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Uncle Steezo 12-20-2009 10:35 AM

WuFamily Feud 2009 Edition
in this thread tonight Sunday.
7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern / 3am London/ (Monday) 2pm sydney


SKAMPOE 12-20-2009 04:47 PM

Coolio doooood

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy 12-20-2009 05:04 PM


JASPER 12-20-2009 05:08 PM

The fuck is this?

Uncle Steezo 12-20-2009 05:36 PM

the greatest game in wucorp history...
WuFamily Feud 2008


Uncle Steezo 12-20-2009 09:41 PM

is everybody ready? game time in 20 mins.
i got 6 rds for today and i'll throw in a couple bonus rds tomorrow if i got time.

check two 12-20-2009 09:50 PM

ha ha

food for thought 12-20-2009 10:00 PM

hahaha nice!!

PALEHORSE 12-20-2009 10:00 PM

im playing

Uncle Steezo 12-20-2009 10:01 PM

ok here we go....

food for thought 12-20-2009 10:01 PM

yo im playing too

Uncle Steezo 12-20-2009 10:03 PM

one answer per post.
don't flood the thread. wait till i quote ur answer before posting again.
lols and hahahahas etc are cool.
there are no right or wrong answers, only funny and unfunny ones.

Dooch 12-20-2009 10:06 PM

im in

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy 12-20-2009 10:06 PM

go go gadget

Uncle Steezo 12-20-2009 10:11 PM

We asked 100 wucorp members to name a reason TSA would call the Police.
Top 7 answers are on the board.


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