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Originally Posted by Koolish View Post
i remember a while back i read an article on the internet where a lady said she'd asked her 2 year old daughter if she could remember what it was like being in the womb, her daughter replied "it was like being in a picture frame but no one was in it." or something like that.
3 problems with this.

1.) It sounds way too good to be true. It sounds very much like a glurge, a feel-good urban legend.

But more importantly,

2.) Even if this is true, are we forgetting that a FUCKING CHILD is saying this? I know everyone likes to think that the innocence of children is something divine and that their whimisical insights are evidence of something higher and more important and it helps us get through the day, but being realistic............... There's a reason why it's so hard to get reliable legal testimonies from children, main reasons being that children are pretty much wired to please adult authority figures (so it's very easy to accidentally - or purposely - lead them to a conclusion) and they sometimes don't have a clear distinction between reality and their own imaginations.

3.) I don't believe for a second that anyone can remember anything from before their birth. A zygote has no fucking brain. Infants don't even have long-term memory.
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