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Taskmaster 09-20-2005 04:16 PM

Impending DOOM

Global warming has passed the point of no return

A record loss of sea ice in the Arctic this summer has convinced scientists
that the northern hemisphere may have crossed a critical threshold beyond
which the climate may never recover. Scientists fear that the Arctic has
now entered an irreversible phase of warming which will accelerate the loss
of the polar sea ice that has helped to keep the climate stable for
thousands of years.

They believe global warming is melting Arctic ice so rapidly that the
region is beginning to absorb more heat from the sun, causing the ice to
melt still further and so reinforcing a vicious cycle of melting and heating.

The greatest fear is that the Arctic has reached a "tipping point" beyond
which nothing can reverse the continual loss of sea ice and with it the
massive land glaciers of Greenland, which will raise sea levels dramatically.

Satellites monitoring the Arctic have found that the extent of the sea ice
this August has reached its lowest monthly point on record, dipping an
unprecedented 18.2 per cent below the long-term average.

Experts believe that such a loss of Arctic sea ice in summer has not
occurred in hundreds and possibly thousands of years. It is the fourth year
in a row that the sea ice in August has fallen below the monthly downward
trend - a clear sign that melting has accelerated.

Scientists are now preparing to report a record loss of Arctic sea ice for
September, when the surface area covered by the ice traditionally reaches
its minimum extent at the end of the summer melting period.

Sea ice naturally melts in summer and reforms in winter but for the first
time on record this annual rebound did not occur last winter when the ice
of the Arctic failed to recover significantly.

Arctic specialists at the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre at Colorado
University, who have documented the gradual loss of polar sea ice since
1978, believe that a more dramatic melt began about four years ago.

In September 2002 the sea ice coverage of the Arctic reached its lowest
level in recorded history. Such lows have normally been followed the next
year by a rebound to more normal levels, but this did not occur in the
summers of either 2003 or 2004. This summer has been even worse. The
surface area covered by sea ice was at a record monthly minimum for each of
the summer months - June, July and now August.

Scientists analysing the latest satellite data for September - the
traditional minimum extent for each summer - are preparing to announce a
significant shift in the stability of the Arctic sea ice, the northern
hemisphere's major "heat sink" that moderates climatic extremes.

"The changes we've seen in the Arctic over the past few decades are nothing
short of remarkable," said Mark Serreze, one of the scientists at the Snow
and Ice Data Centre who monitor Arctic sea ice.

Scientists at the data centre are bracing themselves for the 2005 annual
minimum, which is expected to be reached in mid-September, when another
record loss is forecast. A major announcement is scheduled for 20
September. "It looks like we're going to exceed it or be real close one way
or the other. It is probably going to be at least as comparable to
September 2002," Dr Serreze said.

"This will be four Septembers in a row that we've seen a downward trend.
The feeling is we are reaching a tipping point or threshold beyond which
sea ice will not recover."

The extent of the sea ice in September is the most valuable indicator of
its health. This year's record melt means that more of the long-term ice
formed over many winters - so called multi-year ice - has disappeared than
at any time in recorded history.

Sea ice floats on the surface of the Arctic Ocean and its neighbouring seas
and normally covers an area of some 7 million square kilometres (2.4
million square miles) during September - about the size of Australia.
However, in September 2002, this dwindled to about 2 million square miles -
16 per cent below average.

Sea ice data for August closely mirrors that for September and last month's
record low - 18.2 per cent below the monthly average - strongly suggests
that this September will see the smallest coverage of Arctic sea ice ever

As more and more sea ice is lost during the summer, greater expanses of
open ocean are exposed to the sun which increases the rate at which heat is
absorbed in the Arctic region, Dr Serreze said.

Sea ice reflects up to 80 per cent of sunlight hitting it but this "albedo
effect" is mostly lost when the sea is uncovered. "We've exposed all this
dark ocean to the sun's heat so that the overall heat content increases,"
he explained.

Current computer models suggest that the Arctic will be entirely ice-free
during summer by the year 2070 but some scientists now believe that even
this dire prediction may be over-optimistic, said Professor Peter Wadhams,
an Arctic ice specialist at Cambridge University.

"When the ice becomes so thin it breaks up mechanically rather than
thermodynamically. So these predictions may well be on the over-optimistic
side," he said.

As the sea ice melts, and more of the sun's energy is absorbed by the
exposed ocean, a positive feedback is created leading to the loss of yet
more ice, Professor Wadhams said.

