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36chambers 10-04-2005 09:11 PM

To all those who are fasting right now through Ramadam, goodluck to you all. Must be really tough.

Can someone explain to me what goes on between Fasting such as, how long it lasts for and when you can eat and other details, I heard you cant brush your teeth with toothpaste either, as that has flavouring in. Please post. Im very intreagued.

I have a couple of friends fasting right now so i respect people that do. I just want to find out more about it, and i coudnt think of a better place to come! :)


Wooly Noggins 10-04-2005 09:14 PM

Re: Fasting
no food or water is to enter the mouth from SUNrise to SUNset

some people are fanatical about it some are not
but it does cleanse the mind and soul

if done correctly it can make you look better too

your skin will be clearer you'll think clearer and move faster

fasting truly works wonders

here are some words on fasting

How to Eat to Live, Book One

Why and How We Fast in December


1 I have chosen (for quite a few years) the month of December for my followers to fast as in the month of Ramadan. It serves as a sign that we (the Lost and Found Nation) are the end of all signs pertaining to the pilgrimage and fasting in the month of Ramadan.

2 We fast the 12th month of the Christian year to relieve ourselves of having once worshipped that month as the month in which Jesus was born. It is now known and agreed upon by the scholars and scientists of religion that nothing of the kind took place 2,000 years ago. Jesus was born, not in the month of December , but rather -- as God has revealed it and according to the season that history claims existed in that time -- the first or second week in September.

3 The Christians have made holidays which are used mostly for commercialization. They buy wine, whiskey and beer and fatten up pigs and hogs for the kill and roast this divinely-prohibited flesh to celebrate what the Christians call the birthday of the Son of Mary. Jesus condemned such things as drunkenness and the eating of swine flesh.

4 Nimrod was an enemy of God and one who came in the last 300 years of the 2,000 years of Moses. He led the white man against the laws of Moses and worship Allah. He (Nimrod) wanted them to worship idols and that which was other than God (as they did in ancient Rome).

5 Let us, my followers, remember the right way. Waste not your earnings in such ways as worshipping and feasting as the Christians do. They only say and do not. They have taken for themselves the profit of God and the place of God.

6 In this month of fasting we shall keep our minds and hearts clean, and we shall not indulge in the eating of meats (land meats). You may eat fish and such fat products which come from land animals such as butter and cheese.

7 In this month, we should keep our minds on Allah, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad: my God and your God and my Saviour and Deliverer and your Saviour and Deliverer to Whom be praises forever for giving us life after our mental death for the past 400 years.

8 During this month, eat before day and after the sun goes down (if you wish) but not during the daylight hours. This also goes for drinking; drink whatever you are going to drink either before dawn or after dark. The eating before dawn is for those of us who love to eat breakfast in the mornings. But if you eat one meal a day, you may eat that meal either before dawn or after dark. It is better for your health, however, to eat one meal after dark.

9 Keep up prayer, and let us all be grateful to Allah for His coming in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad throughout the month of December and every month. And during this month, let there be no quarreling or disputing in our homes or abroad.

36chambers 10-04-2005 09:43 PM

Re: Fasting
that was an interesting read.

Is it true you cant brush your teeth with toothpaste while your in Ramadam? As its kinda similar to eating as it has flavourings in.

Wooly Noggins 10-04-2005 09:51 PM

Re: Fasting
for some it is true

if you wanna use toothpaste use it before SUNrise

born invincible 10-05-2005 12:23 AM

Re: Fasting
damn thats crazy.. i didnt know all that. only thing i really knew about ramadan is we got bombed more frequently during that time period when i was in iraq.... not to sound ignorant but thats all i knew....

knewmucus 10-05-2005 12:29 AM

Re: Fasting
the best fast for beginners is a juice fast......buy a whole bunch of organic juices and waters and just stop eating.......you gonna do your body a big favor......

Kephrem 10-05-2005 12:47 AM

Re: Fasting

To all those who are fasting right now through Ramadam, goodluck to you all. Must be really tough.

Can someone explain to me what goes on between Fasting such as, how long it lasts for and when you can eat and other details, I heard you cant brush your teeth with toothpaste either, as that has flavouring in. Please post. Im very intreagued.

