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THE MASON 03-12-2010 11:19 AM

Beat Battle Procedures - Please Read
Beat Battle Rules

1. To Challenge someone to a battle, make an open callout thread or challenge someone specifically. Please keep battles to one vs one (unless challenger specifies otherwise, DO NOT FLOOD THREADS!! If you see a challenge has been accepted then leave it alone)

2. After the two beat makers have been decided, an outside source will supply a sample (either myself, Infinity, or someone). If no one has supplied a sample then both contestants supply one and go from there.

3. If you start a battle, make sure you have time to finish the battle. No one likes to wait around, so for this reason it will be MANDATORY to submit beats for the battle within ONE week.

4. When beats are finished PM either myself or Infinity your finished beat, so we can make the voting thread with a poll. DO NOT post them in the call out thread, as it will be closed.

5. NO voting for yourself in battles.

Peace, and bang out ladies!!!

THE MASON 03-10-2011 09:10 PM


6.If no sample is provided, then combatants of beat battle may decide on own ground rules for said battle. ex. genre based battle such as Jazz samples only from a certain artist.

this is too allow for battles to be done quicker and hopefully increase activity. peace

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