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Default my looooooong ass review of In Stereo a.k.a.--Part 1.0 of the Bob Digi Saga..

This is Part 1.0 of my Bob Digi Saga....

Part 0.5 The Prelude can be found and discussed here

Silencer's Bob Digi Saga
over the next couple of weeks i'm going to be goin through the works of Rza as Bobby Digital, posting reviews of the two Digi albums as well as BOAP and also a bonus Part 1.5 in the Lyric Interpretation might not all come in perfect order but i'm gonna do it..

Rza's my favorite Wu member and i've been listening to this material for the last few days and thinking that i should take the time to sit down and write about his stuff cuz it's some eccentric bugged-out, fun shit to go through....

You can hear, ESPECIALLY with this album, that Rza was changing personally and just had to put music like this out...nowadays when he speaks of Bobby Digital he speaks almost as if it's act, or a mask that he puts on but with Rza as Bobby Digital In Stereo you get the feeling it is truly Robert Diggs having smoked one too many honey-dipped dust blunts, expressing himself in a truly colorful and artistic manner...

listening to him you can almost hear the transition from the 96-97 Rzarectah from the Gravediggaz album and Wu Forever and u can certainly hear the transition in his beats too...on Forever he was starting to use more high technology-sounding shit for his beats and with Bobby Digital he completely went into the techno-sounding mode..

now, on to the review..

this album cover has got to be my favorite of all time, it really has that feel of like a weird 70s action movie with the Digi van flying out, Bobby shooting guns and kicking dudes, a bikini chick with a huge fuckin rifle and of course the centerpiece with with the Rza himself, in some crazy cyborg armor with his humungous phaser gun..
...the back of it has the two neon-colored Wu buggies and the Digi-man holdin some kinda chemical from his laboratory and flashing his pointy ass ringz..

(when i first had this album--actually my brother bought it---i had no idea that there was an actual Bobby Digital movie that this was supposed to be the soundtrack for so the whole theme of it was even cooler cuz it was like he just invented this sort of superhero-ish character and the whole story of him JUST for this album which made the whole thing so much cooler...and weirder..)

01. Intro
the album immediately starts off with that digital keyboard-type sound (same sound that plays on Handwriting on the Wall)...a dude in (i think) German yellin out some Bobby Digital shit for a few seconds and then..

02. B.O.B.B.Y.
a truly unique sounding beat, sort of reminds a little of And Justice for All off of the Swarm album with some serious violin sounds and the hypnotic BOBBY spelling intro making this a memorable joint...i've had most of this song engraved in the back of my head since i first heard it in 1998..
the opening lyrics are sick:
"you know us to be robust, the greatest crew since Cold Crush, this poisonous slang keep emcees avoiding us/ can't think about the proper remedy for destroyin us, your best bet black is sit back and start enjoyin us"
this is the Abbott of the Wu-Tang Clan, the genius mind behind all their classics, finally being a little selfish and diving into a solo, taking us with him inside his bugged out mind, kicking some dirty clothes to the side, shooing away some stray hoes, and blowing off some of the "dust"...

03. Unspoken Word
one of my favorite tracks on the album n quite possibly the best Bobby Digital song of all time...this style or mindframe or whatever u wanna call it that is on display here is what i've always imagined Bob Digi to be: a totally bugged out lyricist, weaving in pussy-talk, Wonder Woman, weed, and his Rzarectah ideologies at a pace which he almost seems to not even be in control of...he's just screaming all this shit out and it is lyrically ILLLLLL all at the same time..
when discussing Wu with fringe-fan friends of mine and telling them how Rza is my fav member i've always tried to explain how i think Rza is just as wild and crazy as Ol Dirty Bastard is except Rza is lyrically much nicer and more precise....this song perfectly displays that i think..
the beat is so simple but it's a nice bangin loop, perfect to spit over and the lyrics on this track are 10 outta 10..the whole song is a quotable so i don't even wanna type lines out..the verses touch on pretty much every single thing that embodies Bobby Digital..and the extra touch thrown in (that appears a couple times) of the chick arguing with him or questioning his trippy statements---sounding sorta like he's coming back to reality from a smoke-session and then sliding back into his verse
5/5 **my favorite Bobby Digital track ever**

04. Slow Grind [African]
when i was a youngster i hated these things but now i see they really make the album an album...a simple little bongo beat and a chick Digitizing in African...what else?