I have a couple of friends fasting right now so i respect people that do. I just want to find out more about it, and i coudnt think of a better place to come!
The fasting of Ramadan is that particular religions method of fasting. Fasting from sunrise to sunset to me is someone just not eating for half the day. Some people say that drinking nothing but water or natural juices is a form of fasting, which I don't agree with. I've fasted many times in the past. The best fast in my opinion to increase ones spiritual/mental fortitude is not eating or drinking anything for 24 hours at a time and reflecting on spiritual matters. (prayer, meditation, study, etc.)


SubtleEnergies 10-05-2005 01:00 AM

Re: Fasting
Just for a point of interest. Some Buddhist monks only eat one small meal a day ALL the time. And when those Buddhists fast its insane....I saw on this show before this thing called the "Monk Killer" (sounds like a killer bee haha) where they go in a cave and don't eat, sleep, drink for like a week.

Also in one of Elijah Muhammed's book's I have I remember him saying to eat once every two or three days or something. I know it would be good....but to someone like me it's a scary thought. I eat like every hour lol. I am aware of the benefits and disadvantages of what I do.

SubtleEnergies 10-05-2005 01:01 AM

Re: Fasting
My spouse is currently fasting. Which means we aren't having any contact for a month :(

Wooly Noggins 10-05-2005 01:26 AM

Re: Fasting
How To Eat To Live, Book Two



1 There is so much food of various kinds in the earth for us to eat we could hardly mention by names.

2 We are the wisest of all life on earth and in the heavens above the earth. Almighty God, Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is due forever, has taught me. We must have regularity in everything we do.

3 SINCE THE earth is full of food, this does not mean we should try to eat the food all day long. We should eat one meal a day and when we eat this one meal, be sure it is of the best food for our bodies to digest and to keep us alive without our lives being agitated by enemies from the food and drinks we put in our bodies.

4 We have to safeguard our health against the enemies of our health by eating one meal a day. This gives an enemy (germ) that may be in our food time to die - to be completely dead at the end of twenty-four hours.

5 IF WE KEEP adding more food, it gives the germ strength and working power to destroy the very delicate and perfect machinery of our bodies. By nature, we are made of the best. And, we have to continue to give our bodies the best and in a moderate way.

6 Fasting is one of the greatest "doctors" we have. Fasting is prescribed for us in the Holy

Qur-an and in the Bible. The Bible does not teach us as much of how good fasting is health-wise, as the Holy Qur-an does.

7 THE BIBLE’S teaching on fasting is mostly spiritual purposes. On one occasion, we find where Moses fasted for the cure of his sister, Miriam, who had contracted leprosy because of speaking carelessly of Moses. Her brother (Moses) then had to seek a cure from God for her.

__________________________________________________ ______________
.................................................. .................................................. .............................

8 But fasting, as Allah prescribed for us, is to prolong our lives with better health by eating the right food and not eating too frequently.

9 FASTING DOES much for us. A three-day fast will tell the story - you feel better; your body begins to feel lighter and not weighty as it felt when it was filled with food; your thinking is clearer.

10 Let us fast as often as we feel that we have not a desire for food. If you do not desire food, do not eat it. Eat when you are very hungry (of course, this does not apply to the sick, because the sick are exempt from fasting).

11 When fasting is practiced for good, good results will follow. But, if we fast, as the Bible mentions in Isaiah, just for debate, our fast is no good. The Bible teaches that the facts of people who go out and tell others that "I had a dream" and then call dreams, visions, are not accepted.

12 SOME PEOPLE tell stories about something they accomplish on the fast that they did not accomplish. The Bible answers such a person in these words; If you dream a dream, tell a dream and do not try to tell a dream for a vision from the Lord, when you did not get such a vision.

13 We must remember that we cannot be "holier than thou," unless we are really holy. So, let us say of ourselves what we really are and not what we are not because it is good in the eye sight of God for us to speak the truth.

14 FAST! It cleans the impurities out of the blood and causes the body to eliminate the poison stored in it from previous meals - sometimes from previous meals of many years, as the folds in our intestines can carry particles of food for a long time, and holds strength enough in them to keep us alive for two months. Our bodies store food in the folds of the intestines and in the blood stream.

