coming Of Dusk
Like When Candle Wicks Are Touched Without A Flame....
Yet Cast Light All The Same Legends Left For You To Judge
Unknown Existance The Oldest Of Scriptures Paint Raphaelic Pictures
With Da Vinci Synchronicity Aparently Your Only Seeing 10% Of Me ?
Please....Opponents Think They Overseeing My Degrees
I've Got Shinigami Eyes & They're Twenty-Twenty That Mean
I See More Thats Whats In Front Of Me Create A Monstrosity
A Dark Horrific Scene That I Convene Inbetween These Lines
After Your Face And Name Are Seen Nightmares VS Dreams
While I Retain Many Powers Welcome To This Thing Of Ours
Where We Attend Meetings Where Nothing Is Said....
And Seek Out The Ones Who Deserve To Be Dead
The Type That Fled With Secrets Broken Never Kept
Friends Change Like Clark Kent - It's The Truth....
They Never Call And They Always In The Phone Booth
Only Thing That I Change Is My Stlye From Time To Time
Metamorphasize The Rhyme Like A Contortionist's Spine
Suck Up Portals Kill Immortals Swimming In Glue By Myself With You!
My Shadow Step Too Complex To Digress Hone In On Your Weak Defence
Like Cess To Your Chest Backs To Canvas From A Flawless Suplex Holding Techs
Only Thing You Will Recieve Is A Bullet In The Leg Like Plexico Bures....Oh Yes
Me & The Bronze Mason Nothing To Test Violent By Design Heavenly Devine
Jedi Minds Sublime So Remain Focussed If You Wanna Step To Hocus-Pocus
Crow'n'Jokers Atlas Broken Shoulders Hooded Cobras Spittin Venom At The Vultures
What I've Begun To Notice Is We Living In The Land Of The Hopeless
When The Final Hour Approaches....They'll Be Nothing But Roaches

Guarded By Martyrs 12-11-2008 10:16 AM


From A Commander To A Slave....
My Name Will Be Ingraved And Displayed
In History Books....Beyond The Work Of Crooks My Life Was Left Shook
My Was Wife Left Hanging Like A Fish On A Cruel Fishermans Hook
The Branches Of My Family Tree Were Ripped And Severed
Left In A Crypt But Forever Remembered
Those Responsible Will Be September 11th'd
I Carved A Boulder Into A Ring Holding A Rose I Propossed
No Regrets Only Wish I Done It Sooner....
You Could Say I Made The Ring Rock Like Yokozuna!
For My Queen Was As Beautiful As Athena Why I Black-Out In Arenas
To My Opponets I Stand Taller Than Godzilla Surronded By Stone Pillars
ODB Lied About Ghostface Killah....I'm The One Thats Iller!
Like A Deadicated Binge Drinker Strike With The Force Of Silverback Gorillas
Speak Wise Like Master Splinter Ninja Blood Spiller With The Speed Of A Cheetah
When You Come Into Contact Your Brain Will Be Beneath Ya....
Like Playing Chicken With A Rhinosaurus Your Left Ruined Like Galapagos
Snap Your Back Like The Jaws Of A Hippopotamus Your Arsenal Is Monotomous
Your Facing The Mind Of Sylar I Walk With 10 Men Friend, Ain't No One Stoppin' Us
The Dark Ghost Phantom You Can't Phathom Reside Inside Insanity's Sanctum
Haunted Like Luigi's Mansion We Leave You Scarred Like Alan Hansen
Blaze Phat L's U Smoke Thin Joints....I'm Contensious, No Repentance
Pin-Point On Every Sentence I Recontsruct The Death Of Isaac Mendez
The GFX Apprentice - With A Brush I'm Relentless....
With A Pen I'm A Section 9 Representative In My Element When Displaying Penmanship
The Sands Of Time Swirl As I Recite My Rhymes The Time Taveller Of Section 9
Define The Meaning Of Turn Back Time And Undermine Those With Weak Spines
I Climb To My Feet For I Know Not Defeat I Remain True To This Promise I Keep
So As My Bicep Flex I Will Have My Vengence....In This Life Or The Next

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