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Originally Posted by V4D3R View Post
^^who really got issues. You suburbanite transvestites dont know what a metro street corner looks like unless u drive by it or riding the train by it. You act so much like a fag vahacris it aint funny - tryna clown a street cat for doing what he do (defend his name). You aint got shit to say that is relevant or being taken seriously in here.
hahah look whos here. the other faggot who threat me some time ago thru the net......... i see your IQ level is like doctor van. you too thinks that protectin his name on public forum by threatin people is serious, street and gangsta..... and yes we all know youre the street cat like van and that you so though we should be scared to even write comments to your post cuz you gonna find us and kill us........ then you told me you so tough you always write what you think on forums... wow thats really hard man, really....... we know you kill peoples, we know you the realest cat in the whole starwars series but come on know shit about bein' street cat so dont even try to act like one pard.....

pick up your vader equipment, get that lightsaber and go watch starwars instead of acting 'real'... you must got some issues about that cuz al your post are about bein 'street', 'real' or brave on the net forum.... come on kid its lame as fuck.....

the real cat wont even take a minute to answer me or defend sorry ass raid dr v van, cant you see it? you wanna give me your adress too and invite me? i see its common in faggotts communitys...

+why you always defend doctor vi? do you think his too dumb to write the answer himself or is it really your life-partner? two 'real' 'street' homothugs...... the picture is clear man.......

----the what you said iz truth.....wu will survive----
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