__________________________________________________ ______________
.................................................. .................................................. ............................

15 After a fast of three days - and from that to nine days - these particles of food and poison that have accumulated will be eliminated. The blood is being cleansed of its impurities because the impurities have nothing to keep them in power to live; therefore, they die and leave the person happy and enjoying the results of a healthy body - which is the greatest enjoyment we can have.

16 WE ARE TAUGHT...and all religions teach fasting...so that includes us too. Of course, as long as we are in the Presence of God, we do not have to fast. But, we are not always in His Presence. In the Hereafter when all people will receive rewards of goodness who see the Hereafter, there will be no fasting.

17 WE, THE RIGHTEOUS, must fast as long as we are present and among the unrighteous. So, fasting is prescribed for us as well as those (people) before us. Let us look at the verse in the Holy Qur’an 2:183 translated by Maulana Muhammad Ali (copyright-1963): O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you, as it is prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard against evil." Here it tells us why fasting is prescribed for us. It guards us against doing evil. Read the footnote of Maulana Muhammad Ali’s translation of this chapter for footnote. No.225.

18 WE HERE (Elijah Muhammad and his Followers)...I prescribe for you the month of December to fast in - if you are able to take the fast - instead of the regular month that travels through the year, called Ramadan by the Muslims; the month in which they say Muhammad received the Holy Qur’an.

19 WHY DID I prescribe for you the month of December? It is because it was in this month that you used to worship a dead prophet by the name of Jesus. And, it was the month that you wasted your money and wealth to worship the 25th day of this month, December, as the Christians do. The Christians know that it is not the birthday of Jesus; for they do not know the birthday of Jesus. No one knows it, because being persecuted by the Jews, Joseph and Mary feared the death of not only their newborn baby that they were bringing to birth, but even feared for their own lives for committing the act out of wedlock. They feared Herod and his army and the religious set of the Jews condemning them to be punished with death. But, they were not to be killed for they were for a sign of the Black Man in America, according to the Holy Qur-an. See Holy Qur-an, Chapter 4:171.

20 While Christians have deceived you in worshiping the birthday of Nimrod who was born the 25th day of that month, no man knows the day Jesus was born, but they (Joseph and Mary) themselves. This is a sign right there; no man of the evil world was to know when the spiritual birth of Muhammad was to take place. And, surely they do not know. So, do not fast as the other religious people fast, for they have different objects and ways in which they fast, which are against the meaningful fasts that we take.

21 FASTING takes away evil desires. Fasting takes from us filthy desires. Fasting takes from us the desire to do evil against self and our brothers and sisters. We are created of the material of goodness. Therefore, good belongs to us...and it should not be hard for us to turn to our own selves in which we were created...good.

__________________________________________________ _______________
.................................................. .................................................. .............................

22 WE are approaching the month of December, in which we usually abstain from eating in the daylight hours, as the Orthodox Muslims do, the ninth (9th) month of their calendar, the month of Ramadan.

23 I set up this for you and me, to try to drive out of us the old white slavemaster’s worship of a false birthday (December 25th) of Jesus.

24 ALLAH (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, Taught me, that Jesus was not even born during the entire month of December.

25 THE scholars agree, that according to their history, Jesus could not have been born in December.

26 ALLAH (God) Taught me that Jesus was born between the first and second week in September, instead of December. But no one knew the day of Jesus’ birth except Joseph and Mary.

25 BECAUSE of the Jews’ hot persecution against the birth of Jesus, the exact day of his birth was kept a secret, from the public. So, to break my people up from the worship of a false birthday of Jesus, we turned to abstaining from eating in the daylight hours during the month of December. This is, in no way, a FAST!

26 WHEN we abstain from food for so short a time as for early morning until after sundown and darkness begins to appear - we cannot call this a FAST, for we are eating the same way that we have always been eating (one meal in that day). IT is no FAST to me and to my followers to eat a meal after Sunday. We cannot call it a FAST!

27 A FAST should be from two (2) to three (3) days without eating food. If we are seeking spiritual advancement, we should fast for three days.

