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Fragmented 10-03-2005 05:43 PM

chaos creates order divisions etc
right now i've been reflecting on chaos = order as power = corruption x greed

what purpous is success if the emptyness that consume us doesn't fall away.

see the security of knowledge of self is fine but whagt is 100% certainty apart from death?

the only thing i really see is the order amoungst violence and terrorism, who can we trust? what is truth, what is happyness, whats the difference ?

7EL7 10-03-2005 06:05 PM

Re: chaos creates order divisions etc
when you asked your self this what answers did you get ?

Fragmented 10-03-2005 06:12 PM

Re: chaos creates order divisions etc
seriously in all honesty, i know religion isn't for me, to many significant numbers in all of them, whats truth, i don't know i know my life is manipulated by devil dark or light, all a corformation of deceit, to me death = stage of being, my knowledge of self is very little

honestly though what can we trust the tainted touch of peoples greed touches even the purest forms of knowledge


nut_end 10-04-2005 06:57 AM

Re: chaos creates order divisions etc
the chaos of a "race" that is ordered by politics that in itself has divisions leaves people to become self serving, either that or selfless with the gap between populated to both sides. what's certain besides death is anything (mainly the intangibles) that you can grasp or feel where you know it to be true to yourself not relying on others to verify cosing or back up, that gut feeling or intuition where beyond the shadow of doubt, is death so certain or is there reincarnation which would state nothing is as what seems appears, if you really want to make sure something is certain with you run a check list: what's being given, granted, taken, offered, how can it be a prosperous undeertaking.

truth being real with your self that person talking back in mirror, trust when the rewards equal or surpass the intial investment - going for broke, happy can think for yourself where no one can tell you anything about thyself --> know thyself and what thyself gravitates to and repels against - temperments, know your vices and virtues, know faults and work with to work on, be selfless withknowledge -> facts are facts.

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