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Giflord 09-03-2009 02:39 AM

Does the success of the Wu not show n prove the power of the 5% ??
This just came across my mind, for all the non-understanders:

It is plainly obvious that RZA and the clan use the dominant intelligent thought patterns of the 5%, to make music and handle business. RZA's 5 year plan and other things were born through 5% thought so just curious that people can call this science stupid and whatnot but then listen to these dudes, and talk about how sick and original they are. Where do u think all this came from???


NIGHT MAYOR 09-03-2009 02:55 AM


*looks at watch*

*looks at sunny*

*looks at watch*

Giflord 09-03-2009 03:02 AM

lemme predict his typical 1 word answer:


Giflord 09-03-2009 03:08 AM


Originally Posted by Fredy Mech (Post 1674597)

*looks at watch*

*looks at sunny*

*looks at watch*

actually tho, this is kinda typical response around here. unless ur Sunny, u dont knowledge what is being said. When these Wu rappers CONSTANTLY drop jewels and lessons in their rhymes, most people just take it as empty words not understanding that it is because of that, that they are so successful. it is due to that that there was a separation between them and most other rappers of their time.

When i was younger i didnt go deeper into them because i didnt know. but now that im a but older things are different...

Mic Tyson 09-03-2009 03:17 AM

this is a crazy idea, but maybe its because they are great rappers and rza is a great producer

rat fakerman 09-03-2009 06:32 AM

Yeah, it probably has nothing at all to do with the quality of their music, and more to do with the crack pot ideas they slipped into a handful of tracks.

ALCATRAZ 09-03-2009 06:43 AM


Mumm Ra 09-03-2009 08:02 AM

obviously natural talent is to blame for most of their success
but nobody can deny there wouldn't ever be a wu-tang clan without the 5%

they would've just been another...i dunno, bone thugz, talking about the same shit in every song
i think you'd be hard pressed to find 5 out of 1000 wu tracks where they don't drop at least one 5% reference - it's always been the foundation of their music

Prolifical ENG 09-03-2009 08:38 AM

You could say the same for the origin of hip-hop.

djskillz 09-03-2009 10:38 AM


Black Man 09-03-2009 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by Prolifical ENG (Post 1674727)
You could say the same for the origin of hip-hop.

Right...there wouldn't be any hiphop without Allah's 5%.

DrBold241 09-03-2009 02:27 PM

philosophy in hip hop is good period.
intellectual rhyming, that i won't blame on the al-al-al-alcohol.

Giflord 09-04-2009 02:32 AM

Its kinda hard to describe, but all the orgininality they had was largely due to the way they saw the world due to being appart of the nation of gods and earths.

An example:

The whole kung fu shit, and shoalin in general. RZA drew up a parallel between how these east asians would train their body and mind in a shaolin temple to learn kung fu. If there was a master in the village it was implied that he was infact of a higher intelligence level due to being so disciplined that he was able to master his art. someone with an "85" type mentality would not have been able to be so skilled.

RZA took this training mentallity and applied it to the other side of the world in the ghetto. He took n**gas minds to the "shaolin temple" where they would train and elevate themselves and learn "kung fu".

There are prob many more examples but in general, the elevated consciousness possed by these 5% "kung fu" masters gave them site to create beats, rhymes and visuals that could not be matched by typical "85s". Ive been listening to them for over 10 years and still find new meanings/jewels in songs that ive heard hundreds of times.

Thats just the way i cee it.


Giflord 09-04-2009 03:09 AM

Even their stance and walk is influenced by the fact that allah dwells within them...

Giflord 09-04-2009 03:20 AM

Also the fact that RZA was the leader/Abbott of the clan. He was Captain and his job was to give orders to the Lieutenants. The Lieutenants were humble and without ego so they went along with the RZA,s vision...

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