28 IN the case of Orthodox Muslims worshipping Ramadan by not eating until after sunset, and darkness approaches (they can eat all night long if they want to, until the next morning at dawn) - they call this a FAST!

29 THEY say that they do this in the Month of Ramadan because Ramadan is the month in which the Holy Qur-an was revealed to Muhammad.

30 BUT, the way that I understand scripture, it teaches us that Muhammad received the Holy Qur-an over a period of twenty-three (23) years.

31 MUHAMMAD did not receive the Holy Qur-an in one night or in one day. And, if he received the whole Holy Qur’an in the month of Ramadan, WHY FAST in that month?

32 IF we are given what we want (Holy Qur’an) in that month, without FASTING, I cannot understand why we should FAST in the month of Ramadan, for the first revelation of the Holy Qur’an was already given in that month, without FASTING.

33 IT would look more proper for us to be rejoicing over the great salvation (Holy Qur’an) that Allah (God) sent to us, in the month of Ramadan.

34 If you can convince me it is necessary to Fast in the month of Ramadan because of Muhammad receiving the Holy Qur-an, or the first revelation of the Holy Qur-an, then I will go along with it. However, since the Qur-an was received over a period of years, I am very much baffled in trying to understand why we should FAST in the month of Ramadan.

35 WE should be rejoicing because of receiving the Holy Qur’an and we should teach others to rejoice throughout the month of Ramadan, if it is because the Holy Qur’an was revealed in that month.

36 OF COURSE, this is the Arab way, in their religious belief, that they should FAST. But I do say that it is not necessary to FAST to get something that you have already received.

37 WE should all thank Allah and be grateful to Allah (God) for Giving us the truth, or the Great Revelation (Holy Qur’an), that will guide us into a clearer truth than we have had in the past.

38 SO, I am not asking my followers to FAST in the month of December because of the birth of a prophet (Jesus) nor do we want to worship his birth or worship because some great Revelation was sent down to another prophet. No, it is just to keep my followers from worshipping falsehood, instead of truth, and to prevent them from spending their money in the falsehood of Santa Claus.

39 There are so many untruths that the people of untruth (white race) have mislead us in. We must come out of untruth, we must come out of falsehood.

40 I do know that FASTING is good. I have tried FASTING for many years myself. I do know that FASTING is good for our health and FASTING is good for our spiritual advancement.

41 IT is actually good for us to take a FAST and abstain from eating food for a period of days.

42 BUT, you are not actually FASTING when you are going to eat everyday, regardless to what time you may set for the meal. If you eat within twenty four (24) hours, you cannot really consider it as a FAST.

43 AND, so I say to my followers, WE ARE NOT FASTING (in December) we are just abstaining from taking a part with false worship. We abstain from eating throughout the month of Ramadan - the month of December.

44 It is good for us to abstain from eating meat, for we should not eat meat at all. Meat is not good for our health nor for our body.

45 ACTUALLY by nature, we are not made to live off meat.

46 ALLAH, (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, Taught me, that no meat is good for us, except the little pigeon (squab) that has never flown from its nest. But, we eat meat.

47 BEEF - coarse meat, such as beef - we should not wear out our stomach trying to digest this coarse meat. We should not eat any meat - not even lamb.

48 FISH - we can eat fish. Fish is raised under a different atmosphere. Fish is from a different world of life. Fish is born and fish lives, in the water of life. Fish is good for us.

49 BIRDS - ALLAH (God) Taught me that no bird is good for us to eat, and if you watch the nature of a bird, you will also agree that the bird is not fit to eat.

50 BUT, following a people who the Holy Qur’an describes as ‘eating like a beast’ (white race) - they eat anything that they want to eat and they do not care concerning the harm that it is doing to their life. It is hard to live a hundred (100) years eating the way the white race eats - not to think of being able to live from 200 to 900 years like Noah and Methuselah lived.

51 ALLAH (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, Taught me. That the people of the planet Mars lives 1,200 of our earth years.

52 I do not know what they eat of their planet life, as Allah (God) did not Teach me what they eat. And I did not ask Him in the first place.