"If anything we may be underestimating the dangers. The computer models may
not take into account collaborative positive feedback," he said.

Sea ice keeps a cap on frigid water, keeping it cold and protecting it from
heating up. Losing the sea ice of the Arctic is likely to have major
repercussions for the climate, he said. "There could be dramatic changes to
the climate of the northern region due to the creation of a vast expanse of
open water where there was once effectively land," Professor Wadhams said.
"You're essentially changing land into ocean and the creation of a huge
area of open ocean where there was once land will have a very big impact on
other climate parameters," he said.


The Independent, "Global warming 'past the point of no return'", 16
September 2005.

Severe weather danger increased by global warming

Global warming linked to increase of hurricanes

HURRICANES of the intensity of Katrina have become almost twice as common
over the past 35 years, according to research suggesting that global
warming could be worsening severe storms.

The overall frequency of tropical storms worldwide has remained broadly
static since 1970, but the number of extreme Category 4 and 5 events has
risen sharply, satellite measurements have shown.

Since 1990 an average of 18 Category 4 and 5 storms, of similar strength to
Hurricane Katrina, have occurred every year, compared with an average of 10
in the 1970s, US scientists have found.

Ocean surface temperatures — one of the key drivers of hurricane intensity
— have increased by an average of 0.5C (0.9F) over the same period,
indicating a potential connection to global warming.

Researchers said that it was too early to be certain that climate change is
fuelling stronger hurricanes, but such a link would be consistent with the
best predictions of the likely effects of warmer seas.

Tropical storms, which always form over water, are known as hurricanes when
they occur over the Atlantic, and as typhoons or cyclones in the Pacific
and Indian Oceans. The storms are heat engines that build intensity by
sucking up more and more water vapour, generating winds of more than 100mph

Category 4 hurricanes sustain winds of between 131mph and 155mph, and the
biggest Category 5 storms blow at 156mph or more. Hurricane Katrina reached
Category 5 at its peak over the Gulf of Mexico and stood at Category 4 when
it devastated New Orleans and Mississippi.

In the latest study, published today in the journal Science, a team led by
Peter Webster, of the Georgia Institute of Technology, analysed all the
satellite records of hurricanes and typhoons since 1970.

“What we found was rather astonishing,” he said. “In the 1970s, there was
an average of about 10 Category 4 and 5 hurricanes per year. Since 1990,
the number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has almost doubled, averaging 18
per year.”

Judith Curry, his colleague, said: “Category 4 and 5 storms are also making
up a larger share of the total number of hurricanes. Category 4 and 5
hurricanes made up about 20 per cent of all hurricanes in the 1970s, but
over the past decade they have accounted for about 35 per cent of these

The findings, Dr Webster said, could be a result of global warming, though
he said much more research was needed.

“Our work is consistent with the concept that there is a relationship
between increasing sea surface temperature and hurricane intensity,” he
said. “However, it’s not a simple relationship.” Several recent studies
indicate that intense storms can be expected to become more common with
climate change. In August, research by Kerry Emmanuel, of the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, published in Nature, found that the destructive
energy of hurricanes had increased in line with rising ocean temperatures.
“We are clearly seeing the same signal in the data,” Dr Emmanuel said

Another Science paper, by Kevin Trenberth, of the US National Centre for
Atmospheric Research, found in July that there is 2 per cent more water
vapour above the oceans today than there was in 1988. This suggests that
more water will be drawn into swirling tropical storms, generating higher
wind speeds and greater rainfall.


The Times, "Global warming linked to increase of hurricanes", 16 September

Slippy The Pimp 09-20-2005 04:39 PM

Re: Impending DOOM
yo there's truth in that global warming shit-

I've been to the arcitc circle before- very close the the magnetic north pole- relolute bay-
I visited with the inuit that lived in that little town on Ice- they told me every year the summer's get warmer and get longer- they siad every year they notice more Ice melting

all humans need to re-evalute how we're all living before are kids end up living in

"Water World"

Taskmaster 09-20-2005 04:55 PM

Re: Impending DOOM
according to the study its too late for all that....i vote for human space poineering like it was in the wil west it should be like that for space...but usaully when i say stuff like that somthing comes out a week later saying someones already got plans to do it....listen if we used nuclear tech. in space we could build like a mock mini earth ya know? shit like that young its real and its gonna happen

LHX 09-20-2005 05:09 PM

Re: Impending DOOM
anybody know where i can get some life jackets?

or do anybody know how i can turn myself into a dolphin?

