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Default Re: LOL @ this thread in Bow Wow forums of all places

Originally Posted by Lesbian Nun
i seriously can't stand those "Yo fOol, Dis cAt, TiNk he OwN dAt" type sentences, stupid kids for sure...haha he just recites Rza lyrics like the RZA would actually need to do it...hahahahaha, fuck is that funny...
Cant the youth just speak in complete sentences? You do have to be pretty stupid to think that Rza would take the time to type the words to his song and send them to you to prove its
"I bring death to a snake when he least expect
Ain't a damn thing changed, boy, Protect Ya Neck
Ruler Zig Zag, Zig-Allah jam is fatal
Quick to stick my Wu-Tang sword right through ya navel"

SHIT maybe i am Rza after all!!!!!
'A spade in the club with the heart to wear diamonds' GZA
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Originally Posted by Wooly Noggins
usa was built on terrorism

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