53 THE PEOPLE of MARS eat what their planet produces for them to eat, as the planet produced the people of Mars and it produces the food that they eat. I do not know what the planet produces, other than the people of Mars.

54 IF I could fly to Mars, I do not know whether I could say, "Prepare, fish, lamb or chicken," and have it prepared for me.

55 FAST - for 3 days - FAST for 3 x 3 days, FAST for 9 days or FAST for 27 days. FASTING is good for us. It gives our blood time to cleanse itself, and in so doing it makes us think clearer.

56 IF you make a habit of FASTING - you are not going to get sick. Abstain from eating, if you are eating the right kind of food, you can FAST but when you eat again, you poison your body.

57 STAY AWAY from that which is not good for us.


Kephrem 10-05-2005 01:44 AM

Re: Fasting
A question for the Muslims, why do you who adhere to Ramadan consider it fasting when done for half a day (in a month long ritual), when it seems to be a lesser sacrifice then full i.e. 24 hour fasts?

Golden_Armz 10-05-2005 05:23 AM

Re: Fasting
^ Wow all my favourite posters are back....surely this is the end of KTL

Fasting is not just about FOOD!! fasting is prescribed to us just as it was prescribed to the people before us.....

also when you think about it you cant have 1.2 billion people not eating for 24hrs......fasting is for a Holy Month......if you like to fast 24 hrs then thats even better sacrifice but Allah is not asking you to do so....

36 Chambers....to answer your question, i get extremely annoyed when people make silly rulings in Islam, and then others who have no authority make things up aswell....of course you can brush your teeth....Islam is practical and not meant to be a burden....being clean is one of the main priorities of a Muslim.....i know SOME Muslims exceed Allahs limits....you please tell your friend stop exagerating and be of the moderate like Allah says....

2.In Surah AL-MAEDA chapter number 5 verse number 77
"Say: O followers of the Book! be not unduly immoderate in your religion, and do not follow the low desires of people who went astray before and led many astray and went astray from the right path. "


LORD NOSE 10-05-2005 05:32 AM

Re: Fasting
this fool thinks he's the leader of all Islam

like most sunnis do

they think their form of Islam and the way they practice it is the only correct way to follow ALLAH

sad shit

you'll never grow

Kephrem 10-05-2005 05:49 AM

Re: Fasting

Originally Posted by Golden_Armz
^ Wow all my favourite posters are back....surely this is the end of KTL

Fasting is not just about FOOD!! fasting is prescribed to us just as it was prescribed to the people before us.....

If you read my first post in this thread you would've known I know "fasting is not just about food".


also when you think about it you cant have 1.2 billion people not eating for 24hrs......fasting is for a Holy Month......if you like to fast 24 hrs then thats even better sacrifice but Allah is not asking you to do so....
I only knew a fast to be a required 24 hour abstainment of food and liquids until I was introduced to the concept of so-called "fasts" which did not require that.

There's people who on the regular don't eat until the early evening. In general I fail to see the true sacrifice of a "half day fast".

Visionz 10-05-2005 06:29 AM

Re: Fasting
This is the text in my Quran which lays the foundation for Ramadan for those seeking more info on its' basis.

Surah 2, verse 185
Ramadan is the (month) In which was sent down The Quran, as a guide to mankind, aslo clear (Signs) for guidance and judgement (between right and wrong). So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting, but if any one is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period (should be made up) by days later. Allah intends every facility for you;He does not want to put you to difficulties He wants you to complete the perscribed period
and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful.

As far as the night vs day deal, verse 187 goes on to say.................And seek what Allah hath ordained for you, and eat and drink until the white thread of dawn appear to you distinct from its black thread, then complete your fast till the night appears.......

I'm not an expert in Islam but it seems to me both sides have truth in them. Yes the Quran lays out a guideline that says not eating or drinking during the day is sufficient, but at the same time going for longer than that would only show even more disicpline and self-restraint, principles that are cherished in the Quran. It doesn't seem like either one should be condemned, we all have our on path to take and hopefully everyone finds the one that works best for them. In the end if the path taken is a righteous one it would seem that we all arrive at the same destination. peace

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