05. Airwaves
dope theme here, i like how the radio switches around the dial in the beginning...the beat is a nice chamber-music type some shit you'd hear playing sitting outside the Rza's office in his waiting room..
lyrics are dope--
"rhyme emperor, style switch daily like temperature
in your atmosphere, the rap racketeer"

it's also got that old "Wuu-Tang, Wuu-Tang" chant sound from Chessboxin' that i think shoulda appeared SOMEWHERE on 8 Diagrams...
and then his last words lead perfectly into the next classic:
"I live for hip-hop
And tall brown skin sugar plum who love the lollipops"

06. Love Jones
the lead-in is great, the fading away of the previous joint and then the smooth, soft talking with some "buttercup" and then--
oh man, what a track...Wu is always so nice with the love songs and this one is just perfect..beat is so smooth and sweet-soundin and his lyrics are SUPERB on here:
"Behold as i shape and mold your formless globe into a perfect O
and breathe the breath of life into yo nose
with the fragrance of a fresh pink rose, and stroll into yo eyes the windows to your soul."
not much else to say about this song, it's a perfect slow jam..certified Wu Love Classic

07. N.Y.C. Everything
the first official single from the album and now we start getting into some of the Wu-Tang stuff with that digi-twist...this one guest-starring Method Man whose voice sounds as scratchy as ever and he's at the point (right around when Judgment Day dropped) where he is IMO at his lyrical peak..

this beat is immaculate, so much stuff going on so many different sounds coming together to form a sick jam and the verses are dope....they each spit a pretty long verse, Rza goin wild and spittin one of his most memorable lines ("stuck to ya ass like a Victoria Secret wedgie") as well as some pretty vivid pussy talk and Meth just destroooooooooooys it and Rza recorded his voice to sound so dope on this beat..

"Til the mid night, butt naked with a knife
ask my a-alikes i been crazy all my life"

i love Meth but i can't see him ever coming with a verse like this nowadays..

08. Mantis
i don't like this beat at all but i still love the song...nice to have at least one joint with a kung-fu flick sample and theme throughout..the bass and drums are strong but i hate the Digi-sounds and piano in this song, just doesn't sound good..
Rza spits a pretty good verse, Tekitha comes with a rare spoken-word chorus, and Masta Killa fuckin shanks this one..classic High Chief verse right here....
this is a song i would love to hear somebody remix with an ill beat cuz it's lyrically crazy but the beat is average.

09. Slow Grind [French]
another weird Slow Grind and that same beat creeps in....FYI this same exact beat sound is on the old Star Wars: Dark Forces video game from around this same time..

10. Holocaust [Silkworm]
[Performed The RZA, Holocaust, Doc Doom, and Ghostface Killah]
omg Holocaust is incredible on here...this joint used to get alotta radio play when the album was dropping and i'd here this unknown cat like "got Oscar-nominee emcees stuck to my hatchet" and just be amazed at a talented brother like this not being a rap superstar...
Rza's verse has a bunch of nice lines but overall i think coulda been much better over a bangin' beat like this, Doom is pretty nice, and GFK spits a patented-Ghostface verse..who else could come up with this abstract shit:
"Ten pogo sticks, two black-belts that break bricks
Diet Coke meetin's with the rich"

one thing Rza does on these Digital albums is try to give others a chance to shine..he's got Holocaust on here with a self-named track killin shit, Killarmy and Black Knights all over the place.....and they never blew up really but they all give pretty sick performances on the album

11. Terrorist
[Killarmy, & Black Knights]
no Rza but a nice cypher over a digitized-Wu ain't nothin to fuck wit kinda beat...they all come nice as hell on here but i can't believe they chopped off Holocaust's verse..ridiculous......Killa Sin is the highlight on here

12. Bobby Did It [Spanish Fly]
even Islord gets to spit on this fuckin album...another beat that i don't like that much, although (again) the drums and bass are good i just don't like the digi-ness of it...but Rza promised an album with "techno sounds over hip hop and electronic music"
nice to see the god Timbo King gettin some shine too, he's ill.."i saw knowledge is the foundation, while i move in a L's formation against hell's nation"
Rza throws CRAZY darts on here so fast and with that Rza-slur it's hard to catch it:
"Stand up or rape me, rotate auto-locate me
In the center solar, corner block
Hip-Hop now expand to the polar
Fuzzy low short frequency
Circuit breakers, try to
take us on illusionary rides to the future"

Ghost also kills it with a sick flow, this song is lyrically insane but Jamei ******* don't belong anywhere on this album..

13. Handwriting on the Wall
i fuckin love this joint...Ras Kass is ill and Rza blasts this joint with the phaser gun...when first listening to the album i remember being so glad they finally rapped over this beat..only downer is it's kinda short, almost like an interlude..
"Roam like space drones through all time zones
Your face get blown, I make home, Bobby'll fuck Grace Jones!!"

hahahaaaaaaaa....only B-O-B-B-Y

14. Kiss of A Black Widow
what a song this is right here..a mad eerie beat from Inspectah Deck of all ppl, and a ODB appearance that's drippin with curses n funk to top it off...Rza tells a deep dark tale of falling madly in love, he paints the picture like somethin u would see in a black-n-white comic book with weird, abstract artwork in is at times nasty and funny to hear the short convo back-n-forth he has with this chick....but it's somehow beautiful tho..

Rza's performance on here is an example of what i was talking about above, how he is just as crazy and disgusting as ODB is except lyrically sharper and with a slightly calmer and more normal presentation..

"comb ya hair nigga.."

