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FantomMenace grasshopper

I stay incognito, from the times that Im below
hear hoes get slapped when the raps are laced with dough
I start trouble and topple tall buildings, leave rubble with the gats that Im duel wielding
remove your spine, slash your body from behind,
my sword shines, I cut your head off to adorn my shrine,
its time son, to face the real shit,
by the time Im done with you, you will forfeit.
Hilts are hit, gats are blasted, I surpassed it,
outlast it, you an outcast I hit
you from the side, jack your ride while you ghostin, its my name so I stay postin,
besides, I rock cheddar like cheese from mice,
if you talkin shit I rip your teeth out twice
remove your ice, then make it fall to rest
in your stomach, so your diamonds indigest
and you shit money, all real fuckers think its funny
your raps are runny, you blast but I dodge like bugs bunny.
Fuck ya honey, and your family
leave em dead in the ground so tragically
magically appear and distort your regime
remove your homies so your alone without your team
then 5 stabs to the ribs, swift and quick like
its over fast, aint here for a long fight
I got shit to do, gotta crawl in the deep night
spit flows so I make it off to the lime light.
So Ive done you with guns, you practically dead,
lookin up at the son, covered in blood that was shed,
thats why Im fed up with fools like you
I killed em off, and re-introduced the cool.
You dead now, and you never gonna come back
except for me, Im a ghost, facts are facts.

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