Taskmaster 09-20-2005 05:27 PM

Re: Impending DOOM
dolpman lol i always thought what would a half human half dolphin would look like...im thinking that it would look like the "grey" alien

soul controller 09-20-2005 06:23 PM

Re: Impending DOOM
hmm im not sure, global warming might exist to an extent, but im not sure if that is the whole
im sure the people releaseing chemicals into the atmosphere KNOW what they are doing, i see that more as their changeing the atmosphere,,, for evolution? maybe not, but they know they are fucking us up. but otherwise global warming is well not tha real deal, maybe on the terms of the earths magnetic field speeding up and vibrateing on a higher frequency,,, the best i can explain this in phsyical terms is..

most people say TIME goes fast, most of my mates etc. they allsay it does.. no one says it goes slow.people who i know hwo meditate and use the right hand side of the mind more, they say time is normal. every day is the same. as time.. well time does not exist we created it. but time for me also is normal not slow or fast
umm an example!
say u see a car zoom past.
u r in the car, as the world zooms past.
thirdly u r running as fast as the car, and u are going the same speed.


Koolish 09-20-2005 10:47 PM

well you better hope apocalyptic 2012 comes before we all drown. cause drowning sucks.
Volcano Classic

TeknicelStylez 09-21-2005 04:21 AM

Re: Impending DOOM
Werd up, thats all I ask is not to drown, you can blow me up, smash me, shoot me in the face, w/e I just don't want to drown. DROWNING FUCKING BLOWS!

Visionz 09-21-2005 05:00 AM

Re: Impending DOOM
In respect to soul controller, time has to be a real element because you can witness it's effects. Granted it's more a unit of measurement for motion but everyting is constantly moving. The only way time couldn't exist was if everything stood absolutly still but that would never happen. Perception of time is relative, has to be but that doesn't keep it from being real. peace

LHX 09-21-2005 09:12 AM

Re: Impending DOOM

Originally Posted by Eric Unseen
In respect to soul controller, time has to be a real element because you can witness it's effects. Granted it's more a unit of measurement for motion but everyting is constantly moving. The only way time couldn't exist was if everything stood absolutly still but that would never happen. Perception of time is relative, has to be but that doesn't keep it from being real. peace

i was about to take this argument apart

but it has some good points

'motion' is a bit of a mind fuck
cause and effect suggests no alternative to our actions - which means that what looks like 'motion' is just a sort of travelling

(time travelling?)

LHX 09-21-2005 09:13 AM

Re: Impending DOOM
drowning does suck ass

which is why it would be ill shit to turn into a dolphin

is that what happened to kevin costner in waterworld?

soul controller 09-21-2005 09:16 AM

Re: Impending DOOM
peace, i think i mis typed what i meant.. ido that a lot :|

by time being not real i meant, time is the main thing we judge everything on,
if we stopped and how u did, see what time is, then it really wouldnt be what it is to us now,
thats what i meant by it dont exist, it does exist, but it is not important as what it is led to believe, at this moment time controls our lives, jobs, tv programmes meeting people,, everyhting needs to be planned,,

but the way time is, best explained by

life is too short.... the mega phrase that everyone has used.

if your life is too short.. tell me,.. what is it that u will do,, that is longer than life?


Taskmaster 09-21-2005 02:11 PM

Re: Impending DOOM
i was reading late last night about the universe...age of aquarius...and new agers...2012 is apocolpic only to those who are unjust.


universe is about 13.7 billion years old give or take 200 mil years. now ponder that.

the earth is about 4.55 billion (4.55 × 109) years old. ponder that

humans are about 200,000 years old. ponder that

humans have made the most technological jump in 100 years. ponder that

now with all that in account i beilive humans have evolved like a circle. Over time the circle comes back to an original point but keeps going. I think humans and other civilizations within the universe have done that. i beilive everything is in constant circles and never ending always going...this could be applied to the spirit.

in lamens terms i think weve been here before. atlantis was said to have computers....i think the people who built the gaza pyrimid i think they built space ships also and left...when you do ponder and take everything in account it seems right.

Mixtape Mutt 09-21-2005 02:55 PM

Re: Impending DOOM
I don't want to drown. And whats this apocalyptic 2012? I don't really know how to swim all that much. I can swim, but I don't know if I can swim all my life. I have a plan, we turn Wu Corp into an actual community and super impose ourselves into cyber space and live amongst eachother. But we'd need a lot more women...I'm not living in a sasauge fest.

Taskmaster 09-21-2005 03:01 PM

Re: Impending DOOM

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