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Braindead 03-19-2010 06:29 AM

Braindead VS anyone
Who wanna battle? 16's. Peace!

60051 03-27-2010 11:49 PM

word is born light enters the ready like fight psalm
Incite the calm endevour mentor it on steady then sight gone
If right wrong, Hell and Love the difference, what is given?
in armageddon keeping lifted heads assistance isn't system

It's a prison and we live it, progress halted in this heaven
Zion stilted, rhyme uphill kidd to be seven, God is memory
and deviant from pastor's preachin it, I keep in it I seeking
self and reaching heathens kidd, remind the demons guilt

is bliss and redemptions the key to cysts that are more cure
than being missed by radars peak and loving shit that isn't
weak run with the gift that ancients speak of in the nation's
guide that kissed the word of God but ran asaunder, shift

the power balance harder there's no martyr without truth
no concentration given proof there's only rule, creation's
roof , the destination asiatic black and skinless find, it's truth
trust in the mind I have no time there is just time there is no time


Reason beaming harder, feeling deep when seasons cauterize
the pain, burn I old name with wisdom, water remove gain
errode the stain of being pure, corrode the shame I have incurred
release the cain from killing earth, release the same from being

worth and being worse to reconcile the dirt and trees with something
vile, dirt mcgirt might last a while but the God goes on in style, utter
knowledge accentuate the shirt from off the back I see inert, see
demonstration calm the curse, Cee Born Equality I flirt

and find in numbers jewels and words, Cee Y the Lord has only herbs,
creation, lines and being curt when 10% arrive to serve the purpose
given by a word not of Lord God but skimming songs and limits on
the land, Qu'ran, inhibits God from being all, as if the object isn't stalled

by fact, nothing stand lone intact without the stack of power backed
divine, erect the slack to bring the mind more sign of God and Louder
kick the heavy shit devour those that ready to encounter rhymes that
maybe keep it shrouded
cancel doubt and shout it
How king? live in heaven

Don't vote 60051 tho, -Lord Joker JAH king Infinite

psycho the mask 03-28-2010 09:15 AM

i'll face you

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