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rhymes like "im shine with wu bla bla bla" makes this guy look like the last faggott in line.......... man built your own for god sake and stop bitin' wu. no its not even bittin' its just faggott tryin to act like his wu and just because of that hes a loser........

stop this shit nicca and start your own shit. you should see after 10 years of bitin' thats you never gonna be a star based just on statein you are the wu....... its pathetic man....

you can be good rapper for some of us here, but stop this wutang shit man. nobody belives you here and its just pathetic how you try to convince us....... you got so many years from day one to jump on some official wutrack or even wufam track but all you got from wufam members is that they exposed your stupid ass........

so for those who dont wanna read the whole thing: threadstarter is pathetic fake faggott..............

----the what you said iz truth.....wu will survive----
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