15. Slow Grind [Italian]
another Slow Grind here.....just preparing us for the strong ass love-banger that is:

16. My Lovin' Is Digi
another unique climactic banger and a second love song on the album, which u rarely ever hear on cds but it works perfectly here..
the beat is bouncey and actually a perfect song to have sex to, the Force MDs on the chorus are powerful but its hard not to chuckle at what they're saying and the lyrics are awesome..i love how he gives a little advertisement shout-out to Deck's Uncontrolled Substance album just like he's drivin "with the Ironman cd turned all the way up" in The Chase track..

among a whole bunch of great lines, this may be my favorite:

"SCREAM ON IT, Bobby the black Green Hornet
Girl DREAM ON IT, I put the Killa Bee sting on it
Rejuvenated, honey kept her throat lubricated
Let off so much Chi, ginseng couldn't recuperate it
Back scratchin, eyes squintin, Dusk to Dawn
Quentin Tarantino type porn, like Lewinsky-Bill Clinton
Suckin down with no commercial,
good Power Universal Self Savior Y

---brilliant track

17. Domestic Violence
another unique and totally brilliant song...i can't imagine that anybody's ever done a song like this before and certainly nobody has ever since (ESPECIALLY not in hip hop)'s mad honest and real and above all things it is GRIMEY as fuck but the presentation of it is amazing, Rza is top notch..he's screaming his words out with a voice that sounds ANGRY but also slightly deranged and upset that he's beefin with his woman like this..but he's pissed

"Stains on my carpet, bathroom smell like a fish market
take all the space in my closet, where the fuck is your logic?
dissrespected my old earth, aborted my child birth
and every day i kept my credit card inside ya purse"

this song is what we're talkin about when we (Rza fans) say how underrated he is as an emcee..who can make a song like this??

the phone convo at the end is funny as hell, and as G the Promoter said a few pages back in this thread, that shit was exactly what it sounded like when calling Rza's house (WOW)..

songs like this and Black Widow are what the dude in Rolling Stone meant when he said this album is the type of shit that "would frighten your parents"...and that's how i like my music

18. Project Talk
supposedly, the next 4 tracks are bonus songs but i couldn't imagine this album without these joints especially the last 3, they're excellent..
this one i don't care for so much, though..the beat sounds like its taken straight from a Wu-Tang Forever beat session but the lyrics are ehhh, they're just trading stories and street gossip about bullshit....not interested..
altho we see here the beginning of Beretta 9's attachment to Rza..he would start to be on alot more joints with Bobby after this..

19. Lab Drunk
definitely one of my top 5 favorite Rza songs ever, this song is amazing..the beat has a real sped-up frantic pace to it like he's really in a rush stumbling into his lab half drunk and everything but lyrically this song is waaaaay beyond that..this a Rza Battle Track right here..and i don't think anybody could fuck with it..

"You can't compare
to an atom of my hair,
while my verbal shot be drillin through the cave of ya ear
Ricochet to the ceiling of ya cerebral hemisphere, deflect off ya medulla
exit out through the rear"

WHAT?!?! wait...

"Emceein' to me is easier than breathin
and making beats to me is easier than peein'
feeling vibes is easier than seein', i be G'in
and fuckin with the Wu-Tang Clan is wildin' bitch.."

Rza is untouchable in this song..

20. F*** What You Think
a smooth, sort of funky digi beat with a bangin bass to it and the emcees all flow nicely, Rza is just FEROCIOUS on here...this is gotta be on the most underrated songs on the album..i even get a mention in it ("Silencer on the tech-nine shot got ya pillow wet"), it's also got another shout to another member's album ("phat Cappadonna tape stuck inside my Benzi"), and a Doctor Strange reference..

Islord gives one of a very rare few verses of his that i actually enjoy (and i'll always remember the speed of the Earth's rotation from his verse: 1,037 and a third miles per hour) and Rza's little bro 9th Prince gets to hop in on the action too..

"Third eye is a trillion million watt gigabyte
Insight light bright, can't find this on your website"

21. Daily Routine
it took me so long to finally start listening to this track all the way through cuz i always hated the beat (and still do) but the lyrics are awesome...Rza is lyrically on fire throughout the whole album..B9 has a nice little cameo again on here, but i gotta close with this:

"Escape this captivation, niggaz bustin, wastin shots like masturbation
Transformin' like gobots, they created a race of robots
Our new rulers are computers, average men know not what they do to us"

3/5 only because of the long chorus and horrible beat

this whole record is a gem, out of 17 tracks i count 11 of them as 5/5, even allowing for a little exaggeration that is still pretty great..

Lyrics 5/5
Beats 4/5

the mastermind who crafted all the Wu classics really put together a true ALBUM as his solo, it undoubtedly has that album feel throughout and while doing so he also managed to bring in all the cousins, aunts, and uncles from the extended Wu family (Clan members, all of Killarmy, Royal Fam, Black Knights, Tekitha) and overall created an album that is overflowing with rhymes and unique-sounding beats that work perfectly together..

this is a personal classic for me, it's right up there with the best of the Wu solos and i listen to it probably more than any of the others..

to be continued in "Part 1.5--Do You Hear the Bells?" coming soon...

Part 2.0--Digital Bullet

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