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bad boy T shaolin monk

5kutskelaton 5 times cut above the throat
Light blacked out entering the dagger to bust your hope
Slick ass try climbing I'll cut the rope
Skelaton find the hope of no antidote
You broke cause you spent all your money on the coke
Burning lighters artheritious leave you choked with the stroke
Nope! you ain't battling the don the one needs to be paid
It's gotta cost something nothing! to leave you slayed
It's off I can't battle this cat
Who's stacking the crack I'll shackle this gat
Who's losing the will popping the pill
If I'm winning I'm winning still If I'm losing I'm losing ill
Still If I'm winning I'm winning the cup
Duck Season feasting I'm bringing the duck
Freestyle of the top of the head thinking it up
Clean up body in the washin machine spinning the gut
Popping these big thing breaking the bricks
Taking the bricks I'm breaking this bitch
Battle in the ring creating the flicks
Shackling him hating these pricks
Cool off, mad guy with the wire
Your sig is shit I'm mad fly with the fire
Burning you still turning the wheel on this clown
Turning iller I'm ill in this round
Decapatate the head that's filling the crown
Anticipate about clipping you now
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