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V4 Good Looking Out You Always Hold The God Down I Got You Fam Peace To You.but To That Other Muthafucka You From The Rugged Landz Of Europe You Not From Shaolin Bitch Get Da Fuck Outta Here.
A Yo Jammin You Mean You Waited 2 Months To Send Me A Private Message On Sum Ol Bullshit Come Out The Muthafucken Closet And Reveal Who You Are.
You Gone Send Me Some Ol Message Talken About "motherfucken Face" You Gone Break Mine?alright Pussy As Soon As You Stop Pumpen Koolaid Out Ya Chest Come To Miami Or Newyork I'm In The Streets......p.e.a.c.e Fag Jammin As In The Wordz Of My Nigga Dj Chris "yo Vote For Fag Jammin"
He's A Faggot Everytime Somethan Go Down Wit The Name Raaddrr Van He Ready To Sip On Sum Cum....i'm Outta Here
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