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arcane 09-08-2005 10:10 AM

Any Worldbeat heads?
Just to be clear on what I'm talking about:

"In popular music, worldbeat refers to any style of music which fuses folk music from non-traditional sources (essentially, outside the Appalachian folk and Celtic traditions) with Western rock or other pop influences." - From Wikipedia

I usually think of worldbeat as a fusion consisting of let's say 'ethnic' music (for lack of a better word) and electronic accompaniment - usually heavy on the bass and drums.

Anyway, I love this shit - can't get enough. I have a few outstanding albums, my favourite of which is probably a compilation called Arabesque. I also have albums from Christophe Goze, compilations called World Beats, Buddha Beats, and some other shit...

I'll up some tracks later.

LordAnk 09-08-2005 01:49 PM

Re: Any Worldbeat heads?
if htey sound anythin similar to the tracks on dmusic i would be done to listen to them shits
def up some of that

arcane 09-08-2005 01:55 PM

Re: Any Worldbeat heads?
Cool - like I said I'll up some of that later...

Welcome back by the way - this is the first I've seen of you since the site went down. I remember our battles back in the day, haha.

arcane 09-08-2005 06:13 PM

Re: Any Worldbeat heads?

One of my favourites... Stereo MC's - Fever (Steve Hillage Remix)

arcane 09-10-2005 08:34 PM

Re: Any Worldbeat heads?
Peep this track and drop feedback! I want to know if anybody else likes shit like this...

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